Rob Goldstone, man at the heart of the DT Jr. Smoking Gun, Sings Andy Pandy

Would you take a meeting with this guy if your dad just won the Republican nomination to become president?

WTF is going on? This is turning into a freaking circus.

Did Fusion GPS (contracted by Clinton Campaign) Set Up Donald Trump Jr.? (AE video)

UPDATE: Something I didn’t mention in the video is the fact that Natalia Veselnitskaya had been prohibited from entering the U.S. due to her lobbying in the past to overturn sanctions the U.S. put on Russia. In fact, she was denied entry into the U.S. in January of 2016, just a few months before this meeting. Yet SOMEHOW she was granted entry, into the U.S., FOR THIS MEETING… by the Obama administration. A very important detail I knew prior to making the video, but neglected to mention. Sorry, my bad.

“Veselnitskaya’s visa for U.S. entry was denied, but she received special permission — in what is known as a “parole letter” — to come to New York specifically to defend Prevezon and Katsyv. She said in a court statement, however, that when she tried to reenter the United States, she was detained at London’s Heathrow Airport and “unjustifiably subjected to a strip search, for no apparent reason.” She eventually received permission to come to the United States to continue her work for Prevezon.

That set the stage for Veselnitskaya to be in New York City in June 2016, where a hearing related to Prevezon case was being held in federal court. (Prevezon paid $6 million to settle the case in May; Reuters reported that Prevezon said it was a victory because no guilt was declared and the amount was far less than initially sought by the U.S. government.) While Veselnitskaya was in the city, she had an opportunity to try to get her message against the Magnitsky Act to the Trump campaign” Washington Post

Veselnitskaya did not testify at the Prevezon hearing. She later attended a House investigation hearing where the witness was Hillary’s regime change specialist former U.S. ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul. She sat behind him. In short, aside from attending the viewing of a short film about reversing some sanctions, Veselnitskaya had no OFFICIAL business to conduct here in the U.S…. yet, her visa was cleared by the Obama administration so she could SOMETHING. Gee, I wonder what that was.

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