CIA’s Terrorist Regime Change Op in Syria Jumps the Pink Shark

by Scott Creighton

On the “You Gotta Be Kidding Me” scale, this one is off the charts.

Sure, there was Nurse Nayirah, then Jessica Lynch, then the staged Saddam Statue saga, then the “Gaddafi gives Viagra to soldiers” story, then Pussy Riot, then Omran Daqneesh and finally… Bana before it. Spinning stupid pro-war propaganda via identity politics is nothing new for the CIA’s international regime change via terrorism PR support brigade. That much is clear.

But this… this… this is Fonzie Jumping the Shark, and that’s for damn sure.

Yes, in their effort to gin-up some new support for the illegal regime change via terrorism action in Syria, someone in the CIA’s propaganda division thought it might be a good idea to fabricate a gay division of terrorists working with the Glorious Kurds to ethnically cleanse Raqqa for Greater Kurdistan.

You might think it’s some kind of sick joke, but you would be wrong:

“The Syrian Kurdish militia battling to liberate Raqqa from the Islamic State militant group (ISIS) on Wednesday denied any ties with a group claiming to be an LGBT sub-faction of a foreign fighter umbrella group in northern Syria.

On Monday, the International Revolutionary People’s Guerrilla Forces (IRPGF), an anarchist movement made up of international volunteers (a.k.a. contractor terrorists and mercenaries) in northern Syria, announced what it said was a new LGBT unit to battle “not only Daesh but capitalism and the state.”

The unit gave its name as the Queer Insurrection and Liberation Army, or TQILA.” Newsweek

Clearly the general public isn’t falling for it.

“The announcement divided opinion, with some arguing the unit sent a positive message in the fight against ISIS, while other commentators said it was a propaganda attempt on the part of those fighting with the Kurds, or possibly a clever messaging tactic for favorable coverage of the Kurds in the Western media.

Others called into question the unit’s creation, given some sections of Kurdish society’s attitudes toward the LGBT community, as one activist told The Independent.” Newsweek

Of course, what would a PR campaign be worth if they didn’t hire a bunch of influence peddlers on Twitter to go along with the ruse?

Soros’ new Gladio group, Antifa, is all over this. What else would you expect.

Oh wait… you think it’s wrong of me to compare these guys to the CIA’s “freedom fighters” of the past like the ruthless Contras, 9/11’s al Qaeda, the Iraqi Death Squads of 2005 and 2017 and the Glorious Land Stealing Kurds? You think I shouldn’t call them “freedom fighters” because it denigrates them in that way by linking them to brutal tools of the fascist past (and present)?

the guy on the left looks exactly like the guy in the cartoon above, doesn’t he?

OutTV and Pinksixty News did it first.

When one “jumps the shark” that means the show is dead and the producers are desperate to do something, ANYTHING, to revive their ratings. Hence Fonzie going to Hawaii and jumping over a live shark on Happy Days in it’s Final Days.

The glorious Kurds have said via the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) Media Center that this entire story is bullshit. That there are no Gay Avengers running around fighting in Raqqa. He had to make sure to include the statement “not that there’s anything wrong with that”

This is obviously a stupid PR move manufactured to coincide with Trump’s announcement that he wont let transsexuals serve in the military. That announcement meant that yesterday and today we have a bunch of grown men in wigs pretending to be trans sitting on sets with their uniforms trying to gin-up support for the .014% of the military who identify as transsexual. Support for them and more hate for Trump.

Personally I don’t care who serves in the military. Well, I do oppose Lindsey Graham’s plan to force DREAMERS to join the military if they can’t get into college and it has nothing to do with where they come from or their skin color and everything to do with FORCING PEOPLE INTO MILITARY SERVICE. If we aren’t going to risk losing support for the war machine by drafting citizens, we DAMN SURE shouldn’t let that asshole get away with forcing non-citizens to do it for us. That’s just sick in my opinion and no better than slavery or indentured servitude. but thats me.

