Trump Caves: Blackmailed by the Colluding Media, the President Signs Unconstitutional Sanctions Bill Demanded by AIPAC

by Scott Creighton

The Germans and the French and the whole of the European Union opposed this bill. Not only is it unconstitutional and baseless in terms of it’s justification for sanctions against Iran, Russia and North Korea but it levels sanctions against other nations in the EU if they dare do business with Russia’s energy sector, which is the whole point of the bill.

And yes, it was a favorite of AIPAC.

And President Trump signed it all the same… under duress.

“The White House announced the signing shortly after 11 a.m. ET, saying the bill includes “a number of clearly unconstitutional provisions” that “purport to displace the President’s exclusive constitutional authority to recognize foreign governments, including their territorial bounds.” In a separate statement, Trump said he believed the bill to be “seriously flawed” but signed it anyway.

“Still, the bill remains seriously flawed — particularly because it encroaches on the executive branch’s authority to negotiate,” he said in the statement. “Congress could not even negotiate a health care bill after seven years of talking. By limiting the executive’s flexibility, this bill makes it harder for the United States to strike good deals for the American people, and will drive China, Russia, and North Korea much closer together.” CNN

How about that? Knowing it’s unconstitutional, the president is so tormented by the colluding press, he signs it just the same.

Probably because he knows if he didn’t they could impeach him after universal calls by the complicit media and votes from the AIPAC-owned congress cowards.

This bill is nothing more than an attempt to continue the war for Pipelandistan by different means on the Grand Chessboard. It has nothing to do with Russia hacking anything, since that obviously never happened and recent developments prove it never happened.

It has nothing to do with Iran trying to develop nuclear weapons since they aren’t and have never tried to develop nuclear weapons.

And it has nothing to do with North Korea building a nuke to launch at the US no matter how many lying late-night comedy pundits make jokes about it trying to normalize the propaganda.

And yes, AIPAC pushed for this bill along with the Israel Anti Boycott Act which ALSO targets the EU.

Some might say this is Tel Aviv flexing their muscle in the world in the face of growing opposition across the EU to their brutality and criminal activity in Palestine. Some might also say it’s got a little more than something to do with Russia helping Syria keep Israel from stealing the Golan Heights, which they have coveted (yes I am fully aware of the implications of the use of that term) for decades.

Whatever the reason for this sudden, absolute, bi-partisan agreement on the bill and it’s completely baseless justifications in congress, you cannot deny the FACT that the complicit main stream media served as a sort of Sword of Damocles dangling over the head of the accidental king held by a single Israeli hair.

Had Trump refused to sign or vetoed the unconstitutional power-grab by an AIPAC-fueled congress, they would have simply gone around him and passed it anyway. And when they did that, the press, acting in COLLUSION with a FOREIGN POWER (ISRAEL), would attack Trump mercilessly, demanding his removal from office… based on their MANUFACTURED STORIES of him COLLUDING WITH A FOREIGN POWER (Russia)

This bill, the support of it in congress and the complicit media’s apologist take on it, has laid bare the sordid, rotting underbelly of American politics in a way that few other developments have.

Trump gives them what the masters of the universe want in terms of regime change in Venezuela, austerity in America, tax breaks for the super wealthy, privatization campaigns without rival for them to profit from. He is the neoliberal wet-dream, just short of them putting the Chicago Boys in the Oval Office.

But that wasn’t enough. The Russian reset had to be undone and Europe’s sovereignty had to be challenged for their numerous discretions.

This abomination will not hold.

This coup, conducted by a certain segment of society, will not hold either for we now make aggressive actions toward Russia, Iran, North Korea and the WHOLE OF THE EUROPEAN UNION at once so that a few greedy fucks with enormous influence over the cowards in congress can make their last desperate grasp at a tarnished brass ring.

These sanctions will not force Russia into compliance with the New Middle East agenda.

They will not bully European nations into buying LNG from us instead of Russia.

They will not stop North Korea from developing defenses that keep the greedy regime change/privatized central banksters at bay.

And they will not isolate Iran from the rest of the world.

But they will isolate us which is of no consequence to those who demanded congress act unanimously in support of them… against the better interests of their own constituents.

I wonder what the Likudniks and Israel-firsters have in mind for us next.

