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  1. Good dissection. The only thing unclear is what exactly about Obamacare is “fascist”? The health care in the 3rd Reich was actually superlative: universal, guaranteed and with the accent on prevention. Or is “fascist” a non-specific synonym for “horrible,” something on which the Left and the Neocons both agree on?

    • I believe I talked about the definition in the video. Fascism is when the corporate state and the government work together against the interests of the people. When one is indiscernible from the other. ObamaCare is fascist because it was written by insurance industry insiders and passed by government PRETENDING to want to help the people knowing full well, all the time, that it would be worse than what we had before. Kucinich made that clear until the plane ride. And of course, the ultimate display of fascism with regard to ObamaCare came when the Supreme Court said the unconstitutional mandate (forcing people to buy a product from private companies) was actually constitutional because it constituted a “tax”

      Well you don’t pay taxes to private companies. You pay taxes to governing bodies. Government.

      What is fascism again? When you can’t tell the difference between the government and the corporations that own it.

      that’s what I mean.

      In terms of Nazi Germany… they were a DEMOCRACY. They held elections and were socialist to some degree prior to the Nazi party coming to power. Not every aspect of their society changed immediately afterward, so yes, their healthcare system probably remained socialist for a while. It wouldn’t have forever. But that doesn’t mean they weren’t fascist in other aspects of their social order and it certainly doesn’t mean a single payer system is fascist.

      • “Fascism is when the corporate state and the government work together against the interests of the people.”
        That’s demonstrably false. Every aspect of life of the German people, ESPECIALLY the working class, improved under National Socialism: employment, housing, health care, education. Nationalizing the banking system was the key but also the cardinal sin for which the globalist powers announced as early as 1933 “Judea Declares War on Germany.”
        I think you are in thrall of Chomsky’s brand of kosher marxism and don’t even realize it. The old corporations/capitalists/”owners of the means of production” against the proletariat thesis falls flat in the teeth of evidence that it is the globalist/international owners of the finances of nations that rule and definitely “work together against the interests of the people.” The “means of production” in advanced (formerly industrialized) countries are now speculations, derivatives, thin-air currency, debt that becomes “asset” and a huge transfer of wealth The corporations are the parasites living in the folds of the rotting corpse being consumed by sharks. They are not in the driver’s seat, which was seen when the oil industry giants were against the war on Iraq, likely to cut into their profits, but to no avail. It is seen again now when American and European business interests are against sanctions on Russia, again to no avail.
        You should look up Adrian Salbuchi — El proyecto Segunda Republica — to get a different perspective on the importance of owning the finances for achieving national sovereignty.
        We’ll just agree to disagree on this but the jerk reflex of using “fascist” in the prescribed neoliberal/neocon manner does not clarify anything. Obama is a fascist, Trump is a fascist, Putin is a fascist, Obamacare is fascist, etc, etc

        • who said Putin was fascist? I didn’t.

          “Every aspect of life of the German people, ESPECIALLY the working class, improved under National Socialism”

          What about the disabled? Gay? Leftists? Professors? Union leaders and organizers? Jews? Gypsies? Did things get better for them, the millions forced into slave labor for Big Business, or do they not count as “German people” in your eyes? Just curious

      • Ariadna is a complete fangirl for Hitler and fundamentalist Orthodox Christianity. You can’t change her mind with facts.
        But the Weimar Republic was also increasingly neoliberal, Scott. The Social Democrats were in name only. They allowed Germany to be crippled by huge debts to the victors of WWI, politicians to be easily bribed, the stock market to be deregulated, the cost of living to rise obscenely, foreign companies to asset-strip national industries, organized crime to grow, and vital infrastructure or public services to go unfunded. The Syriza of the early 20th century. I think the intellectually honest position is that both regimes were very bad.

  2. Willy, tomorrow Richie will have RDS on and I think its a chance to ask some important questions and I do not want to ambush Richie so I am asking your thoughts on how to go about it or any thoughts to focus on. Maybe ask about delivering the black vote?

    Nathain “Byrd” Ardoin

    On Wed, Jul 26, 2017 at 2:33 PM, American Everyman wrote:

    > willyloman posted: “” >

    • If you have a chance, they probably wont let you, but if you have a chance you should ask him if this is all about fixing the rigged system or getting Trump and reactionary republicans re-elected in 2018 and 2020 because his interview on Jeff Rense’s show certainly makes that seem like it’s the main point. Also I would ask him if Cynthia is OK with being used to “deliver 50% of the ORIGINAL American black vote” and what the actual definition of “original” means in that context. I would also ask him what EXACTLY are Cynthia’s economic policy beliefs he respects and shares at least to some degree. Finally, I would ask him if he understands that the vast majority of the republicans want a clean repeal of ObamaCare and yet, with the House, Senate and White House they wont do it… why the hell does he think he can force congress to vote against their own interests with the comprehensive election reform bill he is suggesting and which is the CORE of his #UNRIG movement? Ask him those things if you get the chance

  3. Isn’t is amazing how they manipulate words. We never should have allowed it to be called Obamacare. It always was Romneycare, designed by, of, and for the HMO’s and big pharma. It always was a Republican healthcare plan. Now they want to move it even farther to the right! Fucking Obama promised to support Single Payer and then wouldn’t even allow its advocates in the room.

    • Yes, it really should be hung on the necks of the GOP and insurance lobby. Though Repincare probably sounded to close to rape or rip.

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