To Block Out the Sun: Trump’s Neocon War-mongers and the Deep State’s Mockingbirds are Building a New North Korean Aggression Mythology

by Scott Creighton

The North Wind and the Sun is one of Aesop’s FablesThe moral it teaches is about the superiority of persuasion over force.

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The breathless Mockingbirds are gasping that we have “few good options” when it comes to dealing with this new, manufactured panic over North Korea and their testing of a satellite deployment system (yes trolls, that is what it was) Of course, that’s because the best option is unthinkable: letting the South Korean people led by their new president reunify with the people of the north and bring a lasting peace to the region. That option is simply “off the table” and our leaders, our military, our glorious intelligence assets and their mouthpieces in the Mockingbird press will do ANYTHING they can to make sure peace never comes to the Korean peninsula.

While President Trump is in Poland dutifully reading his scripted “get tough on North Korea” messages in front of cameras, back here in the states the Mockingbird press are doing the same thing. The 5 Eyes marketing networks like CNN, Fox, MSNBC and all the rest are steadily building the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) into some sort of junior Cold War boogieman while they endlessly repeat whatever fabrication they are fed from behind the scenes by their military advisors and CIA spooks (most of whom now work for companies like the ones who make the Terminal High Altitude Area Device (THAAD) including Lockheed Martin Space Systems acting as prime contractor with key contributing subcontractors including (but not limited to) Raytheon, Boeing, Aerojet Rocketdyne, Honeywell, BAE Systems, Oshkosh Defense, MiltonCAT and Oliver Capital Consortium)

While the president is overseas these Modern-day Mockingbird assets spend most of their time either fear-mongering over the situation in North Korea to push that agenda or, oddly enough, they are endlessly expressing what THEY say the president SHOULD say about Russia while addressing the press. It couldn’t be more obvious that they are getting their talking points from the Deep State assets embedded with their particular brand of Big Brother who are using them to message The Donald while propagandizing the public making them ready for the new profitable Cold War Redux.

According to reports across the fake political divide, the DPRK launched an ICBM a few days ago in an effort to test a “new” system capable of delivering a nuclear warhead “to Alaska”

Trump’s endlessly war-mongering representative to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, said this event marks a “clear and sharp military escalation” on behalf of North Korea. She also said we were ready to use our “military assets” if we have to in order to ‘defend’ ourselves and our puppet regimes in the region.

The president, while reading his scripted comments, said we are at a point where we have to “try something new” to deter North Korea “aggression” in the region. He stopped short of explaining what exactly that meant.

Over the past 24 hours the Mockingbird press has been featuring various military and intelligence industry assets who come on to the various shows (and yes, the “news” is a show these days) and say that direct military action against North Korea is NOT in our “national interests” at this time.

Instead they suggest other actions like sanctions for example, as a deterrent. They also suggest we put pressure on China and Russia and get them to yank Kim Jung-Un’s chain a little in an effort to get him to “act right”

Direct military action in North Korea is exactly the wrong action to take for a number of reasons. I mean, aside from the death and destruction that would be heaped upon the people in the region, you have another distinct possibility that looms in the horizon, one that the U.S. is mortally terrified of… peace between North and South Korea and a reunification of the nation.

Might seem like a stretch, I know, but hear me out.

First of all, the government of the DPRK did NOT test fire an ICBM in preparation for making a long range nuclear weapon that could strike the U.S. mainland. That is, in fact, a lie.

Just like they lied about the U.S. warship “steaming” to North Korea after the latest lie about them test firing a missile (yes, that entire episode never happened. That’s why they said it was a “failure” and the rocket barely got off the launch pad. They said that because had they said otherwise, the Russians or the Chinese could simply have released their satellite data and proved nothing was launched) this latest supposed provocation from Kim Jung-Un isn’t what it has been billed as.

The reports about this “ICBM” launch all show how the rocket traveled vertically instead of laterally and they are coming up with their range by saying “if” it traveled horizontally, the altitude it reached “could” stretch to Alaska, ergo, they can now “reach” the west coast of the U.S. with their rockets.