I kinda agree with intel agency asset Assange on this one:

Sure. Gay and trans people have every right to be red-white-and-blue shitting, stars-and-stripes bleeding jar-heads for the military/banking industrial complex just like everyone else who can’t get into college these days. But again, that’s just me.

I mean, shit. If a transsexual wants to buddy up with al Qaeda in a fox hole to provide aid and comfort to them during ObamaGod’s regime change ops in Libya and Syria… what’s to stop em?

Oh wait… there is this.

In all likelihood, the CIA’s “hearts and minds” division had this ridiculous propaganda campaign done up and sitting on the back burner for some time because it’s just so stupid and obvious they figured they would try anything else before this.

But then… Trump is Trump and tweets his decision yesterday and POOF… it was time to drop the Gay Freedom Fighter Bomb.

The good news is, aside from the obvious paid trolls on social media, folks see through this desperation move for what it is: the regime change planners jumping the shark. Just one more failed expenditure of black ops money going down the toilet in the Middle East.

It would be almost funny if you forget your tax dollars are paying for this stupid shit.

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14 Responses

  1. Oops, someone got caught with their pants down or is that the wrong metaphor?

    Revealed: How U.S. military spent $363million on WEIGHT-LOSS surgery for soldiers’ obese spouses

    The Defense Department spent an astonishing $363 million on weight-loss surgery for the obese spouses of military personnel over the last ten years, new figures reveal.

    Free gastric bypass procedures, lap-band insertions, tummy tucks, and other slimming operations are being handed out to unhealthy Army, Navy and Air Force wives in their tens of thousands, the statistics show.

    • Makes you wonder what kind of fake-food crap those spouses are buying at the commissaries or nearby stores with their meager pay. Symptom meet cause.

  2. Reblogged this on Joseph Davis | Peace, Love & Freedom Advocate and commented:
    Scott Creighton features my tweet in his recent post. Thank you, Scott:

    “Yes, in their effort to gin-up some new support for the illegal regime change via terrorism action in Syria, someone in the CIA’s propaganda division thought it might be a good idea to fabricate a gay division of terrorists working with the Glorious Kurds to ethnically cleanse Raqqa for Greater Kurdistan.

    You might think it’s some kind of sick joke, but you would be wrong”

  3. Funny coincidence on the timing. Almost like the Duke is colluding with a CIA propaganda campaign.

    Perhaps these dudes are some of the same super special secret agents they have operating in our airport bathrooms with congressmen? Palms up, or was it palms down?

    • I thought it was the tapping foot signal. You mean all this time I’ve been doing it wrong? Goddamn it. I thought it was the Axe body spray. shit. gotta run.

      • Dang man, I’d forgotten about the foot tapping part. Explains the mixed results in airports. Better double down on the axe body spray and try my luck in the local megachurch mensroom. Nothing wrong with that. I believe in anthropology they call it ‘participant observation’.

  4. Reblogged this on Dreaming 🐦 Freedom and commented:
    Thanks Willy Loman aka Scott Creighton. ❤

  5. This world is getting sicker and sicker.

    • Babylonians were saying the same thing about 4,000 years ago. Civilization sucks…

  6. I am beginning to feel more and more each day that I am living in a cartoon version of Metropolis with a side of Mad Max.

  7. This seems like signalling behavior between unknown parties, almost as if one group is saying to another “stop with the fake videos, they’re as obviously fake as this one is.”

  8. Did you read the recent story about these YPG outfits in Rolling Stone Magazine? I read the print edition about this because we get it at work, not sure if they have it online. Anyway, these are all mostly foreign fighters, mostly from the US and Western Europe, a bunch of disturbed misfits, the entire story was so laughable on its face ( a psy-op), and basically the US is just using these teenagers merely as cannon fodder, this much was obvious from the entire story, although the story kind of made them out as being heroes of sorts. What a sad joke. They are described as hard leftists and libertarians in the story…but in reality mainly they are just a bunch of naive fuckups or worse… Damn. It never ends, does it? The entire story was almost a recruitment advert…

  9. […] CIA’s Terrorist Regime Change Op in Syria Jumps the Pink Shark… […]

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