Trump and Tillerson Look a Lot Like Obama and Hillary When it Comes to Their Neoliberal Color Revolution in Venezuela

by Scott Creighton

One of Donald Trump’s freedom fighters in Venezuela throwing a freedom fire bomb at local police.

Ask yourself this: who’s interests are fake lefties like Rachel Maddow really serving when they endlessly rant about made up “Russian collusion” conspiracy theories that are baseless and will eventually end up going no where? The answer might just surprise you.

President Trump (that’s a clue by the way), who once said on the campaign trail that the U.S. shouldn’t be in the business of telling other countries how to run their governments, has chimed in on the ongoing neoliberal color revolution in Venezuela. As expected, his campaign rhetoric is vastly different than his stated administration policy.

“The White House has threatened Venezuela with potential “strong and swift economic actions” if the country’s socialist government imposes a plan to rewrite the constitution and consolidate the ruling party’s power — a plan that more than 7 million people rejected in a vote over the weekend.

“Yesterday, the Venezuelan people again made clear that they stand for democracy, freedom, and rule of law,” the White House said in a statement on Monday evening. “Yet their strong and courageous actions continue to be ignored by a bad leader who dreams of becoming a dictator.”

Organizers said they hoped Sunday’s symbolic referendum would discourage President Nicolas Maduro’s planned national election on July 30 to pick a 545-member special assembly that would have the ability to build a new constitution.” Fox News July 17 2017

First of all, those “strong and courageous actions” he’s talking about basically include terrorism on the streets of local cities and towns as the regime change thugs burn 50 tons of emergency food provisions to keep people starving and desperate, bomb the Supreme Court building, loot and murder various officials and/or government supporters in hopes that they can create enough chaos, enough international headlines, so Big Brother America can justify getting involved even more than they already are. This is a formula for these kinds of “courageous actions” we have instigated across the world… most recently in Ukraine when the Soros faction hired neo-Nazis to do the same when their elected government decided to reject EU membership and were drifting closer and closer to a union with Russia.

As the Trump administration talks in the language of globalist double-speak like so many of it’s predecessors, fact is, these free-marketeers in Venezuela who have taken to the streets with violence are not anything close to a majority, they are just the angry, fascist, violent minority… and they operate in the full knowledge that nothing they do will be covered negatively by the international press since they are fascist as well.

7 million ballots cast in their ridiculous referendum this past weekend? Even if that number wasn’t a padded lie (which it most certainly is) here’s a little insight into the current population of Venezuela stands at about 32 million people according to this live monitoring source.

Even their padded opposition number is only something close to 22%. So if defending democracy and freedom were what this was all supposed to be about, looks like they lost.

The “7 million votes” number came from a hastily staged, unofficial “referendum” held by the opposition. They did it in order to cover for a dry-run referendum, an official one, held by the government of Venezuela. Its cover in that now the complicit neoliberal MSM can talk about the results of this ridiculous “vote” as opposed to the real results from the entire population.. not just regime change thugs, “centrist dems” and young republicans hoping they could make Venezuela safe for privatization opportunists again.

The unofficial vote Trump is referring to had no registration and very little if any oversight. And in fact, people were seen to be allowed to vote multiple times while ballot boxes were burned to prevent recounts.

But since this was an informal vote, with no register of eligible electors and only a rudimentary record of who voted and where these numbers are almost impossible to verify. At the end of the day, at least some of the opposition voting centers burned their ballot boxes, making any subsequent investigation equally impossible.

However, teleSUR journalists were able to carry out a simple test that suggested the real number of voters was probably less.

They accompanied a citizen who was registered to vote in the Valles del Tuy — a poor suburb on the outskirts of the capital — to the upscale opposition stronghold of eastern Caracas and recorded how he was able to vote multiple times with no problem.” TeleSur July 17

Several former neoliberal globalist world leaders from the area attended the phony referendum on Sunday and spoke in flowery terms about the fascist reforms they are looking to see slammed on the people of Venezuela. Here is a list of those who showed up in support of the “opposition” Donald Trump spoke so highly of:

  • Vicente Fox – “Newspaper columnists and television pundits debate it, politicians in the Congress argue over it and hundreds of thousands of workers have taken to the streets to protest and resist it. At issue is an attempt by President Vicente Fox and his Secretary of Labor, Carlos Abascal, together with their National Action Party (PAN) and Mexican business interests, to codify into law many of the most egregious aspects of Mexico’s notoriously corrupt system of labor relations. The labor law reform proposal, known as the Plan Abascal, forms part of a conservative business agenda aimed at the privatization of industry and social programs, all within the context of the broader neoliberal agenda represented by the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the recently agreed-upon Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America.” “The Clinton administration applauded Fox’s victory as “a triumph for democracy,”
  • Andres Pastrana – President of Columbia 1998-2002 – “In 1999, Colombia appealed to the IMF for a loan for the first time in its history. The Fund obliged with a three-year credit worth $2.7 billion and its customary mandate-a structural reform agenda of austere fiscal policies that includes measures to streamline the revenue sharing system, reform the public pension systems, and downsize the public sector… the Colombian state tightened its fiscal belt by cutting public spending-a move that hit the poorer segments of society the hardest...Most damaging to the average Colombian are the severe cutbacks in public investment in basic social services-health care, education and social security.
  • Laura Chinchilla – President of Chile 2010-2014 – “Laura Chinchilla’s political platform emphasized anti-crime legislation in response to Costa Rica’s growing concerns over safety. She is also expected to give continuity to the current government’s pro-free trade policies…In 2013, the Mexican opinion poll firm Consulta Mitofsky released a survey that placed Chinchilla as the least popular president in Latin America with a 13% approval rate
  • Miguel Angel Rodriguez – President of Costa Rica 1998-2002 – Sec. Gen. OAS for 1 month in 2004 – “Rodriguez is widely considered a believer in free enterprise and a pro-market politician, who favors market reforms and the opening of the economy to foreign investment.” failed at privatizing telecommunications in Costa Rica “but he was successful in reforming the retirement system (privatizing social security basically)” like most neoliberals, he was very corrupt and eventually sentenced to 5 years in prison for taking kick-backs from companies that wanted to profit from his neoliberal privatizations.

A gaggle of neoliberals, globalist swamp-dwellers pushing for reforms in someone else’s country that will cripple the poor and working classes while enriching a very few at the top of the Big Business pyramid in Venezuela. This is what neoliberalism does EVERYWHERE it goes and the presence of those sell-out apologists for neoliberal globalists makes clear the FACT that this fake “referendum” held by the opposition thugs in no way represents anything close to “democracy”

What are they so up in arms about anyway?

If you recall, the Obama administration jumped into action when Mohamed Morsi was trying to create a specifically anti-neoliberal constitution which would have prevented the kinds of economic reforms the IMF and neoliberal globalists love slamming on people around the world. They overthrew him to keep it from happening and installed a puppet dictator to make sure their greedy wishes were granted in Egypt. They did the same thing in Ukraine when the freely elected government of that country decided to reject EU membership and were in talks with the Russians about a new loan. That threatened not only the global banking cartel but also Royal Dutch Shell which had already invested 10 billion in developing new fracking fields right dead smack in the middle of the country. So that couldn’t be allowed.

Similarly, what’s at the heart of this new push to regime change Venezuela has nothing to do with the usual talking points they push when such things are done like “freedom and democracy” but instead, it centers on potential profits by the neoliberal profiteer class.

Venezuela wants to create something called the Constituent Assembly. Here’s how it will be broken down:

Freely elected representatives from all regions of the country along with representatives from various special interest groups like workers, farmers, students, the disabled and retired folks. Even local business owners will be there having a say in what happens in the country.

Our Big Business interests in Venezuela are beside themselves calling this “communism” and a “power grab by a dictator” as they try to rally their thugs to a full on rebellion in the streets.

Sure as hell looks like representative government to me.

And speaking of those Big Business interests… remember back when Hillary Clinton was selling influence as Sec. of State? Wanna read something interesting?

ExxonMobil awarded contracts to Guyana for infrastructure, drilling and storage with a view to extracting the huge oil and gas reserves from the so-called “Liza Project” located in maritime territory claimed by Venezuela as stipulated by the Geneva Agreement of 1966. In 2015 the first oil discovery in the area provoked a diplomatic conflict between the nations…

Recently teleSUR, citing the U.S. Geological Survey, informed that the area concentrated in the “Liza Project” is the second largest untapped oil fields in the world

In 2015, Rex Tillerson, the current U.S. secretary of state and former general manager of ExxonMobil, commented with joy to his shareholders that this well (Liza-1) was the largest found anywhere in the world that year, thus giving a strategic character to future projects of the U.S. oil company.

Geopolitical Urgency

The priority of this U.S. oil company to topple Venezuela is geopolitical and geo-economic, as a fundamental pillar of a new political, economic and financial configuration of the continent…” teleSUR

That’s right. President Trump’s first full-on regime change color revolution is centered around… oil. And Trump’s Big Business Sec. of State just happens to have his oily fingers all over it.

