Fake Left and Fake Right MSM Says Nothing About Potential WW III Inciting Event

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: OH SHIT…. Russian military says it will now “track and target” any U.S. coalition aircraft west of the Euphrates River and will be followed by air and ground forces as “air targets”

“In areas where Russian aviation is conducting combat missions in the Syrian skies, any flying ojects, including jets and unmanned aerial vehicles of the international coalition discovered west of the Euphrates River will be followed by Russian air and ground defenses as air targets,” the Russian Defense Ministry announced.”

UPDATE: Russian Defense Ministry says this is an “act of aggression” or an act of war in other words.

UPDATE: Two weeks ago Russian warplanes wiped out 3 convoys of “ISIS” destabilization contractors who had been allowed to flee Raqqa heading south. Looks like U.S. military has decided to take a more hands on approach in defense of “ISIS” terrorists.

UPDATE: In the middle of April, Donald Trump gave his glorious generals “total authority” to conduct military strikes in Syria without his approval. It took em less than 2 months to kick off another Cuban missile crisis on behalf of their real employers, the military industrial complex.

If anything makes clear the complicity of BOTH sides of the fake partisan media divide, this new story about the U.S. downing a Syrian SU-22 fighter jet will. And more specifically I am talking about the MSM’s lack of coverage of the downing of this Syrian plane.

This is the first time in over 10 years that the U.S. air force has downed what they call an “aggressive” aircraft in a combat scenario. One would  think as much as the MSM worships at the feet of the military in this country, that kind of incidence might just merit a little coverage from them on their broadcast networks. But one would be wrong.

As of writing this neither MSNBC, CNN or Fox News has mentioned the event once… or at least not that I have seen. Instead viewers are being fed a steady diet of some vehicular event in London and an ongoing debate as to whether President Trump said he was under investigation or not. Clearly the latter is an effort to protect the credibility of the Washington Post as it turns out their Deep State assets were lying last week when they “leaked” a story saying he was.

Anti-war activists have been warning us for years now just how dangerous it was to have U.S. fighter jets zooming around in the skies above Syria (where they have no legal right to be flying by the way) right alongside Syrian and Russian fighter planes. The concern has always been that something could happen which might set in motion a larger conflict that could conceivably escalate to involve the two leading nuclear super-powers in the world.

Yesterday that concern was realized and as of yet the complicit media… even those pretending to oppose everything Trump stands for… have said next to nothing about the event.

As the battle for Raqqa rages on and the Kurds and the U.S. coalition allow “ISIS” (their destabilization team) to flee the city in preparation for handing it over to the Kurds, the Syrian Arab Army is moving up from the south to retake the town themselves. To retake it for Syria as opposed to the U.S./Kurdish plan to accept the handover from “ISIS” in the name of Greater Kurdistan.

According to several reports from the ground, the Syrian airforce was attacking a convoy fleeing Raqqa full of “ISIS” destabilization contractors when the U.S. did a few low-speed fly-overs in an effort to protect them. The SAA ignored the efforts of the coalition planes and attacked the convoy anyway.

It was at that point that someone on high in the U.S. military command gave the order to take out one of the Syrian fighter planes. All of this happened right along Route 6 south of Raqqa and north of Rusafa near a village called Ja Din.

In a rare MSM mention of this event, the Washington Post wrote:

“Thomas rejected the Syrian government’s claims that the aircraft was bombing the Islamic State, adding that Ja’Din is controlled by Syrian Democratic Forces and that the militant group had not been in the area for some time.

