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  1. The swine are dropping WP on people in Mosul and Raqqa. Apparently the liberty-loving guys like “Lucky” lil’ Randy are also totally cool with burning people alive.

    • it’s obscene isn’t it? And all the left seems to care about are Trump’s childish little Tweets. remarkable distractions…

      • This is the 1st time that I have seen one of your vids & This is Very well done! 👍
        I appreciate the president maintaining HisTrumpness, nevertheless!
        They have been absolutely relentless in their brutality to this president & Totally disrespectful of the Office He holds!
        I think this country has gotten what It deserves. Killary would’ve been a Bit more punishment than we & the world need, at this time! Most of my friends would be shocked to find that I give a Fuck.
        I am just So Happy that a character like The Donald 😏 ….has been used to Fuck their game Up!

        • Fuck their game up how? Whose game would that be?

          And by “maintaining his Trumpness” do you mean carpet bombing civilians, delivering HIMARS rockets to al sham, lobbing cruise missiles at the rooskies, and smoking 8 year old girls like a boss?

          • Maybe he means packing his cabinet with Goldman Sachs cronies like a homosexual on meth packs his butt with flashlights. That’ll screw up their plans! Draining the swamp by moving em all into the White House. Brilliant!

            • Multiple flashlights at the same time? Jesus is that possible? Hadn’t heard of that one before. I guess that’s liberty and the pursuit of happiness… or whatever.

              Yeah dude, that is a brilliant plan: the Donald draws all the MOTU into the White House with shiny objects, locks the doors from the outside, and then torches it. Kind of like the Inglourious Basterds cinema scene. Maybe the Donald is a super secret agent of freedom cleverly pretending to be a fascist maniac? Nobody saw that coming, baby!

            • No Trump is Not Wonderful But, FUCK Hillary & All her adorable supporters!
              I knew we would not be in Paradise having Trump however, the other choice Was far more HIDEOUS!

              • How much longer will the ‘but-it-coulda-been-Hillary’ excuse be used to justify fascist policies?

                Sorry to be the one to break this to you: Trump/Clinton’s employers and policies are one in the same. Equally HIDEOUS.

  2. Thanks for the video…you are a great man

  3. In the morning Scott and all the No Agenda listeners. So we have a president who can ‘kill’ with his left hand and distract the sheep with his right hand tweets. He’s his own PR distraction machine. No need to fake news when the sheep and m5m are so easily distracted.

  4. I share your anger and disgust Scott. Thank you for making the video. You and Assange are right – while the western feminists are upset over revealing Mika’s facelift, not a peep on the WP attacks on Yemeni girls. Read it and weep. We are a species certainly worthy of extinction.

  5. Bernie shows his true face. Money, money and more money.

    Sen. Sanders’ Wife Tried Evicting Disabled Group Home Residents after Closing Shady College Deal Under FBI Probe

    In reality, the acquisition of that property bankrupted the College, and Sanders is now being investigated for bank fraud by the FBI for misrepresentations she made on loan documents to purchase the land for the campus.


    Think he’ll feel the ‘Bern’ or just retire to that 600K lakeside cottage the DNC bought for this quisling?

  6. Wonder how many of the media peeps you show here presenting themselves as outraged, Scott, have themselves been bleeding from their own cosmetic surgeries!

    • all of em probably. not only from plastic surgery but also from the soul-dectomy they had way back when they first started off which removed the last vestiges of their humanity in preparation for their chosen careers.

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