Seymour Hersh’s CIA Whitewash Story “Trump’s Red Line” is Pure Mockingbird Propaganda On Par with Buzzfeed

by Scott Creighton

The Mockingbird press are busy retooling their destabilization campaign against the current president of the United States, Donald J. Trump.

No longer able to continue pushing the “Russia/Trump collusion” myth since it has now been completely exposed as a fraud (see here and here for example) and because various reports have been done showing how the MSM has focused almost exclusively on that “fake news” for the past 3 months (completely ignoring other, real, stories of importance to the country), it would seem their Mockingbird handlers have decided to take a new approach to the destabilization campaign:

making the president look like an unhinged loose cannon… while completely absolving themselves for feeding him false intel.

Key to that developing propaganda line are players like Buzzfeed (who exposed their Mockingbird credentials even before Trump took office when they published the ridiculous and already discredited “Golden Shower Dossier”) and Seymour Hersh, a man who is given a lot of credit as being a “serious journalist” when in fact, he is not. He’s a Mockingbird asset and this latest effort of his PROVES IT once and for all.

Day before yesterday, the Trump White House issued a statement regarding what they considered to be evidence showing Syria making ready to launch another chemical weapon attack on their own civilians… for no apparent reason. Many independent journalists have reported on this, including myself, saying it looks like a new false flag event is in the works. Another “red-line” action staged like the one during the Obama days, by our intelligence services, in an effort to justify a full on invasion of Syria.  The White House issued this statement:

The information that this statement is based on consists of a story that an SU-22 fighter jet was moved at the same airport the last supposed Syrian chemical attack was launched from. That and “chatter” picked up by intelligence agencies which purports to show them making plans for “another attack”

The evidence is beyond weak, but they say activities show a “similar pattern” to what happened before the April 4, 2017 attack on Idlib back in April.

This is the entirety of the evidence upon which the Trump administration and Nikki Haley used to issue terrorist threats to the legitimate government of Syria and it’s people because the implication is, if we don’t get what we want, a chemical weapons attack will be conducted on the civilian population somewhere in Syria and it will be blamed on Assad… no matter what the evidence shows. Nikki Haley’s statement on Twitter made that perfectly clear.

The use or threat of the use of violence against a civilian population is terrorism. And considering the fact that both Haley and Jared Kushner just returned from Israel and meeting with Bibi the king terrorist who has a vested interest in stealing the Golan Heights and helping the Kurds steal the eastern part of Syria, any observer worth their salt can certainly read between the lines on this one and figure a false flag chemical weapons attack is in the works.

Or at least it was.

Now the story is being twisted a bit. Over at places like Buzzfeed and the Independent the story is taking a slightly unexpected turn:

Many officials across the Pentagon did not know what the White House was referring to until Tuesday morning.

The White House pushed back on reports of confusion in a statement released on Tuesday morning. “In response to several inquiries regarding the Syria statement issued last night, we want to clarify that all relevant agencies — including State, DoD, CIA and ODNI –were involved in the process from the beginning,” the statement read. “Anonymous leaks to the contrary are false.” Buzzfeed

Several sources across the US State Department, Pentagon and Central Command, which oversees the country’s military operations in Syria and Iraq – said that they did not know what had prompted the unprecedented threat to the Assad regime. 

An official at Central Command told BuzzFeed News they had “no idea” what prompted the statement. Independent

Top level leaders were aware of the administration approach — and some were communicating with Russia about their concerns — but lower level US officials were caught flat footed about a new tactic toward the war in Syria, creating a climate of confusion around an already ominous statement. Buzzfeed

The evidence for this supposed future attack is nothing. It’s baseless. But what’s interesting is the fact that all of a sudden the intelligence assets over at Buzzfeed are being spoon-fed a narrative that Trump is running around like a loose cannon on deck issuing threats to foreign nations without consultation and adherence to well established protocol.

In short, it looks like the intelligence agencies (who run and fund terrorists in Syria who just happen to be losing big time right now) and the Pentagon (the war-mongers who shot down a Syrian fighter jet in hopes they could kick off an escalation of the conflict in Syria) may have slipped Trump a mickey of sorts, baiting him into making this statement and then backing off of it saying they “don’t know why” he did it.

