The Real Problem With the Israel Anti-Boycott Act of 2017 (AE video)

The real problem with S. 720 and H.R. 1697 (Israel Anti Boycott Act 2017) is NOT the threat of them rounding up protesters on the side of the road and putting them in prison for 10 years. That’s NOT in the bill by the way… the real problem is them trying to keep American businesses (importers and exporters) from doing business with nations that support boycotting Israel for their criminal behavior in Gaza and the West Bank. If successful it will influence decisions made across the globe by nations taking a stand against criminal Israeli policies, not just those of some protesters getting ready to head down to Times Square with some cardboard signs.

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Sane Progressive video on subject…

Lee Camp video on subject…

Text of H.R. 1697 (same as S. 720)…

S. 720 Israel Anti Boycott act…

other senate anti-BDS bill…

AIPAC legislative agenda 2017…

AIPAC policy conference 2017 program…

USC 4610 violations…)

USC 1705 (penalties)…)

8 Responses

  1. The JIDF and GIYUS hasbara trolls are out in force, trying to goose-step the GOY back into the OK Corral, saying such stupid shit as “BDS isn’t really working.”

    If that’s the case, why so much fuss to pass all these laws making it VERBOTEN for us Gentiles to protest against Apartheid Israel?

  2. Way to dig into the details. I kind of had the same notion, but didn’t read the bill. Protesters are already pretty much marginalized now- just look at the impact of hundreds of Thousands that protested the Weapons of Mass destruction invasion of Iraq to zero effect.

    That is why I support you and come daily for an update. Other folks, please help keep Scott going- we need this kind of attention to detail.

  3. when specifically did the Children of Israel in Genesis 49, &
    Deuteronomy 32 & 33 “TURN INTO” the modern day
    Gog & Magog {Japhetic} ((PROSELYTES))) to


    Modern day so-called ((((JEWS))) will never be “Israel”

    it is logically & Biblically impossible to call the Synagogue of
    Satan “Jewish” STATE ((((ZIONIST ENTITY}}}}…Israel.

    Israel is a people not a stool sculpture deity cult compound for
    psychopathic ((((JEWISH)))) ZIONIST TERRORISTS.

    The real problem with illogical analysis is starting with a false assumption….

    Knowing the Truth is the EXIT STRATEGY….

    No One on Earth HAS to be a {{{{{JEW}}}} !

    • Great points. It’s also time for the world to ignore scripture, beyond its value as a historical reference, and move on.

    • Don’t disrespect everyone raised with a Jewish cultural background just because of the Benjamin Netanyahus and Johnathan Pollards.

  4. I understand and appreciate the points you are making Scott with regards to the specifics “acts” that are referred to as criminal. However within that definition is the word “conspiracy” and that is key. If a protestor on the side of the road sends a letter to a company which then either doesn’t do business with Israel or does business with a group supporting the boycott of Israel then a prosecutor who is so inclined can invoke the idea of contact that became a conspiracy.

    On the face of it this is ridiculous however this is exactly the kind of gymnastics they do all the time based on the principle of selective enforcement. And who do they select? Well of course they select those who are having influence, those they wish to make an example of. That’s the “business model” of soft fascist intimidation.

    So will they target protestors with signs? No of course not. But if you have a readership and influence other people through your blog to take action against Israel or companies doing business with Israel you could indeed fall within the umbrella of the term “conspiracy”.

    Do you disagree? Do you think that parsing out the fine points of language as you have done here will serve as an effective legal defense in a system designed to take you down? Remember the intimidation begins with the first phone call, with the first visit from an official and their “team” who has decided that there is an “issue” that needs to be resolved. The prosecutors not only have a halo effect in the courtroom, they have unlimited money and resources to throw at a defendant. So immediately there is a wearing down and attrition of opposition because after all is effectively protesting Israeli policy “really worth all of this hassle?”.

    Think about how emotionally stressed you get when your finances dry up. If the Feds come after anyone with an income on a criminal charge any assets associated with the likely “criminal activity” can be seized without due process. All of that happens in the “preliminary stages” before any defense gets initiated.

    That’s how it works. Only the very rich can afford to throw up a legal defense to “enforce” that actual language of a law. The world of coercion doesn’t operate according to rational behavior, rather it uses the nuances of language as cover to isolate, marginalize and coerce anyone chosen to be a target.

    • fair enough. but tell me, do you have a link to the part of the bill or the existing law that details this conspiracy link equating to someone sending a letter to a business or something like a college asking for them to boycott Israeli products or companies? if true, that does, to some degree, help stiffle free speech. And if it is true, is it part of the new law, proposed bill, or is it part of the existing one? that’s a big difference because if it is part of the existing one, why aren’t we already seeing activists arrested for doing this? i’m not saying you are wrong, I would just like to read it myself and see how it changes with this new bill. i know the new bill targets EU in a way that will effect how EU states and their businesses decide whether or not to join the boycott, which to me is more damaging than scaring off the occasional protester who takes the time to write a letter, which, is what this bill certainly does and is designed to do. so, if you know where that clause is you are talking about, please let me know.

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