McKinney Knows #UNRIG is All About Electing Trump in 2020

A sad day for real progressives in America when Cynthia McKinney squirms like this to support RDS’ effort to use her to “deliver 50% of the black vote to Trump 2020”

Cynthia says she will get off the bridge once it’s clear to her something else is going on with RDS which is CERTAINLY not an endorsement of the man.

But my point is… if he’s ALREADY SAID TWICE the whole thing is about ginning up political support for Trump and his neoliberal domestic agenda with the minority vote, why isn’t that enough for her already?

And yes, in this interview she mentioned she can’t get a job in the US because of her honesty while serving in congress and afterward. So what is she looking for? A paycheck while she campaigns until 2020? A job in the Trump White House right alongside all those Goldman Sachs executives?

links after the break

Cynthia’s interview

Robert David Steele Confirms What I Said About #UNRIG

Robert David Steele Tells Rense He’s Using McKinney to Deliver the Black Vote to Trump

What is Cynthia McKinney Doing with Robert Steele in this #UNRIG Thing

2 Responses

  1. This is so sad. Forced starvation is one of the best, time-proven methods to bring someone to their knees.

    • I know I had been blacklisted for running this website years ago. But I can’t imagine having her credentials and that being done. She’s been a congresswoman, a candidate for president, a world traveling peace activist and now has a PhD for God’s sake and she can’t get a job teaching in a university in this country? Holy shit. That’s gotta fuck with your mind.

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