Former Clinton Advisor Wants to Bomb Russia Over “Russian Interference” Lie (AE video)

by Scott Creighton

This past Wednesday night on CNN Paul Begala, former advisor to Bill Clinton, said we should “bomb the KGB or GRU” in Russia as a response to their “attack” on our democracy.

(links below fold)

original CNN video

my article Former Clinton Aid Says We Should “Blow Up” Russian Targets Over 20 Minute “Nothing Burger” Meeting

my article The Method to Their Madness: Deconstructing the Washington Post’s “why Russia is a hostile power” Op Ed

Paul Begala Wiki page

my previous video on this subject Did Fusion GPS (contracted by Clinton Campaign) Set Up Donald Trump Jr.?

3 Responses

  1. Morning Scott, yes things are getting very strange indeed. If you haven’t come across this woman’s work yet however, this might lighten the angst a bit.

  2. I know that cat has something important to say, but … I’m having a hard time paying attention to what she’s saying … LOL

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