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  1. Someone once asked me if I would rather be a loser or a wiener, and I couldn’t decide.

  2. I’m very cheered by the idea we are winning, and with a degree of trepidation, I believe it too. I think all honest voices in the debate over what’s really going on in the matrix reality have value. Debbie seems to be in an early stage of awakening, but her viewpoint resonates with others who are just waking up. We go through an evolution during the awakening process, and encountering an articulate voice that roughly corresponds with one’s own stage of evolution is valuable and important, even if there sometimes exists wrong-headed thinking during the discovery phases of awakening.

    I don’t think there’s necessarily anything we need to do to win the battle other than to keep information flowing to people as they awaken. They will seek it out when at last they become receptive to it.

    Scott, yours is a very evolved and articulate voice that I think should resonate with all awakened souls. It’s important that it continues to be heard.

  3. I wish I knew more of these awakened people IRL. In my world it looks like most people are buying it.

    Not saying you’re wrong; I hope you are right.

    • Sadly, in real life, I haven’t met anyone who’s fully awake, but I’m a retiree who doesn’t interact with many other people anymore. Several of my friends are in various stages of awakening, but it’s a difficult process that people take at their own pace and it doesn’t seem like it can be rushed. I think there must be legions of awakened individuals who aren’t necessarily aware of each other in real life. The person standing next to you in the grocery checkout may very well be one.

      So don’t lose hope because you feel alone.

  4. great video, Scott

  5. I think the “we are winning” idea is a reasonable one, I think the real issue is can “we” continue to win. Right now successful left message sites are being frozen out of new traffic. If you check their hit numbers you can see that a number of usually heavily visited sites have much lower numbers than a few months ago. They are being blocked, their pages are being purged and they are being delisted by google. The important question is how beat a corrupt system with infinite resources, mega algorithms and a very scary end game; to end alternative media.

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