Lyin Bernie Sheepdog Sanders Turns his Back on Tim Canova (AGAIN) as he Challenges Corrupt Debbie Wasserman Schultz

by Scott Creighton

So we should “Draft Bernie” huh? Make Bernie the center of all our efforts to change the political system we live under, right? Hmm.

Last week, (Tim) Canova announced he will challenge Wasserman Schultz again in 2018 despite a 14-point loss in the Democratic primary to the longtime congresswoman from Weston.

But this time around, Sanders isn’t on board.

I have no idea about Tim Canova, I honestly don’t,” Sanders said when asked if he plans to support Canova’s second bid against Wasserman Schultz. “I know nothing about Tim Canova.”

Sanders declined to answer whether he thinks Wasserman Schultz should face a primary challenge from a more liberal-leaning Democrat.” Miami Herold

So Bernie knows nothing about Canova? Well, unfortunately for Bernie, the internet exists and we can watch this clip all day long:

Yeah, that’s Bernie saying Canova’s views are closer to his than Debbies are/were. I guess The Bern knew at least THAT much about Tim at one point.

But this isn’t the first time Bernie and company screwed Tim over.

The Florida unDemocratic Party primary was in Aug of 2016, long after the Bernster shacked up with Killary on the campaign trail and pocketed the keys to his brand new $600,000 lakeside log cabin.

And when push came to shove and Tim’s campaign needed the Old Sheepdog to show up and campaign for him… the old fraudulent fuck pulled a no-show.

In fact, Bernie pretended back in May to be backing progressive candidates like Tim when they primaried corrupt corporate Dems, but after he conceded his nomination to the thief who stole it in July, Bernie did exactly “jack shit” to help them.

In fact, his fake progressive group “Our Revolution” may have actually done more HARM to Tim Canova’s chances than help them. Who says that? Which tin-foil hat wearing conspiracy theorists?

Well, the one’s who worked for “Our Revolution” to start with:

“The political revolution has let Tim Canova down. Bernie Sanders hasn’t shown up to campaign for his chosen primary challenger to Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the former chair of the Democratic National Committee. Heading into a Florida Democratic primary on Tuesday, Canova is behind by double digits in recent polling and looks likely to lose the race.

But that’s only part of the story. Former staffers at Our Revolution, the organization created to act as a successor to the Sanders campaign, believe the group did not do as much as it should have to help Canova in his bid to defeat the veteran Florida congresswoman…

“I would absolutely say the prohibition on coordinating hurt the Canova campaign,” said Paul Schaffer, the former data and analytics director for Our Revolution.” The Atlantic

Ah. So Bernie stirred folks up, got them all ready to make a move to primary fake Dems (kinda like the Justice Dems, right?) and when the shit hit the fan, Bernie and his phony “Revolution” was no where to be seen.

And in fact, they set the thing up legally so they couldn’t help their progressive candidates… leaving them like crippled sheep staked to a post in a field patrolled by rabid timber wolves.

Let’s see… the “Draft Bernie” campaign… and the “Justice Dems” featuring a whole bunch of new blood, well-meaning dupes who have no idea when the shit hits the fan, their sugar daddies at the Young Turks are going to do THE EXACT SAME THING TO THEM…

And in fact, the Draft Bernie movement AND the Justice Dems group… are BOTH headed up by former Bernie staffers, folks who ran “Our Revolution”

… folks who set up people like Tim Canova and then screwed em over when they needed them the most… so they would lose.

Cute, right?

I don’t know a thing about Tim Canova. I do not endorse him but I certainly don’t endorse DWS either. But that’s not the point.

Bernie is a GD liar. He was either lying then when he endorsed Tim on national television or he’s lying now. Or both maybe. Who knows.

For all of you involved in the lawsuit against the DNC I would like to suggest a slight change of direction for you. Add Bernie Sanders to the list of co-defendants if he isn’t already on it. Maybe if you win he’ll give you each a time-share of that new lakeside cabin he got for selling you out last year. That would be something at least. It’s nice.

Screw Bernie Sanders.

7 Responses

  1. Hypocrisy is so in vogue right now, and all of the mainstream politicos keep getting away with it. Very depressing.

  2. “Bernie is a GD liar. He was either lying then when he endorsed Tim on national television or he’s lying now. Or both maybe. Who knows.”

    Both, no maybes … he’s a politician, folks. Woof! Woof!

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