This is an absurd lie.

The test was of a two-stage rocket system and it went straight up because… they were testing a satellite deployment system… not an intercontinental nuclear weapon delivery system. They even mention in a few of these reports that part of the rocket was a “re-entry vehicle” which they claim makes it a nuclear-capable ICBM. But by that standard, the Apollo rockets were nuclear weapons as are all the Space X vehicles all of which have “re-entry vehicles”.

The “two-stage” intercontinental ballistic missile North Korea fired this week was a weapon the U.S. had never before seen used by Pyongyang, Department of Defense officials said Wednesday.

The missile contained a re-entry vehicle and was fired from a new mobile launch site, said Navy Capt. Jeff Davis, a spokesman for the Defense Department.

Davis confirmed the missile was capable of traveling more than 3,500 miles, classifying it as an ICBM. At that range, the missile would be able to reach Alaska. NBC News

Back in March of this year, the DPRK test fired a first stage rocket that some breathlessly reported was a big step toward Kim raining nukes down on California.

Turns out it was the final testing phase for the first stage of this vehicle, which is a satellite deployment system… not a weapon.

Once again, North Korea has tested technology that could help get satellites or long-range missiles off the ground.

North Korean state media announced over the weekend that the nation had performed a ground test of a powerful rocket engine that “would help consolidate the scientific and technological foundation to match the world-level satellite delivery capability in the field of outer space development.”

Once again, North Korea has tested technology that could help get satellites or long-range missiles off the ground. North Korean state media announced over the weekend that the nation had performed a ground test of a powerful rocket engine that “would help consolidate the scientific and technological foundation to match the world-level satellite delivery capability in the field of outer space development.”..

But the engine looks a lot like the one that North Korea tested last September, aerospace engineer and rocket-propulsion expert John Schilling noted. That engine was assessed as “being better suited for use in satellite launch vehicles than ballistic missiles,” Schilling wrote today (March 20) on, a North Korea analysis site.

In this report from VOA, they actually confirm the fact that recent test firings of various missiles in North Korea are more likely to be them testing a satellite deployment system as part of their space program, not a nuclear ICBM.

North Korea has attempted 5 such launches in the past with most being unsuccessful. Kwangmyongsong-4, the last effort, was launched in Feb. of 2016 and the breathless screechers of the MSM again regurgitated their Deep State handlers’ talking points claiming it wasn’t up there for peaceful scientific purposes, but rather as an attempt in some way to bring down “‘Merika!”

Once again, those voices have been proven wrong over time and it seems like what they are all screeching about today is simply the next stage of the DPRK’s space program.

All that said, we have to look at the bigger picture in South Korea if we want to understand what is happening today. It’s relevant. It’s obvious in fact and any reporter worth a subway ticket would be able to figure it out in a few minutes… if their careers in this fascist country didn’t depend on them NOT figuring it out.

Look at the timing:

THAAD represents billions of dollars in profits for the military industrial complex entities I listed above. But aside from that, think about it: what better way to rule over a nation and ensure your will is followed to the letter than ringing their country in a missile defense system that YOU control? It will anger other nations in the region as it presents a direct threat to their stability and it’s a symbol of American intrusion and dominance in the region. It’s a win, win, win, win for the globalists who are looking to “pivot to Asia” as Obama called it a long time ago, right?

But the South Korean people want no part of it. Would you? Would you want Israel to own and operate our missile defense system here in the U.S. making us dependent on them for the defense of our country? Of course not.

Now, you see the timeline, let’s look at the key player involved in all of this now that our corrupt puppet president was kicked out of office for being our corrupt puppet president.

Born in Geoje, South Korea, Moon Jae-in was the first son among five children of father Moon Yong-hyung and mother Kang Han-ok.[citation needed] His parents were refugees from South Hamgyeong Province (currently in North Korea) who fled their native city of Hungnam during the Hungnam evacuation.[7]

His family eventually settled in Busan

He graduated second in his class but was not admitted to become a judge or government prosecutor due to his history of activism against the Yushin dictatorship under Park Chung-hee‘s rule… (his eldest daughter was the previous president kicked out of the office for being a corrupt puppet dictator of the U.S.)

