#UNRIG Ain’t Cheap: Robert David Steele Buying Positive Media in Alt Communities

by Scott Creighton

Robert David Steele is a charlatan. He’s a rainmaker. He will say whatever he thinks your audience wants to hear.

If you are on Di$info Jone$, he’ll talk about elites sucking marrow and drinking the blood of babies.

If you are talking to some woman who does alien conspiracy stuff, he’ll say he talked to NASA and he just heard from NASA the Reptilians are fattening us up for dinner.

If you’re into the “Zionists control everything” thing, he’ll break a plate and dance to that tune as well.

If you’re somewhat reasonable, he’ll just chat about the 10,000 slaves on Mars (not “child sex slaves” … cus that’s just “David Brock crazy talk”)

And… if you’re black, he’ll talk black issues.

If you’re Latino, he’ll talk Latino issues.

If you’re libertarian, he’ll talk glorious free markets.

If you’re a leftie like Cynthia, he’ll talk election reform.

Sometimes he says “God bless Trump” and sometimes he says Trump’s been bought by Lynn Rothschild for 20 billion bucks.

And that’s because Robert David Steele will say whatever he thinks you and your audience wants to hear.

He’s a shape-shifter and he gets away with it since no one calls him out on it in his interviews… because he pays for them. Some of them. Proof is right there on his own website.

That means they’re infomercials… not interviews. There’s a difference.

These are expenses listed as already paid out on their UNRIG.net website.

I wonder if any of the interviews he’s done on independent Youtube channels were paid infomercials via “gifts” from Robert David Steele.

#UNRIG Selected Expenses to Date (split PayPal/IndieGoGo): $10,700 (rounded)

  • 2017 07 13 200.00 Gift to Business channel manager
  • 2017 07 10 500,00 Gift to YouTube #UNRIG channel manager
  • 2017 07 10 500,00 Gift to Mainstream Media channel manager
  • 2017 07 06 250.00 Gift to Social Media Advocate
  • 2017 06 24 200.00 Gift to video producer and channel
  • 2017 06 23 500.00 Gift to video producer and channel
  • 2017 05 20 200.00 Donation to author of strategic document

Here is the budget he’s proposed for various Youtube channels… notice he’s buying favor from “Black”, “Latino”, “Alt-Right” and “Alt-left” channels as well as purchasing “outreach teams” for each targeted market.

#UNRIG Projects Compensation Expenses if Funded by Generosity by IndieGoGo Donations

  • 1,000 Token gift payment to Alt-Right channels & outreach team
  • 1,000 Token gift payments to Black channels & outreach team
  • 1,000 Token gift payments to Latino channels & outreach team
  • 1,000 Token gift payments to Independent channels & outreach team
  • 1,000 Token gift payments to small party channels & outreach team
  • 1,000 Token gift payments to Alt-Left channels & outreach team

There have been a couple channels who have been spending a lot of time supporting #UNRIG like:

I do not know they have been the recipients of these “gifts” but according to #UNRIG expenses listed by Steele, someone has (and Sarah Westall bills her Youtube channel as a “business” channel)

When I say he plays to his market audience, you say Robert does that but so does any politician. Right? But he’s not supposed to be a politician right now, is he? He’s got a tax-free gimmick set up as an “educational foundation” and supposedly all he and Cynthia wish to do is get their “manifesto” passed in congress. So why is he playing up to whatever audience he’s in front of? Why doesn’t he focus SOLELY on election reform when giving these interviews? In fact, I have had to sit through WAY too many of his interviews as of late and he’s always talking about how wonderful he is and how the money gathering is going, but I have rarely if ever heard him lately in these “educational” interviews he gives talk at all about the specifics of election reform. The most he will say about it is go to his website and look at his 12 point plan.

But he has admitted he is transferring his not-for-profit into a political organization in Jan. of 2018 if they can’t get all the congress critters to vote against their own interests and bribes and pass comprehensive election reform.

Seems to me he doesn’t put much stock in his chances and is making ready to transition into a political campaign.

And he’s paying off Youtubers and “social media outreach teams” to sing his praises. And that is an undeniable fact. It’s on his own website.

As a blogger and Youtuber I understand as a journalist first and foremost, you don’t sell access to your audience. At least I don’t. Some channels, like gaming channels, can do sponsored videos. A developer will send them a game and a check and ask the content creator to do a “Let’s play” or something and that’s fine, just so long as the Youtuber lets his audience KNOW it’s a sponsored video. If they don’t and it comes out that he was paid to do the video, the host loses credibility… and he rightly should.

Could you imagine a “news” channel taking “gifts” from a controversial character like Steele and giving him a soft-ball interview, helping him promote his agenda, without mentioning the fact that Steele paid for the service?

Obviously this kind of thing happens all the time but that doesn’t make it right or acceptable. And what is it about Steele that makes him think he needs to set aside donated cash to buy influence with various channels in the first place?

If you really think you have the key to the salvation of the republic, you’re not going to feel the need to pay for infomercials to get it out to the public. You do that when you want to build a political following.

