The Method to Their Madness: Deconstructing the Washington Post’s “why Russia is a hostile power” Op Ed

by Scott Creighton

As Russiaphobic rhetoric heats up in congress and the Deep State controlled media on both sides of the artificial political divide worship enthusiastically at the alter of New McCarthyism, we have to ask ourselves: what exactly makes Russia a “hostile power” to the United States and her precious “national interests”?

Retired US Lt Col Ralph Peters on Tucker Carlson show July 11, 2017 stated his beliefs:

  • Russia is not fighting ISIS, but bombing the democracy loving US backed “moderate rebels” (aka AL Qaeda and Al Nusra) in Syria.
  • “Russians are terrorists.”
  • “Vladimir Putin hates us [the United States].”
  • “He [Putin] is malevolent. He is as close to pure evil as I can find. He is also brilliant.”
  • “He [Putin] is a killer.”
  • “Putin is Hitler.”
  • Tucker Carlson “is Charles Lindberg in 1938.”
  • “Putin is as bad as Hitler” and “he hates America.”
  • Syria is better off broken apart (and given to the Kurds)
  • believes Iraq should have been broken apart

The next day Tucker had neocon war-monger Max Boot on his show to explain why in fact he thinks Russia and Putin are “hostile powers” and he said:

  • “Russia and Putin are the #1 geopolitical threats we face”
  • “I am disturbed when I see you yucking it up over Putin interfering in our elections”
  • “Even more disturbing is you don’t think it is disturbing”
  • “You supported the invasion of Iraq too”
  • “When I was growing up, Ronald Reagan warned about the evil empire”
  • “You seem to be a cheerleader for allowing Russia and Iran doing anything they want in Syria”

Clearly the Russiaphobia bug hasn’t been contained on the fake-left side of America’s Business Party. Sen. McCain and Lindsey Graham are regulars now on “progressive” leaning propaganda outlets like CNN and MSNBC, being featured more than Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren actually.

And of course we know the unDemocratic Party invented the Russia hacking story a long time ago at the behest of John Podesta and Hillary Clinton in an effort to cover-up DNC hacking, Clinton’s missing emails from her illegal server and her stunning loss to a reality TV star back in November.

Today, propagandists like Rachel Maddow spend every overpaid minute of their “news” shows ranting about Russia. Rachel’s Twitter feed is focused entirely on manufacturing anti-Russia narratives of one sort or another. Anything that will stick she posts and reTweets until it’s debunked and she is forced to move on to another fake news story. She is like CNN in that way.

Cenk Uyger of the Young Turks is the exact same. In the wake of the Donald Trump Jr. email story, Cenk accused the man of treason in two separate segments, here and here.

Cenk is nothing more than an ignorant sycophant so it’s understandable that he fails to grasp the simple basics of the DT Jr. story or the definition of “treason” for that matter since it states you have to be actually engaged in a war with the enemy you are accused of aiding and abetting to be charged with it. Seems Cenk doesn’t know the difference between “war” and “propaganda”. His focus is on endearing himself to the establishment fake-left of America’s One Party, Business Party, fascist system and he doesn’t care how ignorant he appears while doing it because he figures his audience is even more ignorant than he is.

The much ado about nothing across the media and political landscape here in America when it comes to Russia and Putin would seem to be cut and dry at this point, if you don’t dig deeper than a scratch to obtain your news these days. Russia hacked the DNC and Podesta (according to the complicit media AS WELL AS fake progressives like Cenk and even Jimmy Dore for that matter), they hacked the voter registration files, sent bots out to important key states in the election to sway voters with “lies” about Hillary and they have some dirt on President Trump which they apparently blackmail him with on a daily basis… thus FORCING the Duke of Orange to shake hands with the devil himself last week at the G20 summit.

Clearly, according to the group think of the day, the cease fire agreement Trump signed between the Russians and the Syrians and the U.S. is a product of that blackmail. What else could be behind it?

Of course, all of that is complete bunk.

  • Guccifer hacked Hillary’s illegal email server
  • Guccifer 2.0 (probably NSA) hacked DNC server and the Clinton Foundation
  • John Podesta’s emails were also hacked by NSA assets who left behind fingerprints of Fancy Bear to implicate Russia
  • voter registration files were hacked by DHS
  • the “bots” spreading true stories about Hillary’s corruption were actually people practicing their freedom of expression
  • and the blackmail material supposedly held by Russia includes and is limited to ridiculous stories about Trump and hookers and golden showers and him going to the bathroom to yell “I hate black people” to no one (this intel provided by a British source on the payroll of the Clinton campaign)

So what really makes Russia a “hostile power” as far as the United States is concerned?

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