Moon came out in favor of repealing Korea’s national security laws, which have been alleged by the Korean liberals to be a tool of the historically right-wing establishment of South Korea to restrict and oppress left-wing voices in Korean politics…

He also promised to abolish the domestic wing of NIS (National Intelligence Service) in order to maintain their political neutrality, transferring domestic affairs to the police force (got rid of the fascist Stazi-like national police force)

Moon has favored a peaceful reunification between the two Koreas.

His 2017 presidential campaign has supported re-opening of the Kaesong Industrial Park

Moon’s campaign promise in 2017 included intentions to put a 10 trillion won ($8.9 billion) fiscal stimulus to support job creation, start-ups, and small to mid-sized companies. His announced goal is to create 810,000 public sector jobs through raising taxes on the wealthy

The new president is decidedly anti-neoliberal which reflects where the vast majority of the people of South Korea are right now. They are opposed to our interference in their economic and foreign affairs arenas and it shows on the streets where they protest and the ballot boxes where they elected the son of a North Korean refugee who promised to make his country strong again by resisting American “national interest” wishes and charting their own course in history.

Holy crap. It’s no wonder the “North Korean boogyman” is rising up against the world right now. Right? Can’t have a nation breaking away from our clutches just as the pivot to Asia batten is passed from neoliberal ObamaGod to the neoliberal  Duke of Orange. That could set a bad example in the region like Cuba and Venezuela did that hemisphere.

Too bad the people of South Korea “voted the wrong way”

Truth is, this effort to demonize the DPRK has more to do with the developments in Seoul than those in Pyongyang.

Our beloved Deep State is losing it’s grip on a nation which threatens all sorts of profits for our “national interests” and there is a very REAL possibility that our total eclipse in the region may be over:

Moon’s foreign policy towards North Korea is considered to closely align with the Sunshine Policy embraced by former liberal presidents Kim Dae-jung and Roh Moo-hyun.[18]

The Sunshine Policy refers to an inclusive approach by former leaders in South Korea to their kinsmen in the North. It’s name is a reference to The North Wind and the Sun, one of Aesop’s Fables.

The people of South Korea favor a new, bold, inclusive and open approach to the DPRK as does their new leader. Sunshine as opposed to storm. They are tired of storms and the darkness and fear they bring.

Going back to the professional pundits you see all across the networks today, they are all saying we have “few good options” for dealing with this latest “military threat” from the North.

They are incapable of seeing the best good option that exists… the one the people of South Korea want… the one the freely elected leader of their nation promised them… the one that doesn’t involve darkness, fear and death.

They are incapable of seeing it because they don’t want to see it. It offers them no enrichment.

Unfortunately the scum writing the Duke of Orange’s speeches today are also willfully incapable of seeing this potentially sunny option on the morning’s horizon. And he is insipid enough, or cowardly enough, to fail to see it as well.

The efforts from the ever-more disgusting fake media here in the states and those of their owners in the Deep State are clearly directed at an effort to cast asunder the latest incarnation of the Sunshine Policy and the lasting peace and prosperity it could potentially bring to the Korean peninsula.

A cold wind is blowing from the consent manufacturers of our Mockingbird press all the way to Seoul and Busan. And it’s sad to see, once again, just how much our glorious leaders and their overpaid sycophants hate democracy and the peace it could potentially bring with it.

It is an old lesson. One they refuse to learn, one they refuse to see.

Unless the object or the moral of their twisted version of the fable is that they want the wayfarer to keep his cloak wrapped tightly around himself forever in fear of his surroundings.

And THAAD, the cloak of which I speak, waits in the wings for South Korea to reach for it.

A new fable for proponents of a New World Order perhaps. Or just a sickening perversion of an old one. Depends on which THAAD contractor you speak to I guess.

Either way, North Korea isn’t presenting a new threat to Alaska or California or Detroit or anywhere else.

