Venezuela’s Constituent Assembly and Egypt’s Anti-Neoliberal Constitution Explained (AE video)

What the fascist MSM wont tell you about Venezuela’s Constituent Assembly vote and the potential for a new anti-neoliberal constitution in the country like the one the Obama administration had to undo with their bloody coup in Egypt.

A little perspective on the “protesters” in Venezuela:

And here is a little more from Richie Allen talking about how the IMF is behind the attempted demolition of Venezuela.

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Venezuela’s National Constituent Assembly Explained–20170729-0028.html

8 important keys to understanding Venezuela’s controversial election

Rally Celebrates Venezuela’s Constituent Assembly

Trump’s muscular Venezuela policy could end Maduro’s dictatorship

Egypt’s anti-Neoliberal Constitution: “The natural resources of the State belong to the people, who have a right to their revenues”

Translation of Proposed Egyptian Constitution

Destabilizing Egypt

2 Responses

  1. In many places where they foresaw contempt or violence, the Venezuelan authorities and the National Council of Elections proceeded to new polling places, such as the «Poliedro» in Caracas, where there was a huge attendance (never seen before).
    Here in Portugal, through the “RTP” that is state television say that people were persuaded to vote in fear and that 70% of Venezuelans are against these elections. They also used the emigrants from the island of Madeira to advertise against Maduro. It seems that the mainstream media (which I include the fascist RTP) are completely desperate and continue to not tell the truth about Venezuela. The revolution will not be televised.

  2. I was in Venezuela prior to Chavez and the pervasiveness and degree of poverty would make your heart stop. I was there on business and was met at the airport by an armored car with two guards armed with submachine guns. The meeting was held at a home that was surrounded by a 8 foot wall entered through a solid armor plated metal security gate. I was there to design and install a cell phone system for the govt oil co; we won the contract but turned it down. We did not want to do anything that might delay a revolution by a single minute. I wish them well.

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