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  1. When Dear Leader was shoving his toxic health insurance/bailout for the insurance companies package down our throats, Rep John Dingell (MI) offered a single-payer option, a mere 19 pages long. Nancy Pelosi killed that bill in committee.

    Compare that 19 page bill to the monstrosity AKA Obamacare at over 2,000 pages.
    That fucker must have so much pork in it that when squeezed, it drips bacon grease.

  2. They’ve shown their true colors. Anyone who believes they’re interested in giving Americans a better deal is really not paying attention. They can’t go back now and pretend they’re something other than what they are because we’re not going to forget who and what they serve and who they represent.

  3. People should simply insist we all get the same health care plan our representatives enjoy, and at the same cost. They’re certainly no better or deserving than the rest of us so it’s a fundamental fairness issue the parasites can’t win. Plus, despite all the high-cost senior citizens in congress notice how we never hear about their insuror being bankrupted by medical costs and malpractice lawyers.

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