Thus making him look unhinged.

Or unprofessional.

Keeping that theme in mind… let’s look at the recent “reporting” from Mr. Seymour Hersh, shall we?

First of all, Seymour Hersh penned an alternative version of the bullshit “Obama Got bin Laden” story a couple years back. It was completely stupid as it attempted to prop-up the official narrative which claims Barack Obama did in fact find and kill Osama bin Laden and it was based entirely on the say-so of some CIA asset/former agency official… who certainly could be trusted to tell us the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Any fool with half a brain would figure out immediately that the story this source was selling was bullshit from the word “go… but not Seymour. He went with it and published the ridiculous crap even making up a new story about how the Seals got rid of the body before anyone could confirm that poor slob they killed in Pakistan wasn’t actually Osama bin Laden (who actually died in Nov. 2001)

The CIA even got a few of their assets in Pakistan to back up Seymour’s story.

I tore his story to shreds back then.

Paul Craig Roberts did the same.

While disinformation sites like Prison Planet and Business Insider regurgitated the Hersh propaganda without question.

Earlier, back in 2014, Seymour Hersh attempted to spin a new narrative on the 2013 chemical weapons attack in Syria that the intel agencies carried out via their terrorists on the ground there in an effort to provide President Obama the justification he needed to invade Syria. With that effort, Seymour tried to frame Recep Erdogan for the attack, clearing our intelligence agencies of any culpability and making ready a new regime change op, that one against Turkey, the next target on the Greater Kurdistan project.

Once again, I called him out for his propaganda and his lies.

And ONCE AGAIN… he based his entire story on unnamed former administration and intelligence agency officials.

Just so it’s clear, Seymour Hersh has a history of using his credibility to prop-up official fairy-tales and white-wash CIA-linked terrorism. And he does it all based on the say-so of his anonymous intel asset sources.

Are we clear on that?

Let’s move on to Mr. Hersh’s recent article titled “Trump’s Red Line” published just days before the intel agencies (CIA?) spoon fed Trump some trumped up intel on Syria and then stepped back saying “we don’t know what he’s talking about”

First thing to keep in mind is the part of his new narrative that suggests all the deaths of the civilians were caused by the Syrian military strike. Seymour suggests his “source” says they hit a depot that had various chemicals stored there and they ignited and dispersed causing ALL the deaths of the civilians.

Key to that? The CIA and their regime change contractor terrorists are off the hook for the murders.

Seymour FAILS to mention our terrorists were being routed from the area just days before and were forced to flee up north to Khan Sheikhoun and while they fled, they took hundreds of hostages from a neighboring village Khattab, in an effort to keep the Syrian air-force from bombing them as the cowardly terrorists fled. They were using them as human shields. This FACT is well known and ANY JOURNALIST covering this story who doesn’t make mention of it is either incompetent or a liar.

In my coverage of the story, I pointed out this detail immediately because it was key to understanding what actually happened. Even provided graphics which showed what happened in the lead-up to the Syrian attack on April 4th.

The jihadist rebels of Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham and Jaysh Al-‘Izza kidnapped the inhabitants of Khattab in northern Hama before fleeing the village this past weekend, a family member of the kidnapped told Al-Masdar News on Tuesday… “But the jihadists then took them all to Khan Sheikhoun,” he concluded.” AMN

Tahrir al-Sham is al-Qaeda by the way.

… in 2014 fell to Jabhat al-Nusra.[12] Deutsche Welle reported: “Idlib province, where Khan Sheikhun is located, is mostly controlled by the Tahrir al-Sham alliance, which is dominated by the Fateh al-Sham Front, formerly known as the al-Qaeda affiliated al-Nusra Front.”[13]

This is an important part of the story, left out by Seymour, because we all know instinctively at this point who controls al-Qaeda.

Also not mentioned by Seymour in his stellar new article is the FACT that not ONE civilian casualty is pictured in or around the area the Syrian military actually hit with their airstrike. That’s a FACT. All of the victim’s bodies were filmed outside a compound occupied by our terrorist contractors. Thats a fact not mentioned by Seymour. How did they get there?

