Deep State War on Trump: is it Treason or Theater? Real or Reality TV?

The unconstitutional sanctions bill. McMaster charting his own course in the Middle East. CIA’s Washington Post publishing two transcripts of the president’s calls. Mueller setting up two Grand Juries to pressure the president. Suddenly there is a lot on the table in the so-called “War on Trump” but is it real? It’s treason if it is, but is it treason or is it theater? It’s a good question and the answer might not be as obvious as you might think.

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McMaster Thwarting Trump

Washington Post publishes two transcripts

Trump’s signing statement on the unconstitutional sanctions bill

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3 Responses

  1. There’s an end game here and it might be ‘Shocking and Awing’ Iran, now that Israel realizes that the Great Syrian Game is more or less dead.
    Not that much more needed to be destroyed in Syria. It will take Syria decades to recover, if she ever does, which will be difficult with 10 US military bases in NW Syria.

    Trump has been blustering about Iran and maybe that’s where all this is leading, prepping us Americans for another 9/11 False Flag, blamed on Iran?

    Or maybe they’ll conjure up another ‘stolen’ Iranian laptop that shows all their nukes in technical detail, except the last time they tried that, the detail were in English, not Farsi, making even the Deep State jackals groan about the stupidity of that mistake.

  2. Kudos for even raising the possibility of theater.

    • not only did I raise the possibility of it all being theater, I pretty much come down on the side of it. At least in terms of these latest “leaks” of phone calls from the White House. And now what happens? Jeff Sessions talks all day yesterday about “cracking down” on journalists and “leakers” because of this event. Plus, the FBI is now talking about all the “fake news” right before the election and how they were monitoring it on election day. Looks like the war on journalism is ramping up.

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