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  1. The Clinton body count, that stretches from Arkansas to DC to New York, continues to grow.

    The banksters, like Satan, takes care of their own, so we will never see the Clinton Mob heads, Billy Boy and the Killer Queen, ever in court to answer for their multitude of crimes.

  2. Thought on this video:
    Scott, you’ve made yourself one of the only precious few analysts worth following. If I had money I’d not only support you but hire you a food taster and some body guards…

  3. Now to the video…justice to me would be to expropriate the Clintons, their extended family and all the sharks associated with the Clinton Foundations and to place the Clintons for the rest of their lives in forced domicile in a Haiti slum. I’d only allow her the medications she needs so she could live there and enjoy the local comforts for as long as possible. I’d also have her well guarded to prevent the Haitians from shortening her stay among the barely living.

    • the Haitians would do that. Make sure she lasts a long time. Especially if we make her their slave. Pay her 38 cents an hour and then deduct money for her health insurance. take her stolen billions and give it back to the Haitian folks she and Billy boy stole it from in the first place. that would be justice. chances are we ain’t seeing anything like that. ever.

      • Imagine the extra slave years they could get out of her with some of that zombie-creating voodoo originally used for just that purpose!

  4. Childtrafficker Laura Silsby was caught in childtrafficking (33 kids from Haiti). Bill C. managed to reduce her sentence.

    Laura S. is now working for AlertSense a company that issues Amber alerts in kids kidnapping events. Btw no Amberalerts in case of black kids missing.

    The actions of Hillary and Bill C. left traces on their faces. Check out:

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