29 Responses

  1. Great piece Scott.

  2. There’s not a thing Europe can or will do against this. The EU is Germany in the core and Germany is occupied territory. The rule of law since 1945 is stipulated by SHAEF (Allied HQ’s) and Germany is still an enemy state. A peace treaty was never agreed on. What we have is a US colony, fully complicit to Washington DC. Every possible move Germany makes in the direction of the East (Moscow) will be chopped off immediately, either in secret or overt, like these sanctions.

    Germany is a corporation with a management team and obedient workers. They have no constitution, only military law in the end. Media are under control by the Allies still, Germany always follows suit.

    2017 is an interesting year.

    • Germany is under US control via WW2 agreements, true, but am I wrong in recalling there is an end date to certain controls? Something like 2020 or 2025?

      • What I have read about it, the deadline is 2039, 90 years after the establishment of the Bundesrepublik Deutschalnd in 1949.
        (Helmut Komossa – Die Deutsche Karte)
        By that time they plan to have a 100% unified political European Union in place with Germany embedded. Always remember this EU monstrocity is an OSS-CIA Project in the first place. And as one of the founders (Paul Henri Spaak) told the writer of The Rome Treaty (Robert de Rothschild) in 1957:
        “I think we just re-established the Roman Empire without a shot being fired”.

        All those “great” founding fathers of the EU are dead by now. The people never got to vote about anything, ever. Except for the EU constitution, which promptly ditched by the “stupid” voters. It was corrected within a year through the Lisbon Treaty, the same text, different name.

        All roads lead to Rome….

  3. You don’t see such lopsided Congressional votes unless AIPAC is behind the bill, like the sanctions bill Herr Drumpf will sign.

    Forget about selling American NG to Europe. This bill will force Europe to buy their NG from Israel, and it will get the NG from the giant Leviathan NG field in the eastern Med. Naturally, they’ll be stealing from Egypt, Palestine and Lebanon, but when it comes to Israel, any and all thieving is blessed by Uncle Sam.

    • Thank you, the idea that the US was going to ship LNG for sale to the EU made absolutely no sense to me, but Israel selling LNG, or hoping to, makes perfect sense.

  4. The real hidden story seems to be that even though Cheney claims to support Trump we’ve heard not a peep from the “unitary executive” controi freaks who would be announcing their “signing statements” declining to comply with any terms inconsistent with their claimed powers. Here is the golden opportunity for Trump to do so and what do we hear? Crickets.

  5. Scott, I see that you are one of those political commentators who write things like, “Trump caves” and “blackmailed” as if Trump is a good guy surrounded by bad guys who prevent the good guy from doing what he really wants to do.

    All this talk about the nasty “Deep State”, the media colluding against Trump and the Neocons siding with Hillary Clinton against Trump is similar in that it paints a picture of Trump as a good guy opposed by and overwhelmed by bad guys. In my opinion, all of that is just a gigantic con-job, a reality TV show scenario, but that’s another topic. The topic of this posting is simply the language that is used to describe Trump, such as “Trump caves” & “blackmailed”.

    Why can’t you write a piece about Trump that simply states the facts without including such biased language in your heading? Why do you do that?

    The implication of “Trump caves” and “blackmailed” is that Trump would do things differently if he had the choice. Where is the evidence for this belief? We hear about Trump possibly choosing to not sign this or that congressional legislation, or veto it, but where is the evidence that he would have vetoed this sanctions bill if such a veto had a chance of not being opposed by a two thirds congressional vote in favor of the bill? There is no evidence at all for such a fantasy.

    This naive belief in Trump is all based on what Trump says, or said in his election campaign, statements such as how would like to get along with Russia or reduce America’s military presence overseas. I’ll refrain from outright calling Trump a liar but everyone knows what kind of personality he has, what his real values are, and how he talks. He comes across as a likeable, slick-talking, non-conformist rogue who speaks his mind but his words are cheap. It’s actions or non-actions that count.

    As they used to say about Richard Nixon, “Would you buy a used car from this man?”

    • I agree with you, I Speak.

      The “Deep State” excuse for Trump is wearing thin. The guy is a flaming imbecile and his main concern is making coin off his present position, but he has zero good intentions of his own, anyway. He AGREES with these neocons/neoliberals, in other words, although it’s likely that he does so because he finds it profitable for him and his business buddies rather than for deep-seated ideological reasons. Make him take the blame for what he is doing and stop offering excuses for this guttersnipe.

      No doubt he signed the sanctions bill because some friends in the fracking business pointed out that perhaps they can make a shit-ton of money selling LNG to Europe if Russia was cut off. The sanctions on Iran and N Korea, he agreed with.

