Syria calls for an immediate dissolution to so-called “international coalition”

from SANA News

Foreign and Expatriates Ministry stressed that the continued and systematic massacres committed by the illegitimate US-led international coalition against the Syrian civilians constitute blatant breach of the international law.

“Syria renews its call to immediately dissolve that coalition which was established outside the framework of the UN and without requesting permission from the Syrian government,” said the Ministry in two letters addressed the UN Secretary General and Chairman of the UNSC.

The Ministry added that targeting the residential neighborhoods and civilians’ houses, destroying Raqqa National Hospital and using internationally banned white phosphorus munitions by the coalition flagrantly violate the international humanitarian law and constitute a new episode of its atrocities against the innocent Syrian people in the provinces of Raqqa, Hasaka, Aleppo, Deir Ezzor and other Syrian cities.

The Syrian Arab Republic reiterates condemnation of the international coalition’s crimes which represent war crimes and crimes against humanity making it impossible to find any justification for them, noted the Ministry.

It urged the UNSC to assume its responsibilities to preserve international peace and security and oblige all states to abide by the UNSC resolutions on counterterrorism, particularly resolution No. 2253.

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