Well they got there because they were in the compound and they were killed BY OUR TERRORIST CONTRACTORS for use in the propaganda footage the White Helmets produced after the strike.

Which kinda makes the CIA responsible for em, doesn’t it? Funny how Seymour’s piece leaves out that key piece of evidence.

Hersh also writes that there has been no forensic study done in the area at this time to prove one way or another if there was a chemical weapons attack.

“The provenance of the photos was not clear and no international observers have yet inspected the site...” Seymour Hersh 6/25/2017

What he leaves out is the FACT that the U.S., Britain and France have all REFUSED to conduct one even though they have been invited by the Syrians on several occasions.

There is also no mention of the CIA’s massacre of civilians waiting for buses in Rashidin just a week after Trump’s generals launched an attack on the Syrian airbase.

All of that aside, all he left out, it’s important to note what Seymour includes in his story. This is part of what Seymour wrote. Let’s start first with how Seymour ended his article:

“The crisis slid into the background by the end of April, as Russia, Syria and the United States remained focused on annihilating ISIS and the militias of al-Qaida. Some of those who had worked through the crisis, however, were left with lingering concerns. “The Salafists and jihadists got everything they wanted out of their hyped-up Syrian nerve gas ploy,” the senior adviser to the U.S. intelligence community told me, referring to the flare up of tensions between Syria, Russia and America. “The issue is, what if there’s another false flag sarin attack credited to hated Syria? Trump has upped the ante and painted himself into a corner with his decision to bomb. And do not think these guys are not planning the next faked attack. Trump will have no choice but to bomb again, and harder. He’s incapable of saying he made a mistake.” Seymour Hersh 6/25/2017

So the implication here from the intel assets feeding Seymour the story is that the Salafists and the jihadists staged the fake chemical weapons attack on their own, right? And that “if” there is another false flag attack, The Donald is going to lite up Syria because… he can’t admit when he’s wrong.

And this story setting up the pretext of another pending false flag chemical attack came out one day prior to the intelligence agencies feeding the White House info on a new pending chemical weapons attack?

That’s interesting timing, isn’t it?

And beyond that going straight to the heart of Seymour’s disinformation effort is what he claims at the beginning of the paragraph… that the U.S. is focused on “annihilating” “ISIS”… and… al Qaeda.

THAT should make it perfectly clear that Seymour is either an idiot… or a liar.

But let’s move on, shall we?

Now, I want you to look at the timeline Seymour lays out for the Syrian attack on Khan Sheikhoun and the notification given to our intelligence agencies and the Pentagon days prior to the actually attack. And then I want you to ask yourself “How did al-Qaeda’s White Helmet propaganda outlet get there so fast and set up the videos so quickly that they were processed and released a few hours after the strike?”

Just keep that in mind while reading these quotes from Seymour. And also keep in mind, Seymour never raises that question.

“The available intelligence made clear that the Syrians had targeted a jihadist meeting site on April 4 using a Russian-supplied guided bomb equipped with conventional explosives. Details of the attack, including information on its so-called high-value targets, had been provided by the Russians days in advance to American and allied military officials in Doha, whose mission is to coordinate all U.S., allied, Syrian and Russian Air Force operations in the region…

Within hours of the April 4 bombing, the world’s media was saturated with photographs and videos from Khan Sheikhoun. Pictures of dead and dying victims, allegedly suffering from the symptoms of nerve gas poisoning, were uploaded to social media by local activists, including the White Helmets, a first responder group known for its close association with the Syrian opposition.” Seymour Hersh 6/25/2017

First of all, the White Helmets aren’t known for their association with “opposition” in Syria. They are known for their association with al-Qaeda, al-Nusra and the British/U.S. governments who fund their work. That’s not “opposition”… that’s terrorists being used to destabilize Syria and that’s a big difference and a HUGE insight into the truth of Mr. Hersh’s work.

I myself figured out while working on this story months ago that the White Helmets used to be called the Islamic State Fire Brigade and were featured in videos by that British propagandist for “ISIS” years ago.

