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  1. Enjoyed the video, Scott. Never heard of Steel before. Did some research. Posted a link to your video on Cynthia’s Facebook (FB) page, along with a couple of comments of my own, and a quick link the interview with Steel on Alex Jones’ show saying NASA is kidnapping children and sending them off to Mars as sex slaves (on an alleged 20-year journey…So, when they get there, they won’t be kids anymore, so what would be the point of that criminally insane endeavor anyway?). Occasionally Cynthia has responded to me on FB, but I don’t really have an “in” with her. Wondering if she’ll ever see or respond to the posts. I hope she sees your excellent analysis–could set her straight. Cynthia is wonderful but I’ve seen her go off track before; however, this detour is the worst!

    • I have seen her go off track before myself, though I can’t remember when or what it was about. Usually it’s involved her giving some asshat progressive cover, if memory serves. Maybe “nanothermite”? anyway, the more I think about it, on their webpage they detail expenses and they have $10,000 set aside for 4 round trip tickets for her back and forth from Bangladesh. Not to mention all expenses paid once she gets here. Think about it. How could she afford to travel back and forth to see her family and friends and try to remain relevant here in the U.S. on the salary of a Bangladeshi teacher? Plus she gets her own RV to cruise around in while here? Another thing, it says they intended to be doing this over the next THREE YEARS… so gee, I wonder what that means. Let’s see… what happens in THREE YEARS… it’s 2017… add three… oh 2020. Isn’t there an election or something in 2020? ah… so this is less about “uniting” the alt-right and alt-left to “unrig” the broken system than it is about “uniting” the alts so SOMEONE can find a way BACK into the warm embrace of the corrupt political structure?

      • “Uniting the alt-right and alt-left.” I’m sorry, but I am not associating myself with the groupuscules among Trump’s (I know they aren’t everyone, just a visible but small percentage) followers who express sectarian, ethnicist/racialist or xenophobic opinions. They don’t deserve credibility or “unity”. Cynthia McKinney and Jeremy Rothe-Kushel are becoming timid, Stepford Smiler mush heads who will promote anything and anyone with a so-called “alternative” branding. Not everyone on the right shares these prejudices, I must reiterate, but many who call themselves “alt-” and upload Pepe the Frog memes online, definitely do.
        Steele and McKinney’s little cross-country tour is definitely a self-enrichment project disguised as an educational mission. Robert’s “open-source everything” platform is likely a Rothschild front (he credited that family himself on one of his sites) to make extreme capitalism more palatable in the eyes of the dispossessed while indulging anti-banker bromides without any real substance, and also profile the wide-eyed idealistic activists for either the four-party system (Libertarians and Jill Stein are in on this too), or the police and intelligence agencies to suppress.

    • Cynthia McKinney was supposed to return September 2, 2017, but no one has seen her on American soil.

      • hopefully just a labor day weekend snafu.

      • actually I just saw a video of her and RDS with their stupid snake-oil RV somewhere in Georgia, it looked like. They were at some restaurant for a while as well apparently. she was promoting it on her Twitter feed and I “unfollowed” as soon as I saw it. It had to be here in the U.S. unless they shipped that stupid snake-oil wagon to Bangladesh. check out her Twitter feed. you will find it I’m sure

  2. Heard him talk about this on Rense the other night.!1

  3. Once a company man, always a company man. The company that has infiltrated the MSM decades and decades ago. The company that uses infiltration and subversion as a matter of course. The company that practices deception as SOP. You simply cannot trust any former intelligence actor, regardless if they are legit are not. ESPECIALLY if they are leading some cause.

    And, unlike say the NSA whistleblowers Binney and Tice (who are legit) who obviously paid a heavy price for their actions. Steele seems to be doing just dandy. I guess the CIA doesn’t care what he’s saying…

  4. Looks like I’m going to be the dissenting opinion here. Please consider the following points.

    Robert David Steele has made a tremendous contribution to the alt right truth movement. His output in terms of publishing, networking with people like William Binney (and Cynthia McKinney), writing on the practical details of electoral reform and popularizing the subject of Open Source Everything has been prolific. Whatever annoyance you may feel towards his over the top confidence and self assertion the guy has repeatedly shown great courage in tackling issues like Israel, the holocaust account, vaccines, official participation in false flags etc. He offers documentation that is often (but not always) really informative and reliable. His public intelligence blog site is a great source of information on diverse subjects.

    In short the guy’s output has been incredible and the vast percentage of this has been spot on. Those are facts. The guy has made and continues to made a real difference. If you feel that everything I’ve mention is total facade and the guy is a nothing but a charlatan well that would be an interesting expose, but it would require some serious investigation.

