My Thoughts on Caitlin Johnstone, Jamarl Thomas and the Alt-Right Co-opting the Real Left

UPDATE: Caitlin plays the rape card trying to defend herself from Eric Draitser and other CounterPunch writers who pretty much agree with what I say in the video, that she is either “purposely peddling red-brown fascist garbage in service to far right elements, or if she’s just hopelessly naïve about the political realities of such strategies

You know who is interested in the core ideas that make the Left? At least 100 million apolitical, demoralized working people who don’t have time for politics as they struggle to ensure their families’ survival.

There is your fertile organizing ground! Not the white supremacist purveyors of rape culture such as Mike Cernovich, who Johnstone apparently feels is some sort of right wing John Brown, ready to lay kindling for the white man’s revolution. Apparently, Johnstone has acknowledged that she is a rape survivor – I commend her for stating it openly, without shame – which somehow seems to excuse her promotion of a misogynist, fascist provocateur.” Eric Draitser

This is the ultimate point of my video. The more a nation becomes neoliberalized, the more the working people come to understand and agree with the core principles of the left. RDS knows it. So does Cernovich and folks like Di$info Jone$. They know it, they fear it. So her and seemingly many other so-called “left leaning” activists out there calling for us to “grow up” and join ranks with fascists like Cernovich and Di$info Jone$ and RDS right now before that happens is either pitifully naive of them… or…

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#UNRIG Unchained…

New Google algorithm restricts access to left-wing, progressive web sites…

Media Lenz breakdown of Google attack on Real Left websites…

Caitlin’s Medium page

Caitlin’s interview with RDS in April on her Patreon page

4 Responses

  1. Corporations will just take over the goverment like a cabal. If libertarians had their way, the coporate syndicates ceos would just create a government of their kind. They never had the oppurtunity to do so yet and it would be interesting what it would be like, slave labor, slave consumers and all that. I think government should be small and that over-bloaded bureaucracy leads to totiltarianism. Facism the wealthy co-opts the politicians, democracy doomed to fail. A true free market capitilism will not exist cause of monopolies. Almost all centralizing powers concentrate their own power and wealth as is human instinct (or animal instinct), survival of the fittest. Almost as if the mediocre is needed to make society equal yet almost powerless to do anything so they think. Every good has a bad, every bad has a good.

    • Almost like Moderates vs “moderates” or Centrists vs “centrists”. Golden third way….
      47% are independant right now in the US. Leaning democrat or republican… Why?

  2. I was suspicious of her way back when she started on Newslog. The exposure, adoration and love in the comments she was getting seemed odd for writing that was, at best, ordinary. At worst hackneyed, adolescent rambling.
    I had a couple of polite minor disagreements with her and she responded with a blistering smear attack which was way over the top.
    When I made a comment on her Medium feed she banned me.
    No loss.
    Whether she’s a plant I don’t know. But her brand of polemic leads nowhere anyway. And I think she is more cunning than intelligent.

  3. Pics of Bernie’s lakeside villa (NICE), along with an explanation of how he avoided filing his financial disclosure form from the 2016 race.

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