Re-purposing Bana

How long til this is actually a thing? A week? Month? Less?

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  1. They are trying to do the same as they did in Syria. Using children in their propaganda.

    • Apparently they’ve only been able to buy off a handful of junior officers so far. If this brigade 2506-style attack on the arsenal is the best they’ve got, then I’d guess Maduro is in a better place than Assad was a few years back.

      • One of the so called leaders of the opposition, Julio Borges, has said that the referendum for the constitution completely dispersed the support to the opposition in the street. Opponents themselves know that the measures taken by the High Court have not been invented by Maduro’s government. Another of the disinformation released by the media is about the army. In fact, this has nothing to do with Allende’s Chile in September 1973. Most or almost all of the army is with the government and the Constituent Assembly voted on 30 July. It will be very difficult to do what they did in Syria. The government has strong military and popular support and all this is enough for a revolution to be well defended.

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