The Big Lie: Mark Penn on How to “Fix” the unDemocratic Party

by Scott Creighton

Adolf Hitler: “The great masses will more easily fall victim to a big lie than to a small one”

Back in November of 2010, former Clinton administration advisor and former Hillary campaign advisor Mark Penn said what then president Barack Obama needed was a “right moment” like Bill Clinton had in the wake of the Oklahoma City bombing to bring the people back to him and help his sagging poll numbers. Six months later, Barack and Hillary sat around in a clearly staged meeting watching a live feed of Seal Team 6 pretend to capture and execute Osama bin Laden.

Here are a few more of Mark Penn’s career highlights:

Mark Penn is more than just a repeat loser when it comes to elections: he’s a heartless, opportunistic neoliberal fake-Dem who’s sole purpose is to help other fake-Dems “move” the unDemocratic Party further and further to the full on fascist Right which they call “centrist”

As if you couldn’t see this coming and as Lee Fang pointed out the other day in an article posted at the Intercept, Mark… wait for it… WAIT for it…. “invests in Republican advocacy firms — and profits from the electoral defeat of Democrats.”

“In March, Penn’s investment firm Stagwell Media LLC announced that it had acquired a minority stake in Targeted Victory, a major Republican digital consulting company. Targeted Victory, founded by personnel from Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign, was provided consulting services for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. More recently, following Penn’s investment in the firm, Targeted Victory assisted Republican Karen Handel in her successful campaign against Democrat Jon Ossoff in the Georgia special election last month.” Lee Fang

Not surprisingly, Mark Penn has gotten together with one Andrew Stein to scribble a little Op-Ed for the New York Times on how the unDemocratic Party needs to fix itself… by moving further to the “center” and go full-on neoliberal fascist as a response to their flailing popularity ratings.

“The path back to power for the Democratic Party today, as it was in the 1990s, is unquestionably to move to the center and reject the siren calls of the left, whose policies and ideas have weakened the party.” Mark Penn, Andrew Stein New York Times 7/06/217

You know (who or what) Mark Penn is. How about Andrew Stein? He’s a Democrat as well right? Democrat in name maybe… like Penn… and Clinton… and Obama… and Pelosi… and Schumer… you get the picture. Stein was married to Lynn Forester de Rothschild for 10 years from 1983–1993. Yep. He was a Rothschild by marriage. In 2011, Stein was convicted of tax evasion in a money laundering scheme. And he dated Ann Coulter.

According to Penn and Stein, what the unDemocratic Party needs is to go back to it’s sell-out neoliberal roots, the ones woven in the tapestry of American politics back in the good old days of Bill Clinton in the 90s when he was “compromising” with the reactionary Right and selling out progressive institutions like he was getting paid for it. Oh wait, he was getting paid for it.

“After years of leftward drift by the Democrats culminated in Republican control of the House under Speaker Newt Gingrich, President Bill Clinton moved the party back to the center in 1995 by supporting a balanced budget, welfare reform, a crime bill that called for providing 100,000 new police officers and a step-by-step approach to broadening health care. Mr. Clinton won a resounding re-election victory in 1996 and Democrats were back.” Mark Penn, Andrew Stein New York Times 7/06/217

Welfare reform gutted that social safety net program and forced tens of thousands of single mothers to work for free for Big Business. The crime bill Mark and Andy seem to like so much increased the populations of prisons across the country and opened them up to privatization… again, so Big Business could make a profit off sticking poor people in prison for as long as possible. And the “healthcare” program he was “broadening”… well, we all see how that morphed into Obama’s version of RomneyCare complete with the unconstitutional mandate and huge profit margins for… you guessed it… Big Business.

This screed they published is so full of WRONG it’s hard to follow. They say that the leftward shift of the Sanders campaign is what caused the loss of over a thousand unDemocratic Party seats when that CLEARLY started years before Sanders even ran. They say the loss of the white working class was because the party DIDN’T GO FAR ENOUGH TO THE REACTIONARY RIGHT in terms of backing the very trade deals EVERYONE FROM SANDERS SUPPORTERS AND TRUMP SUPPORTERS OPPOSED 100%.

Check out this part where they claim all the party needs to win back supporters is to go full on neoliberal:

“There are plenty of good issues Democrats should be championing. They need to reject socialist ideas and adopt an agenda of renewed growth, greater protection for American workers and a return to fiscal responsibility. While the old brick-and-mortar economy is being regulated to death…” Mark Penn, Andrew Stein New York Times 7/06/217

Those “socialist ideas” are what make Bernie Sanders (for what he’s worth) the most popular political figure in America today. Medicare for all is supported by 60% of the country and those same “socialist ideas” were also hugely supported by Trump voters as he promised over and over again to never touch Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. He also promised to leave the VA alone and not to privatize it. Of course, he was lying, but the fact is, these “socialist ideas” are popular… and Mark and Andy know it all too well.