“ISIS” Video With John Cantlie (“John can’t lie”) Shows White Helmets and Describes them as “Islamic State Fire Brigade”

That’s not “opposition”. That’s al-Qaeda, al-Nusra AND “ISIS” the White Helmets have ‘close associations” with.  The same groups Seymour says we are focused on annihilating by the way.

Seymour went on about the intel shared by the Russians and Syrians days before the attack:

“… a high-level meeting of jihadist leaders was to take place in the building, including representatives of Ahrar al-Sham and the al-Qaida-affiliated group formerly known as Jabhat al-Nusra. The two groups had recently joined forces…

One reason for the Russian message to Washington about the intended target was to ensure that any CIA asset or informant who had managed to work his way into the jihadist leadership was forewarned not to attend the meeting. I was told that the Russians passed the warning directly to the CIA.” Seymour Hersh 6/25/2017

Hersh clearly shows the Russians worried FOR SOME REASON the CIA might have personnel or assets hanging out with al-Qaeda, al-Nusra and al-Sham SO THEY DIRECTLY INFORMED THE CIA ABOUT THE ATTACK IN THE DAYS BEFORE THE BOMB FELL.

So what happens?

al-Sham (aka al-Qaeda) kidnaps a bunch of people from Khattab who end up being the victims of the false flag “chemical weapons” attack and al-Qaeda’s (and “ISIS” affiliated) White Helmets just happen to show up ready to film the whole thing.

Almost as if the CIA tipped them off.

But of course, Seymour Hersh’s story centers on the Syrian strike causing all the deaths and the White Helmets just happened to be there to film, edit and release professional looking videos in a matter of hours.

Hersh then goes on to paint a picture of confusion and chaos in the days following the attack. Confusion and chaos in the White House, not Syria. This is where Seymour’s connection to the Buzzfeed story comes in:

“But the president did not say: ‘We have a problem and let’s look into it.’ He wanted to bomb the shit out of Syria.”…

Within hours of viewing the photos, the adviser said, Trump instructed the national defense apparatus to plan for retaliation against Syria. “He did this before he talked to anybody about it. The planners then asked the CIA and DIA if there was any evidence that Syria had sarin stored at a nearby airport or somewhere in the area. Their military had to have it somewhere in the area in order to bomb with it.” “The answer was, We have no evidence that Syria had sarin or used it,’” the adviser said. “The CIA also told them that there was no residual delivery for sarin at Sheyrat [the airfield from which the Syrian SU-24 bombers had taken off on April 4] and Assad had no motive to commit political suicide.” Everyone involved, except perhaps the president, also understood that a highly skilled United Nations team had spent more than a year in the aftermath of an alleged sarin attack in 2013 by Syria, removing what was said to be all chemical weapons from a dozen Syrian chemical weapons depots.” Seymour Hersh 6/25/2017

Here is Seymour Hersh, Mr. Respected Independent Journalist, saying the CIA told Trump Assad didn’t use sarin gas on his own people… but the guy went off and attacked ANYWAY.

Keep in mind that’s the same CIA leadership who may or may not have tipped off al-Qaeda and al-Nursa in Syria before the Russian bomb fell on Khan Sheikhoun they used to stage their “chemical weapons attack” propaganda around.

Hersh continued:

“The intelligence made clear that a Syrian Air Force SU-24 fighter bomber had used a conventional weapon to hit its target: There had been no chemical warhead. And yet it was impossible for the experts to persuade the president of this once he had made up his mind.” Seymour Hersh 6/25/2017

The out of control president went off on a tangent and attacked Syria for no reason in spite of the heroic efforts by the intelligence professionals to provide him with the best intel they could.

That’s Seymour Hersh’s new story about the chemical weapon attack at Khan Sheikhoun on April 4th, 2017.

Sound similar to the Buzzfeed propaganda now?

And it’s interesting it ends with a foreboding warning about a new “false flag” attack in the near future.

As a journalist, a grass-roots independent journalist, I have a great deal of respect for the lifetime of work Seymour Hersh has amassed over the past several decades. His work was courageous, meticulous and focused like few others… ever.

