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  1. Great video, Scott BUT there’s a typo in the title. Please correct it to to read:
    No-Brain Karem

  2. Fine video, Scott.

  3. So the reporters are in the same position like soldiers of the military. I still wouldn’t excuse reporters or soldiers if they are doing bad or realized they are and continue it. I’m sure many in the US forces know they really and actively providing support to terrorists but reamin silent and do as they are told because of the consequences. I’m not saying I would do any better. But.

    I tend to belive many in power like to control things as much as they can despite the chaos they sow ironically. Once I woke up, I belive the government was always lying to the people that they all do.

    I guess I am wondering was it before or after all the propaganda, dumbing down, patriotism, lies etc. That people became sheep and ignorant. They say the populations of countries like in Eruope, Japan, South Korea etc. Are on average much more informed than say the US. But they seem to fall for the same shit equally. The victors write history as they say.

    • But in this day and age despite all the conditiong from the very beginning, I would say the people all around the world today no longer have an excuse. Namely because of the internet, world wide web, all this information sharing.. Watch out If and when they really go after the internet. A double edge sword also..

  4. Excellent video, Scott!
    Please consider hosting your vids on bitchute(https://www.bitchute.com/) & vidme (https://vid.me/) as well. YT is on a mission to shut down channels if they discuss Sandy hook, Pulse night club or London bombing etc. Plenty of youtubers are being hit by this bullshit community guideline strikes. Lamestream media is after all the kiddies on YT, since none of ’em are watching teevee or reading Wapo or NYT.

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