      Trump has already said that he will find Iran in non-compliance with the nuclear agreement the next time he has to sign the assessment paper (in 60 days). The reason he is able to predict the future this way is because he intends to find them in non-compliance no matter what their actual status is. He wants to bomb Iran. He wants to bomb North Korea. The only hope for his presidency is to do what Bush did – start another war to prove his “manliness” and get everyone’s attention off the fact that he is an incompetent, ignorant, illiterate boob. And the media will suddenly find him all “presidential” and shit, because the media is getting bored with the whole ISIS/Syria/Afghanistan/Iraq/Yemen thing and needs a good old-fashioned world war to talk about. You notice how they don’t talk about any of these other countries anymore, even though we are in fact increasing our presence in them? Congress wants a new war, too, although their reasons are more based on doing whatever Israel and the weapons’ lobbyists want.

    • Have you not read anything else I have written about this man? He’s a pure neoliberal scumbag and an idiot. Like I said in the article, he’s doing EVERYTHING the masters of the universe wants with one exception: direct conflict with Russia over Pipelandistan as we are losing on the Grand Chessboard. The greater Kurdistan project is going bye-bye and Trump doesn’t seem to mind it very much, so yes, that is pissing off some key influential players. One of whom is Israel.

      And I’ve also made it VERY clear what I think of him and Tillerson and his warmongering appointment to the UN. I did a video a while ago about his new color revolution in Venezuela and written about him killing more civilians in the Middle East in 6 months than Obama did in his first two years.

      I’ve called him a fascist and a neoliberal and a liar in terms of doing what he promised his voters during the campaign.

      But you want me to do what? Pretend the Deep State doesn’t exist and they aren’t influencing politics in America today? Sorry but that would be a bit daft of me, don’t you think?

      • So Trump is a neo-liberal scumbag but he is being “forced” to make certain decisions by the deep state, who are themselves neo-liberal scumbags, decisions that he personally is not really in agreement with. Yeah, right.

        Cass Sunstein is rubbing his hands in glee right now.

        • I am always having to explain to people my observations on such things. Everyone assumes the power that resides behind the throne is monolithic. That everything that happens is by their design. that they are all in on every development, every plan, every scheme. But that’s just not true. I mean, you have competing interests among the corps of the MIC and that’s just PART of forces driving events across the globe. Someone once said “the history of the world is a history of competing conspiracies” and I believe that to be the case especially after this last election cycle.

          Who do you think “leaked/hacked” Clinton’s, the DNC’s and Podesta’s emails? The Russians? Some dumb kid who spent a summer with the IDF way back when? How do you really think they got Symore Hersh’s phone call recording? Think a “hacker” got that?

          Yes, there neocon pieces of shit, like Trump, who have vested interests with other vested interests who have those vested interests invested in things some other Deep State assets DON’T.

          You think Europe is just pretending to be upset about this sanction bill because, as we all know, they are in on the joke and have one plan shared among them?

          Syria, Russia, Hezbollah and Iran won this round. As did the people of Crimea. Or is that all part of the grand plot as well?

          They won and the Deep State planners on the Grand Chessboard suffered a setback. This sanctions bill is their next move. Now I hate Trump. And I hate Tillerson. And I hated Obama and Kerry. And I wrote about the bullshit they did daily. daily. But that doesn’t mean when the generals decided to undermine the ceasefire agreement they struck with Russia and Syria late last year by deliberately targeting Syrian troops, that doesn’t mean I suddenly blame Obama and Kerry because they’re both neoliberal scumbags ergo… they must have been in on it.

          Could be that Trump just wanted to keep one promise to his fan base. Could be he and Tillerson came to the same conclusion that Europe came to and that is…. we lost. They won. And they need to make the best of it and cut losses and move on to the next thing (Venezuela)

          And it could be Israel, the CIA (central bankers invisible army) and Wall Street don’t WANT to give up on it just yet… because there is so much money to be made. Also could be the sanctions bill will make someone somewhere a shitton of money.

          I don’t know. But Cass ain’t got shit to do with this one. Yeah, he’s been blackballed over Russia since DAY ONE. In fact, even before that, if you remember. And yeah, AIPAC’s congress left him no choice.

          You might see everything in black and white but I see shades of grey, shadows, ghosts and demons lurking within them. There’s a war going on in the heavens and if you can’t understand that, you don’t understand much.