This idea, this plan of theirs to do away with progressiveness once and for all, isn’t a new one. It’s been around for a while. Started with the Lewis Powell Memo of 1971 to be exact. You guys should read that. It’s pretty important actually. I’ve been writing about it for years and just the other day I saw a talk between Chomsky and Hedges and they mentioned it as well. So, check that out if you can find it.

Check that out because it goes to the heart of what is happening here.

“For every blue-collar Democrat we lose in western Pennsylvania, we will pick up two moderate Republicans in the suburbs in Philadelphia, and you can repeat that in Ohio and Illinois and Wisconsin.” Chuck Schumer July 2016

The truth is, had the Clinton people and the DNC not colluded to steal the nomination from Bernie Sanders supporters, Donald Trump would not be president because Bernie and his “socialist ideas” actually won the nomination handily. Clinton wouldn’t have even been close without the unprecedented levels of election rigging they had to pull off for her to “win” the nomination.

And the “socialist ideas” of Trump clearly won over the “centrist” ideas of folks like Jeb Bush and the rest of that gaggle of neocon/neoliberal also-rans on the Republican side.

Bernie is the most popular figure in American politics while our Washington Consensus, neoliberal congress flirts with an approval rating somewhere below that of slime mold.

Across the world populism and socialism are on the rise and that gives folks like the corrupt Mark Penn and Andrew a lot to worry about.

In California they would have single payer right now if some corrupt, bought out fake Dem didn’t kill it. They would have a progressive DNC head right now if they didn’t rig the voting with “super delegates” and hand the job over to a Big Pharma lobbyist.

Hillary Clinton, who represents the pinnacle of bought-off fake-Dems is one of the most disliked political figures in our country right now and she is disliked SPECIFICALLY because she’s a neoliberal centrist sellout… who represents exactly what these two slimeballs suggest the party should become.

Why would they write this? Why would the Times, a neoliberal rag designed to manufacture consent, publish it?

There are two answers to that question.

One tracks back to Lee Fang’s outstanding (yet incomplete) article and that is, Mark Penn stands to profit from the future failure of the unDemocratic Party and in fact, he might actually be considered a sort of lobbyist or contractor for the major Republican digital consulting company Targeted Victory, since now he’s part owner of it.

The other reason, I think, harkens back to a simpler time in American history but one that is certainly relevant in terms of the New McCarthyism and the Red Baiting going on now… in the unDemocratic Party especially:

The Big Lie was a 1951 anti-communist propaganda film produced by the US Army. It begins with the quote by Adolf Hitler: “The great masses will more easily fall victim to a big lie than to a small one” and likens the Communist regimes of the Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, China and North Korea to the former Nazi regime.

It then exposes the creation of Kremlin-controlled puppet regimes in those countries, describing how the people were “sold out.” Consistent with American thinking of the time, the People’s Republic of China is also described as a Soviet puppet state, although it never was an actual Soviet puppet. Footage of marching is shown for each of the satellite states.

Imagery goes back and forth between Nazi and communist themes in an attempt to link the two ideologies and persuade the still-reeling public that communism was as dangerous as Nazism.

The final part of the film attacks peace movements linked to the Communists, contrasting their rhetoric with the realities of Communist warmongering in Greece, Indochina, Korea and China. The concluding slogan is “Beware the big lie! Beware the dove that goes BOOM!” It shows a cartoon – first used by the French anti-communist group Paix et Liberté – of a dove metamorphosing into a Soviet tank – its wings have become tank treads, and its head is a tank turret.[1]

Here is the film:

It’s easier to get the masses to believe a big lie than it is to get them to swallow a smaller one.

In this case, the Big Lie is that socialist ideas are more dangerous to the unDemocratic Party than fascist ones are. That peace activists, water protectors, single payer advocates, privatization opponents, union organizers, anti-war activists, globalization opponents, civil rights activists and all the other sorted socialist-leaning real progressives are the real threat to the party, not corrupt bought-off neocon war-mongers like Hillary Clinton for instance.

That’s the Big Lie and it’s a true sign of real desperation in the globalist left.

