Donald Jr./ Russia narraive DESTROYED! Obama illegally Spied on Trump (Truth Factory video)

H/T Julian

(One point of contention I have with this is that she says the Magnitsky Act had nothing to do with this. I don’t think that is true. Natalia said she was there to talk about that with Trump Jr. She said she knew nothing about dirt on Clinton. Clinton opposed the Magnisky act back in 2012. Was asked by Lavrov to help derail it. Then, Bill goes to Russia and does a Q&A for some bank that also wants the Magnitsky act stopped and gets paid a cool half million dollars for answering a couple questions. Natalia was in D.C. still pushing for the repeal of the Magnitsky act, the Obama/Clinton State Department (yes I know she was “gone” by then) gave her special permission to be here with no visa so she could lobby for it’s repeal. So yes, the Magnitsky Act has a good deal to do with this event. I think Rob Goldstone lied to Trump Jr and lied to Natalia in order to set up this “suspicious looking” meeting so it could be leaked later and used to embarrass Trump. In all likelyhood, they hoped Trump Sr. would show up at the meeting and when he didn’t, they figured it’s usefulness as an October Surprise didn’t rise to the level of usefulness as opposed to the potential of people remembering Bill C. took 1/2 million bucks for Hillary to use State Department position opposing the act back in 2012. But aside from that, great work by this cat.)

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  1. Hi Willy
    Just wanted you to know I’ve done a large post integrating the work of Sarah Abed and yourself into one read with relinks back to just 11 previous posts regarding the PKK Kurds creation of greater kurdistan aka Israel 2.0 and all that entails (didn’t want to get too overwhelming)
    I let Sarah Abed know about your blog and your work too
    You will find everything linked in the post below

    Sarah is published at Mint Press and is being harassed by vested interests for her work- Not a surprise
    check it all out Scott!
    Apologies for the off topic

  2. That is a very well done video, thanks!
    I think that re the “Trump=Russia story most of America, minus those radically anti-Trump, is at the point of, “NANANANANANA, I can’t hear you.” I am far more concerned with what Congress is doing or not doing while all this white noise is happening.
    Thanks again!

  3. […] Donald Jr./ Russia narraive DESTROYED! Obama illegally Spied on Trump (Truth Factory video) […]

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