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  1. I hadn’t heard of Jimmy Dore, neither as a comedian nor commentator, until you started posting some of his videos. I liked what I heard, and the way he was exposing the DP corruption and the stench of a party that was rotten to the core. I also thought, whether you or I agree with it or not, his search for a ‘solution’ and suggestion of leaving Democratic Party altogether for a new ‘third party’ somewhat refreshing during a time most so-called progressives were incapacitated, steaming in their hatred of Trump, following in lockstep the DP’s grand misdirection with this Russia nonsense.

    Then, the Young Turks and Cenk Uygur thing came alone, to which you reacted quite strongly, and rightfully so in my opinion. Then, there was that Silicon Valley congressman whatshisname thing happened. I had kinda bought into that guy’s rhetoric, until I read your insightful deconstruction of his not-taking-corporate-money scheme. In a way, that was strike two for Jimmy. Since then, I started listening to him more carefully to try to figure him out, to see if he might be (knowingly or unknowingly) serving an agenda that was not his own. I heard him acknowledge the cricism he received about the Silicon Valley dude, and then brush it off. I also heard him mention that progressive swap-meet he got invited to – the one you did a good old rant about – and then brush that off as well without giving it enough thought that one might expect from a critical thinker.

    I was just wondering where you stand on jimmy d after all this. My impression is that he is a “good” guy and his heart is in the right place. On the flip side, he is a comedian, a performance artist. By default, he lives within a certain ‘milieu’, driven by a desire to connect with and be accepted by his peers within a certain progressive sub-culture. A sub-culture that ultimately creates a closed environment, a bubble, or a sub-bubble if you will.

    Then come the professional bubble-wranglers like Cenk. I’ve seen it happen every time winds of change start blowing. Think tanks funded by our benevolent billionaires scientifically follow the social trends in public sentiments, and preemptively position their mockingbirds, their gatekeepers, their limited hangout deceivers, found and fund companies, newspapers, radio stations to give these people a voice. A voice that people like Cenk use to parrot some of what the sincere commentators say, and try to steer the bubble in a billionaire-approved direction. They have done this with right wing talk-radio leading to Fox News for W, Air America leading to MSNBC for Obama. In that sense, I feel that Soros funded meeting Jimmy attended is like an audition for this bubble, which is happening on the internet and not on the old media. Billionaires don’t care which ideology. As long as it is controlled by people on their payroll.

    Anyway… I just thought you might have written him off after your thunderous YouTube tongue-lashing recently. Glad to see I was wrong. I feel you were absolutely right about your points about the meeting itself. But Jimmy prefers not to see… He just wants so badly to become a player, a mover, a shaker, part of something big, part of the new awakening… And if he keeps getting tricked by the tricksters the way he has been, he might actually get there… That wouldn’t make him ‘bad’, but sadly, it would make him an unwitting limited hangout artist. Time will show.

    • Just throwing my 2cents. I figured dore doesn’t want to enstrange from his following too much, If he is aware of more then what he says in his videos. That and paying the bills (of course).

      Good video though nonetheless.

    • I’m not going to write him off because sometimes he does good work. I’ve noticed he does a lot less shilling for YT these days. I don’t think he mentioned them in this video or the last one, if I’m not mistaken. And you know, I wasn’t the only one who went after him last week for his bullshit. I think he pays attention to that stuff and maybe models his behavior based on his fans’ opinions. You might not be able to push politicians to move one way or another with your input, but Youtube celebrities? yeah, I’m sure he pays attention. Again, not to me. But to the thousands of his fans who call him out on his crap. Still not subscribed to his channel and I certainly don’t think he’s completely changed his ways but this is a good video and I thought it had enough substance to be worth sharing with you guys in spite of my recent take down of the guy.

  2. Great video. Hope americans eat it all up.
    All that good made in america neoliberal fiber we will be force fed. The demorats and republic⋆nts should just make one party and get it over with.
    No point voting. Go fascism.

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