CrossTalk: Sanctioning Russia

The Republican-controlled Congress can’t unite around Trump’s legislative agenda, but with Democrats they are in unison when it comes to punishing Russia for alleged meddling in the 2016 election. Russia will brush off new sanctions as it did three years ago, but the Europeans won’t.

CrossTalking with Mitch Feierstein, David Swanson, and Alexander Mercouris

2 Responses

  1. That Russian/Iranian sanctions bill will supposedly bring jobs to America thru the export of Natural Gas (NG), but that is a LIE. That was the ‘happy face’ put onto the bill to fool Americans.

    The reason why the vote totals were so lopsided is because Israel wanted this bill passed so they could muscle Russia out of the NG market, giving Europe no option but to buy their NG from Israel, who is stealing it from Egypt, Palestine and Lebanon in the Leviathan gas field with the pipeline going thru Cyprus to Europe.

    Russia must be taught there is a penalty for fighting against USA/SA/Israel backed ISIS thugs who were well on their way to completely destroying Syria until interrupted by Russian bombs and missiles.

  2. “China is intruding on India’s border.” -Mitch Feierstein
    I could be wrong, but this sounds to me like Mitch is deliberately stoking the flames of conflict between two fellow BRICS members, one proven competitor to Washington, and another potential one.
    “Sanctions are anti-trade. What happened to open markets?”-Peter Lavelle
    The classic idealization of commerce by many Britons and Americans. They conveniently forget that the greed of the merchant and banking classes is one of the most important reasons for exploitation, colonialism, political/legal corruption and wars throughout history. Trade and business can play a good role in human society, but not if legal and moral restraints are removed.
    I vouch for David Swanson and Alexander Mercouris as the more likable, slightly more sensible debaters (the others also had their own good points).
    Sanctions are cruel and vindictive towards populations, just because they don’t want to play ball with your interests. I grew up influenced by anti-Castro Cubans, but I eventually concluded that they were full of nonsense.

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