    Steele has addressed the issue of the Mars/child abduction story and apparently there is litigation involved in what might end up being a manipulated hit piece. Clearly the bad boys don’t need to transport children to Mars to obtain material for horror. However even within the distorted story line there are strong elements of truth. For example, do we have a corporate controlled colony on Mars, with folks like Dick Cheney involved in promoting a model of interplanetary fascism? Multiple sources say we do. Photographs of Mars suggest mining is underway and legislation has been introduced to legally protect corporations involved in such activity. We also have witness testimony (obtained at great price) to the effect that Cheney and company have indeed been involved in creating a “break away” civilization made possible by trillions in missing DOD funding.

    I have my own critique of RDS which I have shared with him. Stylistically he comes across as excessively self promoting and has yet to make the full transition from millionaire maverick to financially broke regular guy truther. He’s not going to be elected to anything, and the idea that the system is going to change because congress people on vacation get pressured to sign an integrity pledge seems extremely naive to me. Even if all went according to plan our “elected officials” would find reasons to “modify” their positions once they returned to DC. We all know that. Some of his sources are sufficiently “out there” to fail with the majority of people. That isn’t saying that the information provided is wrong just that he tends to get ahead of the story. Blowing the whistle on Mike Pence as a potential pedophile is an example of that yet if RDS is willing to take the heat and be the tip of the spear, well good for him.

    RDS and Cynthia McKinney are playing an important role in crystallizing issues and mobilizing popular energy. People who hear the message are provoked to think about what is being said. We need that.

    What disturbed me in your video was the reliance on smearing, generalization and emotionally based arguments. To be honest I couldn’t force myself to get past the first 12 minutes. The tone was self indulgent, glib and a very disrespectful hit piece.

    Your video opened with a tone of revulsion towards the guy referring to him as “that thing” etc. You make a big deal out of the logo or visual image with RDS and McKinney as if that were probative of any substantive point. Statements to the effect that anyone who worked within the CIA is forever tainted fails to recognize the bureaucratic and fractional nature of that and other large organizations. Sure the core and most compartmentalized elements are dedicated bad boys and your comments there have merit. But there are people who get assigned positions within those large organizational structures who carry their own vision and concept of life mission that aren’t drug running pedophiles. The key is how they got or were forced out. Steele makes it clear he’s been marginalized for attacking incompetence and corruption within the intelligence community. Other former CIA guys like Chip Tatum have blow the whistle as well. They do get clobbered. If you want to challenge the asserts that RDS or others make when they attack the CIA ion on substance that’s fine, but the blanket smears don’t carry weight.

    But frankly Scott the real reason I have felt compelled to respond is this.

    Anytime someone rises to a position where they challenge the status quo and power brokers on a serious level they will get attacked. I think Steele and McKinney are doing that and showing a lot of courage in the process.

    If you rose to levels of prominence that threatened the bad boys in ways they couldn’t ignore, the hit pieces about Scott C would start to roll out. We’d see screen shots of you angrily (and repeatedly) telling readers to f— off because they hadn’t supported you financially commensurate with your self valuation. We’d hear about you being on disability and living with your mother. We’d get leaked documentation about any “mental health” issues based on “sources” who gave just enough to plant doubt. Rest assured we’d get plenty of insulting visuals created to function like a stink bomb to destroy anything you had to say. In other words we’d get smear, lot’s of it and all of it designed to marginalize and neutralize your contribution to our collective work on this planet.

    You’ve been honest about the emotional attachment you had on McKinney. You don’t like RDS or the attention he receives. You are character in your own right and all that is fine. In the words of Pema Chodron we are in fact all a mixture of brilliance and smelliness. That’s what it is to be human.

    But please understand that smearing, marginalization, demonization etc. is not just a harmless “letting off steam”. Human consciousness has been controlled by a carefully developed technology and the emotionally laden smear is central to that effort. When you lend yourself and your energy to that effort you are pissing in the common stream that we are all trying to foster.

    So sorry for the length of this post but I do take your work seriously and felt that someone needed to bring some thoughtful balance into the discussion. I’ve seen you attack James Corbett and then come back and feature his work when you thought he was on point. I hope you can rise to the same level with regards to the genuine work being done by RDS and Cynthia McKinney.

    • Julian, Interesting take. It’s good to hear a dissenting voice. But here’s the problem. RDS’s position re pedophiles shipping kids to Mars makes him a raving lunatic to the mainstream (and completely suspect, in my view). As a result, the “good” he’s done re other key issues (like 9/11 Truth — see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z5MKT8D3icA ) become the positions of a raving lunatic, and thereby severely undermine those positions. To me, this smacks of Cass Sunstein 101. As for Cynthia, well, “Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are.” In my book, her stock has dropped precipitously via her association with RDS.

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