Rachel MadCOW is going to FREAK OUT: WaPo Says Trump to Stop Arming CIA’s Terrorists in Syria

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Chris Mathews talking to James Clapper just made the connection between de-funding our terrorists, the secret Trump-Putin meeting and treason.

two things:

  1. I hate Rachel Maddow and would normally never suggest watching her show
  2. This is from the CIA’s mouthpiece bitches at the Washington Post so take it for what it’s worth

Tonight it might be worth a laugh or two to tune into Rachel Maddow’s fake-left Red-Baiting-Like-Di$info-Jone$ Show because she is going to freak the f@ck out.

President Donald Trump plans to scrap a covert CIA program arming and training rebels against Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad’s regime, the Washington Post reported on Wednesday, noting that Russia has long since sought such a move.

The Washington Post reported, citing unnamed U.S. officials, that Trump decided to end the program nearly a month ago after meeting with National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster and CIA Director Mike Pompeo.

That meeting took place in advance of Trump’s scheduled bilateral meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the G20 summit in Germany

An unnamed current official told the Washington Post that scrapping the program “is a momentous decision” on Trump’s part and a victory for Russia: “Putin won in Syria.” TPM

The anti-Russian hysteria is reaching a critical stage at this point. Our efforts to force a change in leadership in Syria and to destroy the nation so some rich fucks with close ties to our politicians can make a bundle rebuilding it seems to be coming to an end.

The Greater Kurdistan project is looking like it’s on it’s last legs as well.

So Mockingbird assets (that’s a CIA 1970s reference if you don’t know… look it up) like Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow are pushing hot and heavy any bullshit story or made up lie they can as quickly as they can in an effort to do the CIA’s bidding here in the states like all the Curveballs and bought-off weasels do in other countries in service to Capitalism’s Invisible Army.

They are going to be beside themselves with this one folks. Especially MadCOW.

If this report from the Washington Post is true (and there is NO REASON to believe it is since they are nothing more than the CIA’s public relations outfit here in the states (like VOA is everywhere else)) all it means is the Syrian people have won PART of their war against our regime change terrorist contractors and the Department of Defense is pulling the funding for the project.

Most RATIONAL human beings would see this as GOOD NEWS folks.

Rachel MadCOW is NOT rational.

I’m gonna go out on a limb here (it’s not really that much of a stretch to be honest) and predict that Rachel is going to say… I can’t believe I am writing this… is going to say that President Trump is committing TREASON by STOPPING THE FUNDING ….. OF FUCKING TERRORISTS.

Now. I certainly hope that somehow she presents this developing story to the brainless drones that follow her show as some kind of good thing. After all, the world with a little LESS FUCKING TERRORISM has to be a good thing… right?

Or am I the crazy one?

Are we so demented in this country that the “peace loving” “anti-war” left is going to rage when the CIA’s funding for head-chopping, baby-killing, woman-raping terrorists is cut after a 5-year-long destabilization campaign?

God I hope we aren’t that crazy.

I can’t read the Washington Post article. But it sounds to me like they are HINTING that Vlad the Impaler got what he wanted and of course there is the new news about his private meeting with Trump to think about as well, isn’t there?

It’s entirely possible that indeed the Trump administration is scaling back funding for al Qaeda in Syria… FINALLY. One reason may be they’re all dead. Another might be they were shipped out to go destabilize another potentially profitable regime changable nation (Philippines? South Korea?)

If that’s the case, then leaking this info to the Washington Post is the CIA’s way of fighting back against the cuts to their terrorist contractors.

Which, by the way, is EXACTLY what the Trumpster said he didn’t want to happen when he was campaigning. Remember that? Trump saying he wasn’t going to WARN THE ENEMY ABOUT OUR MOVES SO THEY COULD MAKE THEMSELVES READY FOR THEM?!?!

Anybody else remember that shit?

If we are supposed to see Assad as “the enemy” (in spite of the YEARS of Obama and EVERYONE in the complicit media telling us “it has nothing to do with Assad. We are there fighting al Qaeda and ISIS”) isn’t this leak providing aid and comfort to them? It even gives a timeline for when the funding is going to stop. Don’t you think that kind of info is helpful to Assad the Dictator?

