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  1. One of many elements to this Russian bashing is they are one of the few intelligence services to open the lid on 9/11. By demeaning them, the American public is now being conditioned to not trust anything they say, so providing proof of an inside job will be discounted.

    Another aspect is the building up of an alternate form of trade that minimizes the US dollar as the de facto currency of exchange. Both China and Russia have been busy putting this into play and the Anglo/Zionist Banking class are doing everything they can hang on to their monopoly control. Not to say the super wealthy are not connected at the very top, but I don’t think it is absolute that they all work as one.

    • Honestly, if no alternatives to political economy and trade under the Washington Consensus/Bilderberg successfully take root, humanity is in big, big trouble.

  2. thank you for this interview. this connected a lot of dots for me and made me even more concerned about the casual McCarthyism occurring in US Corporate Media.

    New news for me: Germany publically issued warning about the new sanctions (not passed Senate yet) harming their gas supply from Russia

    My D friends see no relationship/connection between RussiaGate and US foreign policy.

  3. So Russia-Gate is now officially Screen-Door-On-A-Submarine

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