What is this New McCarthyism Really About? What’s Old is New Again

by Scott Creighton

Russian affairs expert Stephen F. Cohen recently sat down with Michael Tracy and discussed the root cause of what they called the “establishment’s Russia fixation”

During the interview Tracy rightly pointed out that even the fringe so-called “progressive” side of the unDemocratic Party are routinely inserting anti-Russian rhetoric into their public discourse and he said this bodes badly for the party and the people of the country as a whole. Stephen agreed with him and went on and on about how these talking points are being disseminated by the old Hillary Clinton crowd in an effort to rewrite the history of her loss in 2016 and spin it into something it wasn’t.

I’ve noticed a marked shift in the political rhetoric as of late as it refers to the fake-left side of our one party, the Business Party, political system. And I think this has been having an effect on the wave of New McCarthyism we’ve been seeing.

Since this special election loss in Georgia, the unDemocratic Party and the media are all starting to recognize what we “fringe” populists leftists have been saying for some time now and that is the old DNC holds nothing for us other than contempt and that’s because they understand their Republican-lite brand isn’t going to satisfy the majority of the party anymore.

Try as they have, try as they might, their effort to turn left-leaning Americans into “centrist” neoliberal moderate republicans has failed. And if these past 4 special elections, the presidential election of 2016, the unDemocratic Party primary of 2016 (which Hillary had to steal in order to “win” the nomination) and the 1,000 various seats they have lost are any indication… they have failed BADLY.

In the wake of all of this failure, the unDemocratic Party has been consistent in only one response to it: doubling down on the core issue at the heart of the failure which is them becoming more and more dependent on corporate money funneling in at record levels as Nancy Pelosi steers her ship of state toward the iceberg.

If this keeps up, one might start to think they are getting paid by Big Business to lose, if one were so inclined to think in conspiratorial ways that is.

It is true the establishment fake-left doesn’t wish the American public to believe a populist ran against one of their own and won. It’s never good to embolden the rabble in that fashion. Our “democracy” is founded on us being told what is best for us and having us believe it.

Our “democracy” is also founded as of late on what Big Business deems “stability”… kind of like the stability it seeks in other countries when their people “vote the wrong way” and we have to issue a “correction” in the installation of a good and solid puppet to run the country with an iron fist for a couple of decades on behalf of our national interests.

That is “stability”

That’s why we have the Washington Consensus. Both parties are neoliberal Business Firsters and we simply don’t allow even the thought of a third party to enter into the minds of the voting public. Just ask Nader about that. After Ross Perot gave ’em a scare back in 92, they vowed to never ever let that happen again. And you can ask Bernie Sanders about that one as well considering the fact that if he had taken up Jill Stein’s offer… Donald Trump would be back on NBC telling washed up celebrities “You’re fired!” right about now.

So yes, Hillary was supposed to win and it didn’t work out that way. But in the end, the Duke of Orange is still going to do his best to serve the interests of the American oligarchs and Big Business and after a little tiff with the good folks at the CIA and State Department, he’s kind of got his mind right with our interventionist foreign policy. I mean after all, what is neoliberalism without ruthless global aggression to provide new markets for our vulture capitalists?

So, in a sense, Stephen is correct to some degree. Yes, they wish to rewrite the history of the previous presidential election in order to frame it as Russian interference rather than a populist uprising against the establishment’s front-woman. That is clear.

But is it the overriding motive? Hardly.

Last night Rachel Maddow did a whole show building up to some writer’s unsubstantiated claim that Trump was somehow in the pocket of Vladamir Putin via some more of her 6 degrees of separation now via some banking deal from 10 or so years ago and the Russian mob of all things.

This “Russian Mob” story has been floated before and Jimmy Dore even floated it himself a month or so ago saying “this is the where they are going to find Trump’s REAL corruption”

The story is ludicrous but it shows how determined they are to continue smearing the current president for political reasons not associated with the very real harm his administration of neoliberal billionaires is attempting to do to the people of this country. It’s a meaningless and vapid accusation that will go nowhere but it will garner viewers and continue with the all important new McCarthyism they have been ginning up for a year or longer.

So what’s it’s all about?

Well, it’s about a lot of things. None of them particularly new.

First and foremost, Russia is the main reason Condi Rice’s “New Middle East” is still borne.

The Greater Kurdistan project has quietly been the most important project working behind the scenes for the previous two administrations. It’s the foundation of their New Middle East. A country, like Saudi Arabia, ruled by a dictator and his family, corrupt beyond measure and in bed with our “national interests”.. formed out of pieces of 4 nations that were a thorn in our side and more importantly.. in the side of our “special friends” over there… Israel.

Iraq was to give up a piece of their country for the project. The Bush administration made sure that would happen.

