Mob-like Democrats Kill Single Payer Healthcare In California

by Scott Creighton

And just for reference, the head of California DNC is a scumbag lobbyist for the pharmaceutical industry who basically stole the chair seat from a progressive who wanted single payer healthcare along with the majority of Californians. At one time he took 100k bucks from Big Pharma to kill a bill that would have dramatically decreased the cost of prescription medicine for Californians. The California Nurses Association who backs this single payer bill the establishment Dems just killed, were once told to “shut the fuck up and go outside” at a recent rally where they were there to press the corrupt party to push for single payer. And of course, you have to remember, the DNC believes it is their right to rig primaries and dictate to the party who their candidates will be in spite of the will of the majority of their supporters. A couple years ago it was exposed that Speaker Anthony Rendon, the guy who unilaterally killed the bill, bought his way into the upper echelon of the party by kicking in 190k bucks to the corrupt leader of the assembly at that time. Not only that, but the scumbag took $36,000 from Big Pharma right before he voted for the unconstitutional vaccine mandate back in 2015.

Rigging elections, cussing at nurses in public, demanding tribute in exchange for important positions in the party and taking pay-offs from Big Business to see their interests are looked after. Shit. If I didn’t know better I would say the mob is running the DNC in California.

I mean, is this Cali 2017 or Gangs of New York? Hard to tell the difference sometimes ain’t it?

That’s what the DNC is today, just so you know. Keep that in mind watching the following videos about how the neoliberal Dems in California just killed single payer healthcare.

(Oh, and just for full disclosure… our previous J. Edgar Hoover, a guy by the name of Comey, told us to rest assured that there is no such thing as organized crime in the DNC. So, there is that ಠ_ಠ )

This from Jimmy Dore

And this from the Humanist Report

6 Responses

  1. and these bas******s have the best health insurance ….free…. paid for by our taxes……
    can we vote and demand that they (all congress) no longer have health care included in their salary…..make them use Obama care….?
    or shoot them.

    • I didn’t really mean to ‘shoot’ them. Just makes me mad that they can murder people through passing laws….. and it is murder. We should do citizen arrest …. and put them all in jail.

    • Scott, A philosophical question–recently you called Jimmy Dore a sell-out. Today, you feature a (very good) video of his. Did you wrestle with linking to that Dore video? Not judging or condemning, just inquiring.

      I tend to do the same thing in posts on FB or wherever when it comes to 9/11 blogger re ASSange saying he’s “constantly annoyed” by “false conspiracies” like 9/11 (9/11 Blogger being controlled opposition, in my view); and the Amy Goodman Democracy Now interview with Wesley Clark saying the US had been planning years ago to take out 7 countries in the Middle East in 5 years (Amy being a sell-out, in my view). I have mixed feelings about citing to these URLs (see below), but they are the most convenient references, I tell myself. Thoughts?

    • Jan,
      Voting is rigged. Got to get it un-rigged somehow before casting votes. Sadly, I have not ideas on how to accomplish that.

      • you are right, Dennis. We have to get the voting done by paper ballots and the ballot boxes have to be a clear plastic and the voting stations have to be operated by local honest people.
        Don’t we have the right to do that?

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