So Much Freedom to Spread: I Can’t Believe It’s Not War Crimes!

by Randy Shields, CounterPunch June 30, 2017

… The real action in Syria has never been ISIS or the “Free Syrian Army” — these are the two stalking horse CIA proxies for the Greater Kurdistan project which would border four countries that American and Israel wish to balkanize: Iraq, Iran, Syria and Turkey. We in the West have been well-prepared for many years about the gay-positive and woman-liberating peaceable Kurds. Less well known is their ethnic cleansing of Sunni Arabs in the territories that they conquer, including threats, intimidation, murder, looting and the burning down of houses, partying like it’s 1948 Palestine. Turkey has been beautifully demonized — so easy to do with Gollum leading it — and any terrorism committed against it by Kurdish groups is either disputed, minimized or not recognized at all by the mainstream media. The Kurds need to reconcile with all governments in the region because they are fast approaching their insane umpteenth betrayal by the United States. And some Kurdish leaders are now turning against the partitioning of Syria.

Assad said he would take back every inch of Syria for a very good reason: Syria, Iran, Hezbollah, Iraq and Turkey understand that if Syria is partitioned there will be American military bases in a Kurdistan or a Wahhabistan or both. And these bases will be used as terrorist havens to fuck over the people in the region every day of their lives for the benefit of the US and Israel. The Syrian people haven’t fought and died for that abomination to triumph. The one thing the destruction of Iraq, Libya and Syria have demonstrated is that, no matter how lousy the present is, neocon “dreams” can make the future infinitely worse…

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3 Responses

  1. He makes a very good point; payback is painful and he is right I think in saying that once the dollar is no longer the uber currency the US will face a plethora of countries eager to drag it into a World Court for war crimes.

  2. Just posted this at MoA:
    To the list of the many wise voices who saw the Syrian “revolution” for what it was from the get-go, I would suggest adding

    Posted by: frances | July 10, 2017 at 01:39 PM

  3. I went and read the piece from Moon of Alabama, and quite honestly, it made me chuckle- B is so very sycophantic- The very first person, to my knowledge who saw the Syrian Revolution coming and wrote about it was me-

    Thursday, March 24, 2011
    Western backed Social Media “revolution” coming to Syria

    B is very, very aware of this. As my work used to be regularly linked there by some of his readers that don’t go there any more-
    However, people like Scott and I don’t count- Because we are the little people on line- and B prefers to grovel to the bigger players and/or ban those whose opinion he does not approve of- (mine)

    B has never discussed the destabilization of Syria in the terms of annexing territory to either completely balkanize or federalize Syria with the goal of reshaping the entire region- particularly with the creation of Greater Kurdistan aka Israel 2.0 as a goal.

    B actually extolled the virtues of the Kurds as did 21st century wire as the most effective fighting force against ISIS- along with the nonsense of them being secular – As opposed to fanatical, criminal, Sunni fanatics either choosing to pretend or obfuscating that Kurds and ISIS aren’t actually two arms on the same monster- It’s absurd.

    And he chastizes Blumenthal? Blumenthal and B are two obfuscators of different flavours- but still obfuscators none the less.

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