But what’s he’s become these past few years is disturbing.

His job seems to be to take propaganda that has fallen apart and re-purpose it with a slight variation of the official story so it still backs the original purpose but comes at it with a slightly more believable slant. And it seems he deliberately targets those of us who go a little deeper into various stories than simply watching CNN or reading the Washington Post.

He has become a sort of Mockingbird specialist if you will, specializing in a sort of cognitive infiltration that is designed to appeal to more informed consumers of news while maintaining the official narrative at it’s core.

Seymour Hersh is therefore a rather effective version of controlled opposition.

But this story is incredibly ham-handed for Seymour. His “bin Laden Raid 2.0” story was weak, it was bad, but this one is even worse.

And it’s obvious who fed it to him and why.

The Deep State is still at war with Donald Trump. They’ve gotten most of what they want from him, yet the destabilization campaign lingers on. And now the Russia collusion bullshit is done with (at least for now) they are CLEARLY working on the “unfit for office” attack, which is clearly what the Buzzfeed story and Seymour’s is geared toward.


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  1. Great deconstruction of Seymour Hersh, the Chomsky of journalism. In the sense that he has amassed a mountain of “credibility coins”, to be cashed in whenever the intelligence agencies need his clean-up services for their botched or disproven narratives.

    It was mind boggling to see how people whose reporting, analysis and opinions I respected, bought into the OBL 2.0 story (good term by the way 🙂 that he had cooked up for public consumption. It seems, just like Chomsky, people who have lived through 70s, 80’s have a certain weakness for him since their own intellects and views are heavily formed by reading these two. I could not convince most that he was indeed a top notch mockingbird with the Osama story… As far as I am concerned, once a mockingbird, always fuckin’ bird!

  2. “And ONCE AGAIN… he based his entire story on unnamed former administration and intelligence agency officials.”

    Horrible! Instead he should base it on what is in the newspapers and media, right?

    • if what he says serves their interests and are clearly lies, then yeah, he should probably get his info from someplace else, don’t you think?

  3. Who is the target audience of Hershe’s articles? MSM? He will never be mentioned there because he undermines their narratives. He said that Assad did not use chemical weapons in 2013 and again in 2017. He said these were false flags. He said that they were convenient false flags for America in both cases. What else you want? It would be enough if these facts broke through the MSM. He is trying but he is being pushed farther and further towards the margins. He has to publish in UK or Germany. So he gets to the margins and who awaits him there on the margins? People who are already marginalized like you and Penny. And what you and Penny are doing: trying to bring down his reputation. Hersh is not writing for you or Penny. You both do not count. But you help the mainstream to marginalize Hersh even further.

    • Utu… I have seen you, and read you for a long time, and I don’t mean to antagonize you with my question:

      What is your take then on Hersh’s Osama story? Do you trust it? Do you believe it?

      • “What is your take then on Hersh’s Osama story? Do you trust it? Do you believe it?”

        No I do not but I welcome it because it opens one to possibilities of shenanigans that took place and thus undermines the official narrative.

        • how does Hersh’s contention that Seal Team 6 actually killed bin Laden in 2011 and then chopped up his body and tossed it out a helicopter window before anyone could confirm his death undermine the official story?

    • I want the truth. And when someone writes that Obama killed bin Laden in 2011, that’s not the truth. When someone writes that Recept Erdogan was behind the chemical weapons false flag attack of 2013, that’s not the truth either. And then they write now that the US military is only focused on wiping out al-Qaeda and “ISIS” in Syria… clearly, that is not the truth either.

      that’s what I want. what I have always wanted.

      • “When someone writes that Recept Erdogan was behind the chemical weapons false flag attack of 2013, that’s not the truth either. ”

        You taking trees for the forest. We do not know that Erdogan people were not involved in this false flag at that stage of Syria operation. But we know that 2013 gas attack was a false flag and to large extent we and public at large know it because of Sy Hersh. I would not be surprised if Hersh was trying to shield Israel. (It was Israel media in summer 2013 that were the first which started warning us of impeding gas attack.) In this Hersh is not different from Russia’s media which I presume could tell us a lot but for strange reasons they opt for being silent and evasive.

