Russia’s Lavrov calls on US to respect Syrian sovereignty

(Do you think he’s talking about the West’s “freedom fighters” the Kurds trying to steal half of Syria for their Greater Kurdistan project? I think he is)

from Press TV

…“We call on everyone to avoid unilateral moves, respect Syrian sovereignty and join our common work which is agreed with the Syrian Arab Republic’s government,” Lavrov said.

He said all actions in Syria must be coordinated with legitimate Syrian authorities, “especially when it comes to the occupation of certain territories in Syria, including those that could prompt questions from the point of view of the true intentions of those who carry out such seizures.”..

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6 Responses

  1. The State Dept must have been all confused, trying to decipher what Lavrov meant. “What does he mean? Sovereignty? Is that a Russian word?”
    They sent a messenger to Kissinger, for if anyone could possibly solve the riddle it must be wise, old Henry. His reply was a sphynx-like metaphor, only less concise and with local color:
    “Sovereignty” is the thing with feathers that flew off when we liberated Iraq, Libya, and many other countries, and will flap away when we liberate Syria from the brutal dictator.”

  2. Thank you for following this story, everything else I have been reading seems to take such extreme positions it is difficult to see what “is.”

  3. He’s building a case for manifest breach of the UN Charter, which is the threshold for the crime of aggression. It’s open-and-shut as it is. A clear UNGA resolution could spur propria motu action by the ICC. That will debunk the US propaganda line that this war is a matter of international politics – the world will be identifying individual criminals who run the US war Maschine.

  4. Apologies, slightly off topic on this post but Syria related. This is what needs to be shown to the media sycophants enabling the death merchants on their march to obliterate sovereign nations who don’t obey the empire-du-jour.

    The Amanpour part at the beginning of the video….consider this as the perfect example of the phony vacuous news anchor, the self congratulatory plaudits following her heart breaking story….the discovery of the lie…the inability of the original fable spinners to recant…oh yeah…and the incestuous marriage to Rubin and friendships with think tank wonks and academians…the lie lives on and will still be recounted in future tales of Syrian Assad atrocities. oh, and don’t forget it’s just this cabal that lectures us on the dangers of fake news! why, from any possible angle, could anyone believe the bilge that spews daily from the majority of Western Media.

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