#UNRIG Ain’t Cheap: Robert David Steele Buying Positive Media in Alt Communities

by Scott Creighton

Robert David Steele is a charlatan. He’s a rainmaker. He will say whatever he thinks your audience wants to hear.

If you are on Di$info Jone$, he’ll talk about elites sucking marrow and drinking the blood of babies.

If you are talking to some woman who does alien conspiracy stuff, he’ll say he talked to NASA and he just heard from NASA the Reptilians are fattening us up for dinner.

If you’re into the “Zionists control everything” thing, he’ll break a plate and dance to that tune as well.

If you’re somewhat reasonable, he’ll just chat about the 10,000 slaves on Mars (not “child sex slaves” … cus that’s just “David Brock crazy talk”)

And… if you’re black, he’ll talk black issues.

If you’re Latino, he’ll talk Latino issues.

If you’re libertarian, he’ll talk glorious free markets.

If you’re a leftie like Cynthia, he’ll talk election reform.

Sometimes he says “God bless Trump” and sometimes he says Trump’s been bought by Lynn Rothschild for 20 billion bucks.

And that’s because Robert David Steele will say whatever he thinks you and your audience wants to hear.

He’s a shape-shifter and he gets away with it since no one calls him out on it in his interviews… because he pays for them. Some of them. Proof is right there on his own website.

That means they’re infomercials… not interviews. There’s a difference.

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Russian TV: The Browder Effect (full documentary)

(Bill Browder was the one behind setting up Trump Jr. with his Fusion GPS contractors and Magnitsky Act advocates including the interpreter who was a State Department employee/contractor)

Warmonger Senator Lindsey Graham says the US has a plan to kill thousands in North Korea

from Duran

John McCain’s fellow warmonger-in-chief of the US Senate, Lindsey Graham has given an interview where he stated that the US has a plan to militarily attack North Korea and that loss of life is not an issue of concern.

During the interview, Graham told his shocked hosts:

“They’re wrong. There is a military option to destroy North Korea’s program and North Korea itself. If there’s going to be a war to stop him (Kim Jong Un), it will be over there. If thousands die, they’re going to die over there, they’re not going to die here and he’s [Trump] told me that to my face.

And that may be provocative, but not really. When you’re president of the United States, where does your allegiance lie? To the people of the United States. This man, Kim Jong Un, is threatening America with a nuclear tip missile. President Trump doesn’t want a war, the Chinese can stop this, but to China, South Korea, and Japan, Donald Trump is not going to allow this missile.

I’m saying it’s inevitable unless North Korea changes because you’re making our president pick between regional stability and homeland security. He’s having to make a choice that no president wants to make. You can stop North Korea militarily or diplomatically, I prefer the diplomatic approach. But they will not be allowed to have a missile to hit America with a nuclear weapon on top and to allow them to do that is really abandoning homeland security”.

These statements combined with US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley saying that discussion over North Korea is pointless, could easily make one jump to the conclusion that the US is ready for an illegal invasion or bombing of the Korean peninsula.” Lindsey Graham

These statements combined with US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley saying that discussion over North Korea is pointless, could easily make one jump to the conclusion that the US is ready for an illegal invasion or bombing of the Korean peninsula.

This frightening possibility of course cannot be ruled out, but the fact remains that the United States is known to have contingency plans for the invasion of just about every country in the world. Indeed, in 2015, the US declassified documents revealing that in the event of a war between superpowers, the US had plans to drop nuclear weapons on the biggest cities in Europe and Asia in what would amount to the largest act of violence against civilian populations in human history.

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#UNRIG RDS Says Aliens Eat Fat Walmart Shoppers ಠ_ಠ

Venezuela Crisis: Washington Wants ‘Its’ Country Back

(H/T @ByrdArdoin ) by John Wright, Sputnik

The word for what has been taking place in Venezuela is an attempt at counterrevolution. Washington wants “its” country back, which is why it is providing both overt and covert support to an opposition determined to return the country to its previous status as a wholly owned subsidiary of Washington.

What needs to be emphasized is that in establishing a Constituent Assembly, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro is acting in full accordance with the Bolivarian Constitution. To wit:

“Article 348: The initiative for calling a National Constituent Assembly may emanate from the President of the Republic sitting with the Cabinet of Ministers; from the National Assembly, by a two thirds vote of its members; from the Municipal Councils in open session, by a two-thirds vote of their members; and from 15% of the voters registered with the Civil and Electoral Registry.”

As to the opposition’s attempts to derail the establishment of the Constituent Assembly with street protests, rioting and a call for a nationwide boycott of the election of delegates to the new assembly, these have been undertaken in contravention of the Constitution, of which Article 349 stipulates: “The President of the Republic shall not have the power to object to the new Constitution…

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What’s Next After Venezuela’s Constituent Assembly Vote?


After Sunday’s vote for the National Constituent Assembly, Venezuela enters a new legislative and election period.

Over eight million people voted in Venezuela’s election Sunday — a turnout of over 41 percent, according to electoral authorities — to choose from 6,120 candidates for the 545-member ANC.

Public servants, including governors, mayors, and lawmakers, could not run as candidates unless they resigned from their positions. Candidates did not represent their political parties but competed on an individual basis to become a delegate for the ANC.

“It is the only way to summon the full sovereignty of the people and lay the foundations of the recovery of peace in the Republic,” President Nicolas Maduro said on May 1.

“This is a Constituent Assembly to bring order, do justice and defend the peace,” Maduro said Monday…

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