        I believe that every article that Hersh wrote on the subject of Syria in recent years moved us close to some truth and there were real gems in it. Israel is a sacred cow and one must accept it if one wants to function in the realm of official or even semi official media. I give him a benefit of doubt. He tells us what he can. He is a subject of disinformation as well. He wants to retain some access so he must make some compromises.

        • that is “no” on so many counts it’s sad. No, we don’t know Erdogan was behind the chemical weapons attack in 2013. Was Erdogan the guy who wrote Obama’s script days before it saying a chemical weapons attack would be his redline? Did he run al-Qaeda terrorists over there or did the CIA and the State Department? And NO, we don’t know it was a false flag because of Seymour Hersh. Folks like me were saying it was a false flag right after it happened and the Russians and a whole bunch of serious journalists said it LONG BEFORE Seymour came out with his limited hangout bullshit story pointing the finger at the next Greater Kurdistan target. So, the “compromises” he makes serves someone’s interests and they also serve to keep the whole truth from the people. That makes him controlled opposition.. by definition.

          • You may be technically correct Scott. However, another hard truth is that relatively few people read your work and your admirable refusal to compromise any of your ideals has lost you to the majority of the brainwashed. People like Hersch have half a chance of persuading sheep to just take a deeper look into a few things. With a little independent research, some may wake up to a point that they are ready for your more direct download of unapologetic information, but most currently would simply label you a tin foil hat and have the appropriate, prescribed fear of you.

    • Just FYI: I think you make good points. The reality that a delicate sense of compromise is necessary in order to accomplish anything in the face of overwhelming adversity is often lost on people. Uncompromising idealists tend to lose all of their momentum by running directly into brick walls.

      • compromise? Like ObamaCare? Like the dems did attacking Social Security and Medicare when they had to “compromise” with the republicans? Like Bernie did when he endorsed Hillary rather than running as a Green? That kind of compromise is what’s killing us and incrementally turning this country into Chile 1973. And for the record, the only REAL change made in this country’s history or any other by the way, was made by “uncompromising idealists”. And no, I don’t compromise on the truth like you suggest in the other comment so I can garner more visibility from the uninformed. But thanks for your John Goldish suggestions. I will keep them in mind.

        • Yeah … compromise – like all those things you mentioned. Reality sucks. Life is short. You and I will die soon. You apparently quite soon if you keep things up the way you are going. So yes. Compromise.

          • part of that “reality” you apparently think I don’t understand or wish to live in, is the fact that for 30 years this country practiced a responsible capitalism while the economic and political power of the Middle Class was growing, people could plan to send their kids to school and go to sleep knowing their hard work was going to mean their children lived better lives than they did. That WAS reality and NOTHING says it can’t be again… except folks out there who want folks like me and the MILLIONS LIKE ME to “shut up and face REALITY”

            The reality is, the Chamber of Commerce and other neoliberal institutions in this country WORRIED because the rabble was becoming too well informed and too influential back in the early 70s AND THEY WERE PANICKED LIKE LITTLE BABIES to the point where they had to come up with a war plan to stop the spread of “too much democracy” and they did (Lewis Powell Memo 1971)

            The reality is, across the world POPULISM is on the RISE. Which explains why they want to shutter the internet, demonize journalists like myself and keep young idealists safely tucked away in the DNC where they can’t do anything to anyone… except each other as they grow more and more depressed as nothing happens and they can’t figure out why.

            So… no…. compromise is NEVER the answer. It isn’t for them. Shouldn’t be for us.

        • And history is littered with dead idealists. The martyrs and the heroes of history were fabricated retroactively by those with the foresight to think strategically. And sometimes to compromise in order to achieve their goals. Slavery sucks, but the slavery of an idealist is the worst.

        • Some of the greatest heroes of the human spirit probably did not even exist. Jesus Christ? Fabricated by the creators of the Roman Catholic government with pieces possibly borrowed from the life of a Jewish warrior and terrorist. Walk outside at night sometime far outside of a city. Look up at the stars. Behold the wonder of an infinity of which we are an infinitesimal, tiny part, for a fleeting blink of an eye. What is it that we are trying to achieve by simply pointing out the crimes of the more privileged primates among us? What will be done in physical reality to right all of the wrongs expounded within the many pages of this blog?