9 Responses

  1. Oh Scott, you’re such a silly conspiracy theorist!

    Thanks for the info.

  2. Scott is one of the only guys I trust.
    & he is constantly proving my confidence to not be wasted with superb tactical calls like this.

  3. Hi Scott! I just listened to and interview with him and Cynthia together on a show called Shadow Citizen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohhiXOdFFAQ. The host didn’t ask any tough questions and the topic drifted into the Rothchilds, Jesuits, Illuminati and Black Pope/White Pope nonsense. Cynthia was mostly silent during these parts but laughed and gently chided him to tell us more about the Black Pope, whom she said she’d never heard of! He tried to play it off and said the interview was supposed to be direct more towards Cynthia. He seemed a bit embarrassed. The show aired in June so by now she’s here in the US and their going around in their RV’s, right? You’re right, the plan seems like a fantasy, and he sounds kinda like a used car salesman.

  4. Scott…How do we contact you for an interview? Crowd Source the Truth just did an interview exposing Robert David Steele’s UNRIG scam. Contact: Pat

    • should be a bunch of contacts on the bottom of the about page on my videos. one of those is my email address. I will zap you a quick note in a bit. gotta walk the dog.

  5. Just because a media outlet is formally independent, doesn’t make it good. Persuasion is speculated to be the very first purpose human communication was used for (or worse, lying), so sadly, it looks like we simply aren’t capable of articulating objective truth. Setting up a press or some mass media channel has always cost money throughout history, so owners will logically want a “return on investment” in the form of influence peddling. Hence why journalistic integrity will probably remain a timeless issue.

    • Years ago I was in contact with a man who claimed to be CIA.. former CIA… more specifically, former CIA who then turned to banking. He was a casual acquaintance who would show up at a local watering hole when I was there sometimes. He was very aware of my website (no Youtube channel back then) and very aware of the way the CIA worked, at least in as much as he shared with me, so I believed him. I’ve mentioned him before in comments. He always had money and would buy folks drinks, would loan/give down on their luck patrons cash every now and again… never me… but others I knew personally. He and I would have all sorts of discussions. It was right after my Manufactured Hero Ed Snowden days and my popularity was pretty high. Highest it’s been for me at least. He used to ask me from time to time what I needed to take the website Pro. Get off the WP format, get advertising, a real IT guy, research team, that kind of thing. I wouldn’t really discuss it with him. Always changed the subject and he knew what I was doing when I did it, but went along anyway. One day he was asking me why I didn’t run for office. Said he could “help”. I asked him why would former CIA BANKER want someone like me to have MORE visibility, it seemed counter-intuitive to me and he laughed. He said I really didn’t get it. He said the CIA NEEDS writers like me. I didn’t ask him to expand on it, or maybe I did and he changed the subject that time, been a while, cant remember. Point is, I know he was serious and I came to believe he was what he claimed he was. He had this knack for disappearing right around the time there was a regime change somewhere, especially in Latin America or Haiti. He would show back up in a couple months with some bullshit story about his health or something, but he looked tanner and in fine health, so… I don’t know what he was doing, maybe a spa someplace. Or maybe he was contracting for his previous employer like military men always do. I don’t THINK his intentions were nefarious. I figured then, like I do now, these guys really like helping up and coming folks get a leg up and in the process, yes, if they can manipulate them a bit, pass them something to write about here and there, well, everyone makes out in the end. Its NOT nefarious to them. after all, they gave in sometime in the past and they’re doing just fine now, so they see it kinda like “pass it forward”, you know what I mean? He was a decent guy. After a year or so I never saw him again and we would speak less and less over time. He certainly knew his CIA special operations history, that’s for damn sure. Yeah, being independent doesn’t make you good. But if you are good, it’s hard to stay independent. You know what I mean?

      • and let me just add this… after a while of me not accepting his assistance for the website or the political run for office, that kind of thing, we had a discussion about what I thought (he was asking) was the one thing holding me back. Ultimately I found us talking about my lack of ambition. he CLEARLY saw this as a detractor in terms of my “qualifications”. My ambitions were different than his. Measured in a different way I guess than his and he never understood that, or he did, but he never RESPECTED it I suppose. It was a very subtle conversation. We were talking about one thing while we both knew we were talking about something else entirely. I think that was about the time we started seeing less and less of each other. I continued to hang out there but he stopped by less and less. Then I just stopped frequenting the place altogether. Haven’t seen him since. Perhaps ambition is the key. Or a certain TYPE of ambition is the key to put it more bluntly. He was small, jewish probably, not what you would think of when you think CIA but certain what you would think of when you thought of a banker. But you could see it in his eyes even at his age… he had a burning ambition which he probably had his entire life. Served him well I guess in his line of work. Who knows. Maybe he was chosen for it long ago because of his ambition. I think that’s part of it, you know? Only a guess. Could have just been some well informed crackpot I guess but he had that trait and he was smart as a fucking whip. So, who knows. Just ruminating I guess.

  6. Come on Scott, he’s ex-cia – who has more veritas than that crew?

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