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  1. The leftists and paleocons who vouched for the Donald don{t look so correct now, do they?

    • First of all, I never vouched for Donald Trump. I didn’t vote for him or suggest anyone else should.

      Second, he’s still better than Hillary Clinton. She was ALREADY a criminal, ALREADY on the take from Big Banking, Big Insurance and the MIC and as far as we know, on Nov. 7th 2016, Donald Trump wasn’t. Has he been bought since then? Yeah. We saw that coming, didn’t we? BUT AT THE TIME… he was still a better choice than Hillary was. In fact, unless you believe in voting for liars, war-criminals and thieves, almost anyone was.

      And let me give you another pill to chew on here… Hillary would have been doing the same thing. A little slower, a little slicker, but the same thing… but the difference is…

      … lefties are protesting Donald Trump doing it.

      Which is what I said would happen a year ago if he were elected. Which is exactly why I knew he would be better than Hillary. No left cover.

      So, do “they” look correct now? I think so… yeah.

      • I didn’t mean people like Penny (or you). I meant the Paul Craig Roberts, Pat Buchanans and Israel Shamirs of the world. Those who saw Donny the same way many Democrats saw Obama in 2008.
        Hell no, I’d never support the Clintons. I voted third-party in the November elections (Socialist Equality).

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