This is about regime change for profit. Not democracy. It’s about packing up all the out of work neoliberal technocrats, the Chicago Boys, the Harvard Boys, and shipping them down to Venezuela so they can re-write the constitution in their globalist image and chop up the nation, once and for all, to benefit Big Business interests across the Western world.

“Venezuela is in for regime change. Methods and tools – carefully chosen, calibrated, sequenced and timed – have been set in motion to yield the desired result. Domestic and external actors are moving in concert for the kill. It is the most serious effort at regime change since the failed military coup of 2002, which had ended in ignominy for the Opposition and a setback to the United States.” The Statesman

Blood is in the water and the sharks are circling. They feel it’s their time to finally get their teeth back into a victim they lost control over in ’98 when Hugo Chavez came to power riding a wave of real populism… not the fake shit Donald Trump pretended to be about during his campaign.

While the fake left continues to make up fake Russian “collaboration” news on an hourly basis, President Trump is enjoying the distraction they are providing him. He bombs civilians at a record pace in Syria and Iraq. He attacks Syrian soldiers and pilots alike. He pushes for repeals of Obama regulations keeping Wall Street from acting in opposition to the best interests of their own clients… and he’s steadily moving forward with his own neoliberal regime change operation in Venezuela.

President Peace Prize enjoyed a different kind of left cover. The kind that had his desperate followers believing no Democrat could ever be a neoliberal neocon in disguise.

Now, today, the corporate left is providing the Duke of Orange a different form of cover. But they are doing it for the same reason. You think Hillary and her clan of degenerates don’t want to see Venezuela chopped up and sold off on the auction block to her Big Business cronies just like Trump does?

Trump and Tillerson are nothing more than a continuation of Obama and Hillary which was nothing more than a continuation of Bush and Rice and Clinton and Albright.

It’s not called the Washington Consensus for nothing folks.

Please help keep AE up and running if you can.

BECAUSE: “A properly functioning democracy depends on an informed electorate“

Thank you all so much

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26 Responses

  1. “What did you expect?” my wife asked me when I voted for Donald. “I didn’t want Hillary.” I said.

    Guess what…

    • Trump is fast becoming all sorts of criminal at this point, but I said it before and I will say it again “The difference between Trump and Killary in Nov. of 2016 was she was already a criminal who should have been behind bars whereas Trump wasn’t yet.” So, you made the best choice available at the time.

      • Thanks, Scott

        If it ever comes to prison for their kind, it might help them to know it would be a long and solitary confinement. Deterrent, with some teeth, might give those with similar ambitions something to consider.

      • re: “Trump is fast becoming all sorts of criminal at this point…”
        absolutely. tho he was not yet a criminal in november (as far as i know), i could not bring myself to vote for him, he being so pro-zionist. i’m still wondering how he won the election, however. dissension among the powers that be and/or computer vote riggers? or did trump have better vote riggers? or what? i still like that he intro’d “fake news” into the mainstream, and also mainstreamed the concept of vote rigging (tho not in the right way), both of which may have started the awakening of some of the somnambulistic population. and i will say this for trump–he is the most unabashed hypocrite of all time. wondering if the generals read him the riot act soon after he was sworn in, or if he was just a planted piece of rubbish all along.

  2. I was waiting for a new article that was related to an idea I had some time ago, but I’ll put it out there now. I’m sure smarter people than me have thought of these things in similar ways. Basically how to bring down the system through non-violent revolution (if possible).

    5 steps to take;

    Every citizen in the US and/or world.

    1. Everyone buy enough necessities like food, water, medicine etc. to last months or to an indefinte period of time.

    2. Everyone who is about to be evicted or have no power etc. and cannot stay at a friends or familys home during these steps. Then pay the necessary bills.

    3. Everyone withdraw all of their money from their bank accounts, investments, savings etc. everything. And stash it all in their homes.

    4. Everyone stay home and do Not go to work, like being on strike/protest, but in the safety of their homes for a indefinte period of time of no labor produced.

    5. Everyone together must Stop shopping, spending, buying etc. for a indefinte period of time of no purchases/consuming.

    I reaaly think this is something that would hit them where it hurts them greatly. And I know not absoultely everyone could participate under their own certain circumstances. But if Enough people did this in unison. We wouldn’t need everyone. Hopefull people would help others in emergency care and things like that for free during this revolution out of kindness and humanitarianism and not be intimidated by higher-ups.

    • Thanks :). And I apologize for any grammar errors. I do think this would work.

    • how to organize “everyone?”