Don’t know if this is true or not but I do know the CIA’s Washington Post has published it… and I do know this… Rachel Maddow is going to be beside herself tonight ranting about it. That much I know.

And if she does, just think about how sick this country has become in a very short period.

I don’t do predictions very often and I hope I am wrong about this one. Maybe she’ll come out and say “thank God this nightmare for the Syrian people is coming to an end”

And maybe I’ll win a Pulitzer or something.

7 Responses

  1. Your comment about the “peace-loving” “anti-war” left reminds us of how severely people have been manipulated over the years. Thinking back to the mid 60s when anti-war protester crowds were growing bigger and bigger, and out of the mist comes all of these so-called underground music groups advocating drugs, sex, and rock and roll. It was a huge CIA plan to break up the protesters, and 50 years later look what they’ve become. It’s like those mirror universe episodes of Star Trek where the alternate universe crew is evil but they think they’re normal.
    I highly recommend reading Dave McGowan’s book “Weird Scenes Inside The Canyon”. He describes in detail how the entertainment industry has been able to shift our attention in order for the crooks to get away with all of this mess on earth. Protest songs were replaced with psychedelic music which was then replaced by Hollywood style country music and so on until nowadays we have that irritating mindless glitchy puke pop to listen to and any kind of designer drug to keep our minds…right. But after reading that book my music listening habits changed somewhat. It’s incredible the stuff he uncovered about those “rock stars”.
    And after years of tweaking people’s minds with music, TV, movies, (and now apps!) from what they once were into what they are now, nobody wants to see those pictures of Gaza or Mosul. They’d rather take the MSM’s word for it. Safer that way. Entertainment plays a huge role in screwing us over.

  2. hey willy

    I’m not so sure about the greater kurdistan project being on it’s last legs… scrapping this program is not connected to arming the kurdish militias-

    And the US has signed a 10 year military agreement with YPG/PKK in northern Syria


    The US has increased their military outposts in Syria also- this map and article have been taken down because the US complained, however, I had it saved and posted it

    • the FSA is now being pulled out of Raqqa leaving only the Kurds. And it seems like the Syrians, the Iraqis, the Iranians and the Turks (where you got that map by the way) are NOT going to allow the U.S. and Israeli-backed Kurds to steal part of Syria at this point at least. Who knows. Like I have said before, if they can get rid of Trump and reverse the deals made with Russia, France (who are also backing out) and Syria (ceasefire agreement) then perhaps they can get that fucking psycho Pense to kick it back up to full throttle, but until then, it looks like something else might be on the horizon (more autonomy rather than full independence)

      • Yah, I’ve entertained the idea that it would either be federalization or complete balkanization- that said federalization of Syria with Kurdish autonomy would just kick the can down the road.
        Possibly this is relying on the Iraqi kurdish vote?
        I agree this is still up in the air..

        • that’s how they will sell it to them. “hold on for now. accept some measure of autonomy and in the future, when we rig the next election, we will install a puppet who will hand over “Rojava” to you, the glorious Kurds” or something like that.

          or maybe just another 9/11 this time blaming Assad, Iran, Venezuela, Putin, North Korea, Bernie Bros and Global Warming perhaps?

          • well you can just about blame everything on “global warming” from acne to prostitution. It’s a great catch all 😉

  3. I think this CIA budget decrease announcement may be a product of the ongoing turf war between the Pentagon and the CIA. Trump has been burned by the CIA/FBI/NSA I am sure he was delighted to go with a plan that cut the CIA budget and increases the military budget in Syria. The US currently has something like 10 military bases in Syria that supposedly are “temporary.”
    But bases or no bases here is no way Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey are going to allow a Kurdistan “nation” that takes territory from each of them, and there will be no value for a US/Israeli pipeline to a fragmented Kurdistan.
    There is no way that, “Trump cut the CIA budget and increased the Pentagon budget ’cause Russia wanted him to” makes sense. Time will sweep this story away, but they have Muller who is going to investigate all of Trump’s and Kurshner’s companies looking for Russians.
    IMO Trump should have left the top positions at the CIA, Justice and FBI empty and terminated anyone who was hired during the Obama admin. Only once he had cleaned house should he have recruited for the top posts but he missed his chance and now he will have to live through investigations without end. I just hope he stays in place, Pence will have us at war with the world.

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