Syria is supposed to give up a piece of theirs. It’s pretty clear even to those who attacked writers like myself and Penny years ago who were warning about all of this, that the U.S. and the Kurds have NEVER been fighting “ISIS” at this point and the whole purpose behind their efforts was to bust off a piece of that country to make the Western Kurdstan part of Greater Kurdistan.

Turkey is being readied for their contribution to the cause. Propagandists on the right AND the “alternative” left have been prepping the hearts and minds mission to make their followers ready for a regime change/civil war in Turkey for a couple years now. Erdogan is steadily demonized as he grows more and more active in his quest to stop this plan in it’s tracks.

And Iran… well, we all know they have been targeted for some time now… and just last week “ISIS” committed two acts of terrorism inside the country while the Iranian Kurds are tuning up their efforts to bust off a piece for themselves.

Imagine the lock our “national interests” could hold on the Middle East and the energy exports running through that area if they controlled both Saudi Arabia and Barzani Kurdistan. They could dictate any of their demands to practically any nation on earth under threat of an embargo or simply through the manipulation of energy costs.

Let’s make this point very clear: Russia didn’t intervene when Hillary Clinton decided to decimate Libya so her friends could profit from the chaos she created.  And Russia hasn’t done a damn thing to help the people of Yemen as they are being attacked at will by the Saudis with their U.S. and British stockpiles of weapons.

So Russia isn’t some knight in shining armor running around defending the weak against the strong when it comes to our interventionist policies around the world.

But Russia got involved in Syria. Why?

Because the Russians know exactly what the endgame of the Grand Chessboard looks like and they took a stand to keep from being checkmated with Greater Kurdistan.

Let’s not forget, back in 2012 when neoliberal neocon Mitt Romney was saying Russia was our greatest threat, the Dems laughed at him. Killary was already in the process of trying to foment a color revolution after their elections in 2011 but we weren’t quite ready to name them as public enemy #1 at that point.

That didn’t happen until Russia moved into Syria and started bombing “ISIS” convoys taking stolen Syrian oil down to Iraqi Kurdistan so it could be shipped to Israel.

Then it all changed.

The unDemocratic Party started all of this but keep your eyes open. Even Fox News is now saying the Russians “interfered” with the elections and they are “bad actors” in the region of Syria and Iran so they aren’t going to be that hard pressed to push their audience into the next Cold War. Hell, Mitt Romney started it off 5 years ago because someone in the know already anticipated Russia putting their foot down.

The folks on the left though… they would need a little more prodding and that’s what we have been given. An endless stream of new McCarthyism prodding based on outright lies, innuendo and 6 degrees of separation bullshit coming from the “progressive” heroes like Maddow, the Young Turks and Keith Olbermann.

The Greater Kurdistan project is of the utmost importance to the masters of the universe. But is it important enough to risk nuclear war?


Remember, stability is the key and the ultimate destabilizer in the modern era is nuclear conflict because there is no guarantee of the outcome. There is no way to measure the results before it happens and we certainly don’t want to risk the future profit margins of Big Business and Big Banking on our nuclear defense systems which are unproven and probably as shotty as everything else the MIC builds for profit these days.

In short… there’s no way to know what the business prospects are going to be in a nuclear wasteland or even if certain corporate entities will even survive the fallout. So they can’t allow that to happen. None of them can. Yes, there is conflict within the masters of the universe and their competing interests. That is true. But none of them, none of them, holds stock in irradiated water supplies futures and not a single one of them has sunk billions into put-options on the stock of the United States and her Western allies (Israel included) being reduced to rubble. So they all have a vested interest in LIMITED conflict… that’s a fact… but the key word there being LIMITED.

All that said, it doesn’t mean you can’t bluff the Russians into backing down and part of that bluff is letting them see the establishment is already preparing the minions for the conflict. So that’s part of it.

Yes, Trump’s glorious generals (facetious) are playing a dangerous game of chicken in Syria and shooting down a Syrian fighter in order to protect “ISIS” is just part of that game.

At this point, there is no possible winning a nuclear conflict with Russia and China there is only the possibility of mitigating the damages so the elites who launch it might be able to live in a cave someplace until whatever crawls on the surface of the planet sniffs em out and eats em. And they know that.

They have plans for total domination of the planet and every carbon-based creature that dwells on it. You think they are going to give those up because Russia “hacked” an election or blocked a plan to build a new nation in the Middle East? Not on your life.

The crazy general in Dr. Strangelove may be embodied on the surface by Trump’s mad dog Mattis, but he’s not an unhinged idiot looking to launch nukes at the drop of a hat.