      • I figure when things get really bad enough, people tell others over the internet, to friends of friends, colleagues etc. You know the idea of all those steps I wrote for example that would be preferred over violent confrontation with the police and military. It’s just that I think people don’t think there are viable options to go against their own government without an utter mess like venezuela for a recent example and maybe that is not true.

        People are really to complacent but when the financial elite manafucture economic crisis like 2008 the sky is falling. I say we do what they to us almost every decade or two with the recessions etc. They where bailed out, not the people.

        But to really get everyone to do this all together would be really hard. The US government does it all time to other countries overthrowing democratically elected goverments through those false people movements started by a handful of people/puppeteers.

        So maybe it wouldn’t be too hard for a true revolution when it is desperatly needed and no one really has to die. A financial war turned on them, instead of the other way around.

        I can’t imagine riot police going into people’s homes wacking them for not going to working and not spending, cause if so, it’s well already been too late.

        • insanity123,
          you are indeed very optimistic. as i see it, “we the people” are asleep at the wheel. i have tried, but given up, trying to awaken them. the effort appears hopeless to me. i love to be right, but would love even more to be proven wrong in this instance. good luck in your endeavor.

          • Yeap, thanks. I like to know about this stuff. But I also want to hear soultions of any kind. Otherwise it be pointless I guess.

        • Spread the word.
          People will have to do the rest.
          It can’t be forced, or manipulated into.
          I guess things have to be really bad sadly.

          I know opposition with like media blackouts will be everywhere and make it hard. The internet is a double edged sword. And the question of how oppressive the USG has gotten by the time, this kind of revolution could actually happen. In my opinion I really do like the idea of a protest from within the home on a mass scale.

          It’s that or the cliched co-opted protests/movements that don’t do anything in 2017.

          • General strikes actually seem to have a good record of success. The secret is to deny the parasites money, power and respect, which are the only things they care about.

            • general strikes and prolonged occupations of important locations, like Wall Street for example. the best, most effective, non-violent means to bring about real change.

              • I remember my naïve dad constantly harping on “This is what happens when you attempt communism”, “Chavez is nationalizing everything! There’s no private property anymore!’, “He is persecuting the businessmen”, and “Venezuela is dying” for the past decade. How can I snap him out of the MSM brainwashing, and also convince him of facts like Hugo initially opting for a ‘third way” or the increased representation of small business and community organizations?

  3. My comment was eaten by wordpress?

  4. From the 7 million votes, we now know that some people voted 17 times. A 10 year old was seen voting in one of the voting tents.
    The opposition counted three votes for every bolletin, as each bolletin had three questions. The null votes were given in favor of the referendum.
    According to a new video transmitted by Jorge Rodríguez in one of the localities of Venezuela, one of the delegates not knowing for sure if the count had been of 340 thousand or 390, gave like certain more 50 thousand votes. So all this seems to have been a huge electoral farce, to pretend that this opposition is democratic and better to govern the country.

  5. Hopefully Russia may tip the scales and Russia’s possible involvement in the oil fields may have given wings to the US push for a new world order for Venezuela. This story was on RT in May, here’s to hope:
    “”We are ready, all the documents have already been signed, and very soon Russia will supply Venezuela with 60,000 tons of wheat per month on a regular basis starting from this year,” Maduro said. He added five enterprises to assemble Russian trucks would start soon in Venezuela.Maduro and Putin discussed strategic partnership and the implementation of mutually beneficial projects.

    • I did not know that. thank you.

      • Life could get interesting for the US of Exxon if Qatar and Venezuela are rescued by the much reviled evil triad of Russia, Iran and China. And did you see that Iraq and Turkey spent some large sums on Russian military equipment, S-400s in Turkey’s case. Stay tuned:)

  6. The neoliberal elite have been using this playbook since Chile. This elite is now pretty much global and the only thing they squabble about is how the loot is going to be divided up (G20). It is utterly disgusting.

    • they are a virus aren’t they? not “like” a virus. they are a virus.

      • I’m going to have to step in and speak up for the viruses here. To liken these toxic elites to viruses is a big insult…to viruses. If we take biological reality into account, most of them are decent, free-living organisms that don’t hurt anyone. Some of them have even become domesticated and settled into our genome as part of our genetic legacy. Some viruses (like bacteriophages and virophages), actually help our immune system defend itself from parasites and other nefarious biological invaders. I don’t quite know what I’d call these “worse than radioactive toxic waste” elites (I wouldn’t even call them crap, because at least crap can be recycled as fertilizer, and I don’t think these people have any good use at all), but they certainly don’t deserve the honor of being called viruses. Just my 2 cents.

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