They were forced after this past election to take a hard look at where they were and what they saw was… they were losing. They had failed to turn progressives into Right of Reagan “centrists” and now they have a choice to make: follow the will of the people or double down on their Lewis Powell Memo directive and try to shove us into their corporatist, fascist, “centrist” mold.

And we can see from California all the way to the Op Ed pages of the New York Times which direction they chose to go.

It will fail.

Penn and Stein’s ridiculous screed is being lambasted across the interwebs. Lee Fang’s tepid critique pales in comparison to others out there that are far more vicious in their attack on Mark Penn’s attack on the real left in America.

The Big Lie here is as obvious as it can be and that is that progressive ideology is losing ground. It isn’t.

The “centrists” are corrupt to the core. Devoid of conscience. Hollow. Duplicitous. Selfish. Liars. Scoundrels. Criminals who would, in any sane society, be banished or imprisoned without a moment’s hesitation. Like Penn, Stein and their hero Hillary, they are the worst our country has to offer… and this undeniable fact is self evident to any and all who choose to see it.

There is not one single solitary “centrist” Dem who could stand a moment of pure transparency. From Cory Booker to Nancy Pelosi to Tom Perez, not a single one of them is without stain and the base of the Democratic Party sees it, understands it and abhors it.

Mark Penn says we need another Bill Clinton to lead us into the next promised land of unDemocratic Party success and there is absolutely nothing hidden in that message. The corrupt “centrists” certainly believe that. They need another fake Dem who can pass as a progressive like Bill did, like Obama did, to fool us silly socialists once again, so they can ride to D.C. and start cashing in on the sell-out gravy train.

It’s the only honest thing in Mark’s entire Op Ed.

It’s sad too see how the mighty have fallen, isn’t it? He’s practically begging progressives to abandon their ideals so he and his friends can feel relevant again. Can get paid again.

Yeah, they need something alright. Their masters at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce are going to start losing patience with them pretty soon and come up with a new plan to appease the ghost of Lewis Powell in their ongoing journey to Make America Fascist Again. Folks like that don’t suffer failures for very long.

In 2010 I wrote something that I want to leave you with because as the latest election showed, I was right. I was right then just as I am now. The Big Lie is a lie and we see it, we all see it. So I guess Adolf and his disciples got that one wrong as well.

Thanks to the work of the neoliberals and the “centrists” who have been in charge for the past 30 years or so, America already has the lowest standard of living of any Westernised democracy on the planet. If you don’t believe me, look it up.

We work like dogs and live like slaves as the wealthy just keep getting richer and both main parties keep handing them more and more and more of what is rightfully ours. While once we were the beacon to the rest of the world as they struggled for their independence, we are now the laughing-stock of every true revolutionary thinker on the planet because we are a nation of beggars to our own demise.

But that will change.

Let the scumbags panic. Let em squirm. Let em call for more terrorist attacks in Oklahoma to bolster their precious poll numbers. Adolf used false flags as well don’t ya know.

Let em panic and beg it will do em no good. They’re the apostles for a New Mammon Dawn and we reject it as we reject them… and they know it. The neoliberal New World Order they dreamed of isn’t dying… it’s already dead.

And there isn’t a damn thing they can do about it.

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Thank you all so much

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11 Responses

  1. OK
    hope you are right!

  2. For anyone contemplating a home-school class about the true history of the US over the last century, Smedley Butler’s “War is a Racket” and the Powell Memo would be two really good places to start. Hopefully both works are spreading like wildfire around the world as people are waking up.

    • I would add The People’s History of the United States (Zinn) and Shock Doctrine (Klein) though I’m not such a fan of Naomi’s anymore.

  3. Work like a dog and live like a slave, I know how to do that. When it comes to them, they won’t.

    What then for them?

  4. The left is slowly reawakening I think. These ‘centrists’ have been copping a battering in social media at least.
    Corbyn’s rise against seemingly insurmountable opposition has been most pleasing.
    Neither Bernie nor Corbyn in and of themselves represent any great hope, but their (continued) popularity does in my opinion.

    • Better to think of it as the slumbering 60% and not use outdated and divisive terms like “left awakening”, which only scares so-call righties who fear the “left”. Instead see the huge 60% majority, including half of self-identified dems and reps, for what it is: a group of people unified in supporing reduced wealth inequality, reduced foreign intervention, appropriate food labeling and food, air and water safety, universal health care and an untouchable non-privatized SS system. While there is definitely a ‘butter not guns” tilt to the left on some issues, these are SHARED values at this point so lets not try to demarcate them behind left, right, dem or rep. In fact, we should condemn those who do, as they seek to block progress and unity.

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