#CNNBlackmail : Don’t Mock Big Corporate Brother or ELSE!

Here’s my new video on the subject of CNN’s threats leveled at someone who dares expose their “brand” as being fake news. Real fake news.

And here is how the internet is responding. Gotta love the internet. Seems like a whole bunch of folks are saying “FUCK CNN and their THREATS!” and I am right there with em. Funny how the internet defends itself, ain’t it?

Judging from how the meme war is launching and folks are striking back against this illegal draconian threat from a purveyor of fake news, if they did release his name all he would have to do is set up a GoFundMe page for his legal fees and he would OWN CNN in a matter of hours. He would be a billionaire in MINUTES… and probably become worse than CNN in a week… but aside from that, dude would be SUPER WEALTHY in short order. lol.

One Response

  1. “See, youse rats youse, the Big Man is coming by and youse lips better be shut or we’ll shut them for youse, see…Rusty, give him something to remember, but don’t kill him,,yet!”

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