  4. Thanks very much for this detailed response to a question I raised on another post about why you didn’t trust Hersch. I had forgotten about the Bib Laden article otherwise I wouldn’t have asked the question!

  5. The best description of the kind of “journalist” that Hersh is is he’s a “limited hang-out artist”. This is what I called him on my blog the day his article was published. He specializes in taking a kernel of truth and building an entire propaganda piece out of it. I believe he is and ALWAYS HAS BEEN a CIA asset.


  6. With Herr Trump using his fashion model daughter and slumlord son-in-law as ‘foreign intelligence’ assets, then some might wonder what in the Hell is going on in the WH.

    Slumlord Kushner gets back from seeing his terrorist bud Nuttyahoo and within a day or two, the unhinged Nikki Halley starts barking like a mad dog about Syria, along with shit for brains Spicer.

    Kushner and Nutty are up to something and that something is forcing Trump to respond to another Syrian chemical FF so Trump will have to show HIS red line isn’t like the cold-blooded killer Obama’s.

    One thing for sure, the central bank gangsters and their best buddy, Israel, have Syrians in the bulls eye for more death and destruction.

  7. It is a sad realization that those reporters you thought might be trying to tell the truth are indeed part of the many layered matrix of intelligence fog. Why did Bob Woodward of Watergate fame never disclose that he worked in Naval Intelligence and was directly reporting to Al Haig (deep throat) before he got the newspaper gig? Another military coup, dressed up as an incompetent president backstory.

    And so it goes. Hersh another “I got creds” intelligence spinner. You ask why if he isn’t legit has he been marginalized from the MSM? Well with all the internet sharing, you can’t be as obvious anymore. Better to look like a wounded bird than a full fledged mocking bird.

  8. In terms of what’s going on, perhaps the inter-deep state rivalries are what this is about. A number of reasonable explanations can be found. Hersch could be warning, on behalf of his handlers, Trump’s warmongers that Hersch’s side wants no part of it anymore. Or, perhaps more likely, Hersch’s side already knows Trump has been ‘got to’ by the other side and seeing him hamstrung can set up the narrative to take him down once he’s done what he’s forced to do. Presumably the Hersch side would be ‘winning’ upon doing so though how remains to be seen. Perhaps this is a ‘prop-up’ effort by Hersch’s side to bolster their credibility by attempting now to appear reasonable. There is much to consider in terms of what is going on behind the scenes. If nothing else, Trump could read this as telegraph of an upcoming FF and vow not to take the bait. Unless he’s been ‘gotten’ of course.

  9. No, please don’t berate Hersh, people. He is almost as high in my esteem as Noamy. Yes, as a commenter wittily put it, he has amassed ‘credibility coins,” to the point where even when he indulges in his penchant for absurd, black humor (e.g., the death of the hard to kill Bin Laden and his being chopped up before throwing him into the ocean), grateful fans give him the benefit of the doubt. See, lies, even bald face lies, advance… wait, let me scroll up to see what…. no, not “advance” but “move”: moved us close to some truth.

    Scott, always picky, wants the truth. But “Some truth” is good too, like moving us closer to seeing the BS bubbling under the top crust of Hersh’ so very brave reporting of CIA scripts in venues like The New Yorker and the London review of Books, you know the underground, samizdat alt media…

  10. I had a wise very old friend as a boy : A veteren of the 2 nd Cavalry stationed in Nebraska 1911. The gentleman born in 1891. ” The public forgets ” he ,very well read ,would say. Nikki Haley learned her schtick from General Powell, that ” hero ” of the system held up photos of ” WMD” , and the truck was literally a manure spreader . This as pretext for Iraq War catastrophe II. Go back further in history and the methods the same : Recall the phrase of Neoconservative Think Tank Project For A New American Century? The vehicle for King Of the Republican Trotzky Crowd William Krystel ? ” We need another Pearl Harbor event “. So we have Syrian chemicals : Saddam WMD , Atomic program , 911, Gulf Of Tonkin , Korean Gun Boats , Pearl Harbor , Lusitania, ” Remember The Maine ” ,and more. All incidents unravelling in historical research for those willing to look ,and learn. But the establishment ,media ,academia ,will never relent in the long narrative of deceit. Why ? ” The public forgets “.

