Videos from People’s Assembly Against Austerity London July 1 2017

Jeremy Corbyn Full Speech

more videos after the break

This just happened yesterday. If you have seen more videos, other videos, please leave a link in the comments. Folks in the U.K., the birthplace of neoliberal globalization, are sick of austerity and neoliberal economic ideology being shoved down their throats. Good for them. The MSM are downplaying the turnout.

6 Responses

  1. Thank you, I do hope he becomes Prime Minister.

  2. I imagine you’ve already seen the speech he gave on the main stage at Glastonbury but here’s an even better one he gave to a smaller crowd at the fringe event Left Field:

  3. wow
    England protesters give me hope!

  4. If he becomes PM I will move to the UK, I would like to experience hope again before I die:)

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