          • Scott, I don’t mean to be argumentative, and I like you as a person. But I think you are jumping to conclusions when you suggest I see things only in black and white and that I don’t understand complexities. My original posting was clear and simple because I think that’s the best way to break down complexities into individual points in order to discuss them.

            To return to my original question: Where is the evidence that Trump “caved”? You wrote that he signed it under duress so I assume that’s where you got the idea he caved. And what evidence do you provide that he did it under duress?

            You wrote immediately after the duress statement that the White House issued a statement saying the bill had “a number of clearly unconstitutional provisions” and that it was, “seriously flawed”. In other words, you credit people who you feel are scumbags with speaking honestly about what they think! You trust the scumbags to tell the truth! Why?

            • All of them, Left, Right, Center, Chinese, Americans, Russians and Jews, Trump, Putin and Clinton and Netanyahu are in cahoots. This is all just a theater. They pretend there are conflicts and disagreements. And why they do it? To fool us because they like fooling as because at deep at heart they are all thespians and like to impress the audience. But then comes “I Speak” who refuses to play along and spoils the show for everybody. Don’t you get pay like rest of us to pretend?

            • because it clearly IS an unconstitutional grab for power by the AIPAC-owned legislative branch, right? Just because Trump says the sky is blue, doesn’t suddenly make the sky red does it? That’s not giving Trump any credit for anything, is it? He’s right. It is unconstitutional and even “never-Trumpers” who attack him at every turn have said as much in one Op-Ed after another. Now, lets go back to the core of our debate which is apparently you think it’s all just cover for the president. Well, ok, possibly, he did sign it after all even knowing full well that it’s unconstitutional… so I can see where one could come to that conclusion.

              But here’s the question: why?

              Why go through all of this if the president is on board with the plan to sanction EU nations for buying Russian LNG? Because that’s who this targets, not Russia, but EU nations (same EU nations targeted by the Israel Anti-Boycott Act, which, by the way, was ALSO penned by AIPAC (like the Iran sanction bill that became the Russian sanctions bill)… starting to see a pattern here? Anyway, why do that if they didn’t have to? Also keep in mind this law is going to remain on the books, limiting the power of the Executive Branch, forever… right? So not just Trump is handcuffed by this, but everyone to follow him.

              So when you consider who wrote it and who lobbied to get congress to pass it in such a fashion, you have to ask yourself “who is really usurping the power of the Executive branch?”

              Now, all that said, yep, Trumpstermatic signed it, probably shouldn’t have, but he did. And when he did he issued a statement saying it was unconstitutional… so what happens next? The CIA’s Washington Post releases the full transcripts of two old phone calls he had with world leaders a while ago.

              Gee. I guess that means they have ALL of his conversations.

              Gee. I guess that means in the future the president better watch what he says.

              Gee. I guess that lets the other world leaders know who is REALLY in charge over here and that THEY better watch what THEY say, right?

              Two old calls means they have everything and are willing to use them. Who could do that?

              I know you don’t believe the Deep State exists and that this is all 15 dimensional chess from Donald Trump, but let me tell you something. Yeah, it does exist and yeah, they don’t like being called out as “Nazis” like Trump did way back during the election campaign.

              You notice when this “special prosecutor” is mentioned in the media, they mispronounce his name? They call him “Muller” as opposed to “Muler” which is how Mueller is actually pronounced. You know why that is? Every wonder?

              And Mueller has now put together a grand jury and brought in financial crimes special investigators?

              Of course, that’s all for show right? Not a threat to the president to do as they wish. Right? Hell of an expensive show isn’t it?

            • do you remember when you wrote that you thought the office of the president should be eliminated and that congress should be the “top governing body”? I do.


              Look, as I have written many times, it is a Big Show. I think I made about a million references to the WWE in terms of the most recent “election”

              But you know, just because SOME mass casualty events were staged, that doesn’t mean ALL of them were. You have to be able evaluate each on it’s own merits to figure out what happened.. and WHY.

              The Obama administration was setting up this Russia shit YEARS before Trump took office. And they got other nations to spy on his campaign and all the others as well to make sure they got what they wanted, a Clinton back in the White House. And those are fucking FACTS.

              You think they did all that as part of a SHOW?

