Robert David Steele Tells Rense He’s Using McKinney to “Deliver the Black Vote to Trump” in 2020

What is Cynthia McKinney doing with Robert David Steele in this #UNRIG thing? Steele says he’s looking to use Cynthia to “bring American black to the center” and get them to vote for neoliberal Donald Trump. He also says he’s trying to hook up Cynthia with David Duke so she can go on his show and get the party started. That’s right, he knows Trump’s neoliberal agenda is going to lose him his base, so like Clinton and Podesta did in 2016, he’s going for the black and Latino vote… and Cynthia is the key to it all.

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Jeff Rense & Robert Steele – Staggering Update On Trump’s Massive Betrayals

Robert David Steele says God bless Donald

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  1. I sent Cynthia a link to this video, via Facebook.

  2. […] Robert David Steele Tells Rense He’s Using McKinney to “Deliver the Black Vote to Trump” in 2… […]

  3. Most black folks have no Idea who Cynthia is. I broke with her after realizing she would never really change her stance on gun control etc., I cannot trust anyone that naive, no matter how savvy they might be in other respects. Sad to see Steele, a tool of the globalized intelligence community, parasitizing her. But this is the Jones camp. A bevvy of predictive programming and cooptation.

  4. Can I ask an unrelated question?
    In your opinion now that both the House and Senate have (almost) unanimously passed the S.722 bill, can Trump veto the final doc on the basis that it is unconstitutional as it clearly and unlawfully imposes congressional authority over the executive? Thank you!

    • I tend to agree with you. Not so much the bill itself. I think congress has the ability to impose sanctions. And the other thing it does with regard to Iran is force the State Department, Defense and Treasury to put together plans every two years to keep pressure on Iran over WMDs they aren’t trying to make.

      The issue is the amendment dealing with Russia. I think what is unconstitutional is the part that says “(i)t would also provide for a mandated congressional review if sanctions are relaxed, suspended, or terminated.” That, in my opinion, is an legislative branch over-reach into the authorities of the executive.

      To answer your question… yes, he could veto it. But keep in mind if he does the complicit media will have a field day and Rachel MadCOW’s head would explode live on-air. But he could veto it and I doubt they would then get 60 votes in the senate to override his veto.

  5. My most optimistic theory is that Cynthia is so good-natured, so naive, she lacks knowledge of how to discern those who aren’t like her. My most pessimistic one is that she got tired of an austere economic situation, so she chose to sell out in exchange for giving herself and her family cushier payments.
    Have y’all noticed that Donny’s apologists are using the same excuses for his neoliberal legislation- “he’s weak, he’s blocked by Congress”- as the true believers in ObamaGod were using from 2008 to 2016? What makes Steele and Lionel’s followers think he will turn around in his second term? I bet even Tarpley will rehabilitate his image (like his 180-degree capitulation to Obama).
    The Paul family have always been neoliberal, neo-Confederate theocrats in “anti-establishment freedom-loving politician/legislator” drag. Nothing new here.

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