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  1. This machine will not play this video, or the one above it, for some reason. It’s an old machine, though, and I’m not a techie.

    The picture and the headline says a lot, though—enough to keep fueling my hate of those who run our government

  2. Very good video and opinion.
    This is a video by La Iguana TV in Venezuela:
    Jorge Rodríguez said that Leopoldo López is a man without word. His compromise was violence. If he compromised for peace with the government with Venezuela, he would be accused by Henrique Capriles as a traitor.
    He has been arrested once again after breaking the law regarding house arrest. He was also in contact with Mike Pence, the vice president of USA. A very dangerous person.

    • Yeah, Pence is scary. I’m starting to suspect he’s some sort of Terminator-style android.

      • He is a nasty piece of work. Though, it is better not to mess with Venezuela. They are ready for everything. Also, if they mess with Venezuela, a lot of south americans will fight the Washington junta or regime. Many are fed up of this arrogance of Washington’s supremacy in the south continent.

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