              You know, you’re whole argument is essentially “no. The CIA isn’t committing treason by usurping the power of the president to set foreign policy” and yet, you seem to forget, that’s what they do across the globe. And someone did it back on Sept. 11th 2001. And someone sent some anthrax to congress critters who didn’t vote the right way on the Patriot Act to. So, I have a hard time jumping on your bandwagon. Bashing Trump is easy. He makes it easy. But bashing Trump to protect the CIA? that’s a bridge too far for me at this point.

              • Thanks for your reply. I’m not asking you to jump on my bandwagon. I don’t have a wagon. In fact, I never even owned a skateboard.

                I do concede that it’s a bit much to expect others to agree that this apparent media and intelligence agency collusion against Trump is all just a big reality TV scenario, i.e. staged. But that’s my best conclusion based on all the apparent contradictions surrounding Trump’s presidency.

                The whole point of my post was that, by saying that Trump “caved” you seemed to be leaning towards the kind of thing that people such as Di$infoJones (your best friend) write. That is, that Trump is a victim.

                As far as I can see, there is no strong evidence either way – that Trump would have vetoed the sanctions bill if he had the opportunity, nor is there any strong evidence that he wholeheartedly supports the bill.

                • I jsut did a video which is processing right now. I think you should watch that and then we can talk more about this. Title is “Deep State War on Trump Accelerates: Is it Treason or Theater? Real or Reality TV?” and I honestly point out various issues that I think are important and could lead folks to either conclusion.

                • i point out a LOT of contradictions on Trump’s part in the video and the great war in the heavens between CIA and NSA for example. So it’s complicated. It should be up in about 10 minutes and I would be interested in hearing your take on it. I don’t come down on either side, just so you know.

                • P,S.

                  OK, there’s a good chance that he would have vetoed the bill in order to take Russia out of this particular bill, but his statements about Iran & North Korea indicate that he supports a veto against those two countries.

                    • Re; “The Deep State”: Of course I believe the “deep state” exists and exerts a lot of power, if not most of the power, from behind the curtain.

                      But isn’t it funny how the term, “deep state” suddenly came into common use in the media and by political commentators at the same time that the term, “fake news” became popular. In other words, our beliefs are being constructed for us, via the language used, and presented to us by the propaganda outlets.

                    • talk about the “Deep State” started when folks like Joe S. were ridiculing the president and Judge N. over their claims that GCHQ spied on Trump’s campaign to help Obama/Clinton. it’s kinda hard to ignore the Deep State when they are having to explain what the 5 Eyes program is, especially when the Guardian comes out and says “yes. GCHQ was spying on Trump’s campaign starting in late 2015” I think the “fake news” chatter came out a bit before that, don’t you?

          • Good answer. I liked it.

  6. “They will not bully European nations into buying LNG from us instead of Russia.”
    I wouldn’t bet on that one.

  7. Very good article here from Thierry Meyssan:

    “The US ruling class feels threatened by the international changes prompted by President Trump. It has just united in order to force him under the guardianship of Congress. In a law which was voted almost unanimously, it has re-introduced sanctions against North Korea, Iran and Russia, and has unravelled the investments of the European Union and those of China. For them, it is essential to block the President’s policy of cooperation and development, and to return to the Wolfowitz doctrine of confrontation and suzerainety…..”

  8. The true weirdness is that Cheney supposedly supports Trump, yet Trump is signing this political piece of garbage WITHOUT
    any signing statements or assertions of executive power under the unitary CIC theory VP Dickhead loved so much. Yet no love now. Why? Funny how the neoliberal and neocons make common cause when necessary isn’t it?

  9. There’s another aspect to this, and as always, it’s the US trying to shore up its eroding power.

    UNCTAD and the G-192 (that is, the world) have pointed out that coercive US economic sanctions are just as illegal as use of force. ‘Measures not involving use of armed force’ are equally subject to UNSC authorization and supervision. UN Charter Articles 39 and 41 are unambiguous. The UN determines the existence of any threat to peace, and the UN decides what measures are to be taken.

    CIA procedure in cases like this is to make Congress burp out some void municipal law. Then CIA will see how far they can push it, and tout resulting sanctions as precedent for their delusional notion of customary international law. They will back off if they’re subject to legal action in the ICJ or PCIA because US liability for illegal sanctions is potentially ruinous.

    All Europe has to do is whisper the I-word and sanctions will collapse. If the NATO bloc is sufficiently damaged, one country or other will go to court, and an ICJ judgment on US coercive economic interference will cripple the CIA regime.

    So this stupid bill is all good. It weakens NATO and it promotes explicit curbs on US coercive interference.

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