War on the Disabled: Disabled Protesters Arrested for Staging “Die-In” Outside McConnell’s Office (videos)

“The only reasons these cuts to Medicaid are in this bill is to pay for tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans”

Well, that is true. But it’s also to defund Medicaid so they can create a crisis thereby giving them the opportunity to say “look, state-run programs don’t work, let’s privatize it” And they do this to all sorts of government programs like the Department of Education, the Post Office and the Veteran’s Administration.

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  1. The cuts to Medicaid should be viewed along with the push for physician-assisted suicide, which is now being legalized state by state. Not only will the elderly and disabled not get Medicaid, but private insurers are also not going to be paying for care. But they will pay for the drug you can take to end your life, as was shown in the case of Barbara Wagner in Oregon. And there is ZERO ability for anyone to assure themselves, when that drug is used to end your life, you chose that end voluntarily.

  2. Except, that there’s actually plenty of factual evidence that state-run programs don’t work:

    The federal Department of Education does not contribute one whit to the education of even one child. It’s a bloated bureaucracy whose existence is based on stolen American incomes.

    The Post Office only exists because of legal monopoly for local letter delivery. There are hundreds of examples of private businesses performing letter delivery cheaper and faster than the federal Post Office.

    The cold fact is that without a profit motive people will not seek efficiency or innovation. Cheaper, faster, better are not goals of state-run programs. Never have been, never will be.

    • well what do you say to the scores of evidence and reports that show every other Westernized nation that has a real single payer system actually delivers better health for the people of that country at less cost? And keep in mind, single payer is not “state run healthcare”… it’s still for-profit hospitals and doctors and medical facilities, just a single payment system paying the bills.

      • Generally agree, but our political system is “pay to play” and the money our reps get from the healthcare system causes it to be rigged on every facet. If we could magically become less of a pirate run country, where it is all about grabbing the booty, then maybe we could have a government-managed system that benefited the citizens. I would still argue for open-pricing and global availability to take out the monopoly control. Some doctors now are opening insurance-free clinics and many of the costs are reduced up to 70-80% of what they used to charge.

    • Yes, I don’t doubt that scores of other countries do scores of other things better and cheaper than the US. Everything the US government touches turns to shit. That’s b/c the US system of government and marketplace is fascism — laws/regulations for sale to the highest bidders (big companies/industries) to create unfair advantages/monopolies, ultimately from the barrel of a gun.

      Remove ALL government regulation/intrusion/meddling/subsidies from the medical/healthcare field, and the cost of healthcare drops by 90%+.


    Here’s the big lie trolls use (seriously, it’s one of the big three in all the troll handbooks) – see if you’ve learned to spot it….

    ‘There are hundreds of examples of private businesses performing letter delivery cheaper and faster than the federal Post Office.’

    Hint: research pension funding standards

    • Hi WAMTAF, I don’t know who you are, but I’m not a troll. I’ve been a devoted reader of American Everyman for many many many years (found it via 9/11 interest and got hooked), donate to the site on occasion, and use my real name/same email address every time to comment. Who are you?

      Probably unlike most readers here, my views would be considered libertarian (anarcho-capitalism), as I try to measure everything by the non-aggression principle. This explains why I so enjoy Scott’s skewering & exposure of the US military/CIA’s murder of millions of people over the decades, in myriad places around the world. (However, we don’t seem to share the same small gov’t views…)

      To clarify above comment: private people/businesses provide goods/services for purchase in voluntary exchanges far cheaper, faster, better than any state-run program. And human behavior is the very basic reason. Because state-run programs are funded by money stolen from people (by the threat of violence, or actual violence), there is zero mechanism to measure the quality or efficiency of the services being provided.

      Whether large corporations honor their promises/contracts or treat their employees better than governments treat their employees is not the same discussion, and quite frankly doesn’t change anything about my statement in regards to voluntary exchange of goods/services.

      • Plenty of examples of private people/businesses using the threat of violence/actual violence to provide goods/services.

        There’re even a few examples of state-run programs that didn’t require involuntary funding from people.

        • This isn’t the place for people like you to proselytize “anarcho-capitalism”.

        • Ok. What about the non-aggression principle? Is that off-limits also? (Seems related to Scott’s criticism of US military aggression…) Is this an echo chamber? Do I need to come to you for permission? How does this work?

      • @edgar: really? plenty of examples? please do tell

      • Pecuniary greed without regulation DOES NOT lead to an “aggression-free society”, for more reasons than could fit on any one of our comments.

  4. I am elderly (77) and I had to go to the hospital a few days ago. I made it very clear that I was not going to stay….. they had to do an xray and they determined nothing was wrong……. (something is wrong… I can barely walk)…. anyway, I was afraid to stay even overnight because I kept wondering if ‘they’ might help me die….. as they call it.
    So the elderly will be afraid to go to the hospitals (even though they need to go),,,,,
    I was lucky, my son took me and stayed with me.

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