UPDATE: If that fable is too old for you to connect with, I have a newer one that pretty much says the same thing in a slightly different way:

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9 Responses

  1. The world is beginning to show some ‘grit’…….. good news.
    America might win its morals and dignity back….. if we keep our hands off Korea.

  2. I think the Deep State (aka Burns) and its ongoing plans to lay waste to the world, specifically; Syria, Iran, NK, SK, Ukraine, Venezuela, Afghanistan, Somalia, Libya, Iraq, Yemen, I am sure I am missing a few, is having a problem with the military (aka Smithers).
    I think the first real indication of this was the false flag CW attack motivated order to shell the Syrian base. The military were ordered to shell with 64 missiles yet only a few landed. Credit was given to the Russian S-400 system/Syrian S-300 or the like, but I think the US military who were in contact with the Russians only fired a few or deliberately sent them off track. I think the military are violently opposed to getting into a shooting war with Russia and China. Could be wrong but something seems to be a bit off.

    • and someone along the chain of command warned the Russians and Syrians about an hour in advance of the launch. I will tell you, as the son of a career military father, I know those guys don’t want any PART of either helping these Special Ops mercenaries over there (the Wahhabists HIRED by Special Ops, not the Special Ops guys themselves) or looking like they are helping them. I’m sure morale over there is down though they wont tell you that. Kinda like the unemployment numbers.. can’t really trust the military when they say morale is high, you know?

      And of course you are on to something here. You sense it. But history proves you right. It wasn’t the Russians who hacked the DNC, Podesta or lifted Hillary’s emails and sent them to Wikileaks to publish them. There’s still a war going on in the military/intellegence agencies right now. They torpedoed Clinton and with good reason. Folks think the Russia hacking story is to cover Hillary’s loss. BS. It’s to cover for who REALLY did it. How would that look if there was a civil war for the conscience of our military taking place right now over all of this aggression and these wars of choice the masters of the universe are demanding from our politicians and generals? Certainly wouldn’t look good would it? Does a mutiny at sea ever look good on one’s record?

      No, you are right on it. Something certainly is happening. Don’t know how it will pan out now that Trumpster is turning into Killay with tiny little hands but I guess we will see.

      • Thanks for replying! Regarding Trump, I think he may be on the same page as the sane military/intelligence teams. He consistently does what the MIC wants, then shortly after goes off message and/or messes up the recent decision. And not once or twice but constantly; he gave a free hand to the military which Pontius Pilate like frees him from their decisions, why do that unless you want them to fail so you can replace them and reverse their decisions?? Do you recall when he spoke to that graduating class (Naval College maybe?) and said, “Never give up, never stop fighting.” I don’t think he was referring to the MSM, they are probably small beer to him given his extensive media background. I think he was referring to the MIC. He is an arrogant, proud man who wants to be remembered as awesome; he has 3 years to go, I am still cutting him some slack as that ego could drive him to deliver on his promises, could be wrong. Keep up the great work!!!

        • Last thought on that missile attack on the Syrian base, it took place in the middle of Trump’s dinner with Xi; when I saw the photo of Trump being told of the launch, he didn’t look to me as if he had any idea it was to happen. He took ownership of it (my daughter made me do it) as the only way to appear in control but did he make that decision? I doubt it.

          • that’s what I wrote when it happened and was attacked right away. No f-in way he planned to be sitting around eating “beautiful cake” with some dignitary (especially one from China) when the rockets flew through the air. No way in hell. His glorious generals did that… probably to make him look bad, like a debutante sitting around preening himself while THEY did the hard work of “defending” us from Syria.

  3. Thank you very much for this analysis- concise and well-written. I printed it so I can hopefully get some other people to understand what’s really going on. I made a donation to you – the best I can do at present. Hope it helps

  4. Holy crap. It’s no wonder the “North Korean boogyman” is rising up against the world right now. Right? Can’t have a nation breaking away from our clutches just as the pivot to Asia batten is passed from neoliberal ObamaGod to the neoliberal Duke of Orange. That could set a bad example in the region like Cuba and Venezuela did that hemisphere.


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