Remember that time Sean Spicer told the truth about Syria? (AE video)

Trump Appoints Former Goldman Sachs Globalist Vulture Capitalist to be his White House Communications Director (Spicy resigns)

by Scott Creighton

Another day, another betrayal from the president of the United States. Not really “news” anymore is it?

White House press secretary Sean Spicer reportedly handed his resignation letter to US President Donald Trump because of his disagreement with the administration’s decision to appoint financier Anthony Scaramucci as a new communications director.

Trump asked Spicer to keep the job, but Spicer stated that selecting Scaramucci was a big mistake, the New York Times reported citing sources who said they were familiar with the matter. Sputnik

Anthony Scaramucci is a pure neoliberal globalist. He went to Harvard and learned how to be a neoliberal Harvard Boy then he went straight to Goldman Sachs for his globalist-in-training internship.

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Lindsey Graham Says if You Don’t Support Using DREAMERS as Cheap Labor and Cannon Fodder, “I Don’t Want Your Vote” (AE video)

Democrats push for bipartisan plan to slash health care

by Barry Grey, from WSWS

… On Tuesday, Democratic Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer held a press conference at which he spelled out his priorities. Denouncing the White House and congressional Republicans for “continuing to deny the insurance markets the certainty they need,” he said the GOP could “start today working with the Democrats…to stabilize the markets…”

Schumer endorsed a proposal from Democratic senators Thomas Carper and Tim Kaine (Hillary Clinton’s vice presidential running mate in 2016) to create a permanent “reinsurance” program for the individual health insurance market. One of the key demands of the insurance industry, such a program would provide billions in taxpayer funds to reimburse private insurers for high costs linked to care for particularly sick policyholders.

This call to “stabilize the insurance markets” has become the mantra of those factions of the political establishment and media calling for a bipartisan alternative to the Republican “repeal and replace” proposals. In none of the statements of leading Democrats or “liberal” newspapers can one find a call to expand medical coverage to the entire population, reject all proposals for cuts in already hopelessly inadequate benefits, or in any way rein in the profiteering and power of the insurance and pharmaceutical monopolies…

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Lindsey Graham Goes All In for Dream Act Cheap Labor and Cannon Fodder: “if you aren’t for it, I don’t want your vote”

by Scott Creighton

I have come to understand that Comprehensive Immigration Reform is absolutely essential for our national security (cannon fodder) and our economic viability (cheap labor)Lindsey Graham

Lindsey Graham has come out for the Dream Act in a big way saying to South Carolina republicans “if you aren’t for it, I don’t want your vote

“To the people who object to this, I don’t want you to vote for me because I cannot serve you well” Lindsey Graham

I guess Lindsey understands how totally rigged the election system in South Carolina is so he’s not actually worried about being voted out of office for throwing down the gauntlet on a subject his base is totally opposed to. If you would like to know more about the election rigging in South Carolina, feel free to read my coverage of the Alvin Greene story.

That’s the length the South Carolina Democratic Party went to in order to make sure the REPUBLICAN won. And that was in 2010. So all these folks talking about how the Dems don’t WANT to win if a centrist corporate doesn’t represent their party… well, those folks are only about 7 YEARS behind. The Alvin Greene case made that shit perfectly clear.

But anyway, moving on…

Lindsey delivered a little monologue yesterday in which he made it very clear that President Trump could, if he wanted to, convince his dedicated base that the Dream Act of 2017 is the right thing to do.

“What has changed? You have a president who could in a snap of his fingers get the Republican Party united more than Bush could – persuade people who feel threatened by illegal immigrants that they’re going to take their jobs and commit crimes against their family and persuade them that this is a fair thing to do unlike President Obama was able to do. What has changed? A man in the White House who could take the people who object the most and with a coherent, from-the-heart speech change everything,” Lindsey Graham

Lindsey seems to have a pretty high opinion of Trump’s powers of persuasion. Thinks The Donald could simply “snap his fingers” and folks who have opposed this measure for the past 12 years or so would suddenly “see the light” and embrace cheap labor for Big Business and cannon fodder for the war machine like a social justice warrior embraces an androgynous latte master at Starbucks.

Oh… you don’t know about the “cannon fodder” and “cheap labor” thingies? Well then, let me explain…

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