Notice, if you will, Russia attacked three “ISIS” convoys we let leave Raqqa and the mad dog didn’t do a damn thing to stop it. Syria attacked one and the brave general attacked. Sure it’s provocative, but if he really was that nutjob from Dr. Strangelove, we’d already be at war with Russia, make no mistake about it.

This is posturing in an effort to salvage the Greater Kurdistan project and the propganda being leveled at folks on the left endlessly is part of that. It’s goes well beyond covering for Hillary Clinton’s loss in the election or even beyond covering for the DNC’s rigging of the election or the DHS’s for that matter.

And here’s one more aspect of it you should consider while chatting with your friends at the water-cooler or talking to your crazy right-wing uncle over hot-dogs and beer this weekend: Dick Cheney is back with his “Rebuilding America’s Defenses” crap.

What? you say?


“North Korea is making alarming progress in its ballistic-missile and nuclear-weapons programs. Russia and China are developing and fielding advanced weapons against which the U.S. may not be able to defend. Al Qaeda operates in more countries than ever. Islamic State is targeting the West and launching attacks throughout Europe and the Middle East. Iran is supporting terrorist organizations across the globe, modernizing its ballistic-missile and other capabilities and likely continuing to pursue nuclear weapons. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis told the House Armed Services Committee last week that the U.S. is losing the military edge on which our security has long relied: “Today, every operating domain—including outer space, air, sea, undersea, land and cyberspace—is contested.” Gen. Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, seconded that worry in written testimony for the same hearing: “Without sustained, sufficient and predictable funding,” he wrote, “I assess that within five years we will lose our ability to project power; the basis of how we defend the homeland, advance U.S. interests, and meet our alliance commitments.” Dick and Liz Cheney OP Ed June 20th, 2017

Dick Cheney and his daughter are back pushing neocon “Rebuilding” brand once again and this time they are looking for congress to pump still more money into the “defense” budget and “repeal the Budget Control Act to eliminate the arbitrary spending caps and devastating sequestration”

Key to all of that is this whole “Russia is coming” storyline being promoted by the way, by the same unDemocratic Party who’s candidate won the support of 9 out of 10 neocons last year.

Which brings us back to the original point in my article which was… how the unDemocratic Party is consistently looking to cash in on their losses via donations from Big Business and the MIC.

We’ve come full circle, huh?

Yes, the unDemocratic Party is going to be looking to cash in on this new effort to pump more cash into the defense industry when the bill comes to the floor. How are they going to be able to position themselves to vote against it after a year of screeching about how the Russians are already waging war against us?

That’s why the Russian narrative can’t go away. They are still playing a game of brinkmanship in Syria for the Greater Kurdistan project and the MIC needs more money to fight this new Cold War we got going.

And the Dems… they want to make sure they get their piece of the pie.

So it’s slightly more complicated than simply saying “they can’t stand the fact that Trump beat them” but in the end, it’s always about the same things isn’t it? Hegemony and money or some variation thereof.

As it was in the 50s, so it is today.

8 Responses

  1. Thank you Scott for your time and effort in writing this article. Lots of insights and appreciate you sharing your perspectives. I feel like I grew up in It’s a Wonderful Life and I’m dying a slow death on the Planet Pottersfield. In this age of information, the bad news just doesn’t seem to slow down.

  2. I called you ‘big guy’ for a reason—this reason: You get it, always have.

    Keep at it, man, long as you can

  3. Great article. Could use footnotes to check on this or that, but still a great article. I offer this perspective: the Archons are in control.

  4. I guess russia was/is the latest US false flag and no one had to die this time. Yet.

  5. I believe they the Liberal Democrats are the arm of the new world order. They are shortly to find out authority is not found in money but is from G-D alone. They unfortunately will not worship G-D and choose also to rebel against G-D’S elect, President Trump. All rebellion is witchcraft and no more will G-D tolerate this. Therefore G-D has declared the Hour of the Apocalypse to reveal this evil empire which is manipulating chaos to bring about the order. G-D alone is able to bring Divine Order out of Chaos. He did it in the beginning to establish His Rule and He will do it again. Those who will worship Him in this Hour shall survive the coming draught upon our souls. Those who choose to defy Him in this Hour shall surely perish.

  6. The calumnies levied against Recep Tayyip Erdogan by everyone from Webster Tarpley to Brandon Martinez are BRUTAL. It’s time to protest many so-called “alternative media organizations”, too. How many more will sell out and sacrifice their principles on the altar of the Washington Consensus?
    I hope the Russians have the good sense to move beyond Vladimir Putin, to elect someone less inclined towards neoliberalism than him, who in turn is less neoliberal than the Clintons or Obama (arguably). This puts into perspective a lot of the anti-Soviet writing from both right and left. As Michael Parenti put it, the designated evil oppressor is deposed, only to implant the same capitalist mechanisms whose results we resent over here.

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