  11. Great article, thank you

  12. Reminds me of 1984, trying to rewrite history. What will eventually become recorded in the history books. These people are really smart.. Technocrats. But can they really dupe the people that this whole russia/syria thing up to now was trumps fault? Obama/hillary sent the american military trainers/advisors/spec ops into Syria first officially.

    The inteligence agencies escalated it further. Then Trump became president and was attacked (if not the only reason i think) for having common sense towards another specific country. That failed along with another FF. And here we are now. Talking about an upcoming future FFs like it’s just another day that might rain.

    • Yes, they can. Look at the history of the last 2000 years. There are historical facts fabricated by leaders of religions, themselves fabricated from whole cloth, that a majority of people in the western world believe implicitly. People are willing to make the core of their existence the complete belief and faith in a factual void – a complete fabrication constructed for them by those who would control their lives.

  13. If Hersh’s story can be seen to be “setting up the pretext of another pending false flag chemical attack”, and shortly afterward Trump referred to “potential preparations”, why assume he wasn’t referring to the Hersh horseshit?

  14. From where I’m sitting, the Mockingbird “destabilization campaign against the current president of the United States, Donald J. Trump” might also be characterized as an imperial stabilization campaign. The PTSB are betting on Trump’s Brownshorts to crush any outbreaks of democracy that might pop up. They’re using Mockingbird to create the impression that they’re ‘under siege’ (even though they control all four branches of government).

    But don’t take my word for it, the vigilant protectors of Freedom’s Safe Space have spoken…

  15. I don’t know how accurate is this portrayal of Hersh’s article on the Bin Laden assassination. Calling Hersh a “Mockingbird specialist” is possibly falling into a trap set by the enemies of truth who would love to discredit Hersh.

    The article can be found here –

    I have to admit that I haven’t read the whole article, word for word. It’s very long, even convoluted, and it’s chock-full of data. But most significantly, large sections of it are quotations of the official story, that is, quotations from Obama administration officials. I think Hersh’s personal statements are at times implied, not stated explicitly. I do find it difficult to find examples in this article where Hersh personally endorses the official story, as Scott’s article states that he did.

    But the the following words from Hersh’s first paragraph are important to note –

    “The White House still maintains that the mission was an all-American affair, and that the senior generals of Pakistan’s army and Inter-Services Intelligence agency (ISI) were not told of the raid in advance. This is false, as are many other elements of the Obama administration’s account. The White House’s story might have been written by Lewis Carroll: would bin Laden, target of a massive international manhunt, really decide that a resort town forty miles from Islamabad would be the safest place to live and command al-Qaida’s operations? He was hiding in the open. So America said.”

    I think the statement, “The White House’s story might have been written by Lewis Carroll” sums up Hersh’s viewpoint.

    • yes, and his version differs only by how they “found” bin Laden and how they disposed of the body. Plus, a few lines in there about how he wasn’t armed or hiding behind a woman and he was shot execution style. But, Hersh’s own new limited hangout version certainly does CONCLUDE that indeed the CIA found bin Laden, hiding in Pakistan, and he was killed that day in 2011 and his body was chopped up in a helicopter and tossed out the window never to be found again. That’s clearly bullshit. Maybe his version sounds more like it was written by Quinton Tarantino than Lewis Carroll, but it’s STILL the same story. It’s called limited hangout and Hersh has done it many times since like he did with the chemical weapons attack in East Ghoutta in 2013 which he accurately claims was done by the “rebels”… but it was ordered and orchestrated by Recep Erdogan… not the CIA… which is total bullshit. See? Limited hangout. That’s how it works.

  16. I change my first sentence to this – I don’t know how accurate is this portrayal of Hersh’s article on the ‘Bin Laden assassination’.

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