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  1. No fool like an old fool!

  2. Hd is a disgusting liar, opportunist and –for supporting wars with his vote, a war criminal

  3. Excellent analysis on a lot of levels, I love the “just the facts, Ma’am” tone of your delivery. We’re perfectly capable of supplying our own outrage, what we need are cogent arguments, logic and “real” facts to carry into our discussions with friends/neighbors/co-workers etc. Bravo!

    I’m techno-challenged, don’t know what’s involved, but if you’re going to be doing more video work, I’d love to have an audio mp3 version available as well, I do most of my learning that way in my vehicles (truck driver) Carry on, Bro’, gotta get more people to pony up, you’re too good to have to keep begging for money every month. C’mon, people!

  4. […] Sanders Demands Consequences for Those Who Interfere in Democratic Process… Except When Hillary an… […]

  5. Does he mean consequences for journalists? The media tried to interfere with and manipulate;ate the elections. One blog even has an email showing there was some secret dinner held at Podestra’s house for journalists and Hillary’s staff
    Quite a number of journalists attended. Id say that is election interference.

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