The Syrian Democratic Forces, a coalition of predominantly Arab and Kurdish fighters, is a key proxy force for the U.S.-led coalition in Syria. The fighters were instrumental in retaking towns and villages from the Islamic State in recent months and are fighting to retake the group’s de-facto capital of Raqqa.” Washington Post

The “Syrian Democratic Forces” are not Syrian. They are Arabs from all over the Middle East (including the usual suspects who provide terrorist contractors to other destabilization outfits), contractors and Kurds. And in spite of the implications of the carefully picked name, they are not fighting for Syria. They are fighting to take over a large part of the country and claim it as their own in their effort to craft the western part of Greater Kurdistan, a project being worked on by the U.S. and Israel for over a decade. In fact, it was what Condi Rice was referring to when she talked about the “birth pangs of a New Middle East”

So when the Washington Post claims these Kurdish terrorists are “retaking towns and villages from the Islamic State” it’s a flat out lie. They aren’t “retaking” anything. The towns and villages are Syrian towns and villages and these Kurdish thugs, another proxy force of U.S./Israeli aggression, are trying to take advantage of the chaos created by our “ISIS” destabilization team, to CAPTURE them… not “retake” them.

If you go to this live map of the Syrian conflict, you can see just how unstable that particular area is right now.

The red areas are those controlled by the legitimate government of Syria.

The yellow is controlled by our new “freedom fighters”, the Kurds.

Just up route 6 is Raqqa.

The Syrians had just retaken an area to the south and were on their way north to Raqqa.

SANA reports:

“The Army general command announced on Sunday that the air force of the so-called “international coalition” targeted one of the army’s warplanes in al-Rasafah region in Raqqa southern countryside while it was carrying out a combatant mission against ISIS terrorist organization..”

Sputnik’s reporting is the same:

““Our aircraft was downed at lunch time today near the [Syrian] city of Raqqa, when it was fulfilling its mission against the IS,”

That is all based on the official statement from the Syrian military command.

Early reports stated the SAA attack was on a convoy of “ISIS” fighter being allowed to flee Raqqa by the Kurds and U.S. coalition forces.

Last week there were reports of huge convoys of “ISIS” fighters being allowed to leave Raqqa. This website even had a video of the fighters leaving flying their flag atop their Helix trucks. It is not clear if that video is from “ISIS” leaving Raqqa this week or an earlier escape. What is clear is the fact that “ISIS” has no fear of being seen by U.S. drones and surveillance planes flying overhead since they are certainly flying their flags as if maybe they figure the Americans wont attack them… for some strange reason.

That website also mentions a deal struck between U.S. coalition forces and “ISIS” which would allow them safe passage out of western Raqqa, which is right above the area where the Syrian jet was downed.

“Last month, the US-led coalition also confirmed a Tabqa deal had been struck with ISIS, thus allowing jihadist fighters to evacuate an isolate pocket of territory in western Raqqa.”

There is a long history of U.S. and Kurdish forces allowing “ISIS” safe passage out of towns they have destabilized for the Kurds to come in and occupy.

The anti-war coalition of the left, the real anti-war coalition, is being demonized regularly on the right and the left. It’s coming from all sides. And Donald Trump was regularly attacked by the right and the left when he talked about getting out of Syria and letting them sort out their own mess.

Trump is clearly not of that mind set now.

The complicit media is ignoring this historic event almost as if their paychecks depend on it. That’s probably because they do.

The implications are huge. More direct military action taken against a sovereign state in support of either “ISIS” or the occupying Kurds.. or both (KurdISIS?)

World Wars have been started for lesser events… and not a peep from the MSM.

9 Responses

  1. Nobody is taking notice of this. It is getting very dangerous. The US army is being very irresponsible and just not taking care of the advice given by Syria and Russia.

  2. World War III
    they been trying to start that war …they are crazy………
    our government is crazy…

  3. Shit sandwich. I was afraid something unfortunate might happen when they moved HIMARS rocket artillery into Al Tanf on the 14th. Seems like Maddog (?) is trying like hell to prevent the encirclement of the Taqba dam area…no matter what.

    Wonder if they’ll let Donald personally lead the charge from Jordan to Damascus? Like ol’ Lawrence of Arabia, or Custer with the big blond hairdo. If he runs into trouble they can send in our secret weapon: Alex Jone$, the one man wrecking force!

  4. There’s still an abundance of useful idiots suckered into believing that the potential Greater Kurdistan will be a leftist paradise. “Judge Juche”, a Dutch Twitter user sympathetic towards the DPRK who otherwise smartens up to false flag events and the like, fell for the whole “Kurdistan implanting secular democratic socialism in the Middle East” snake oil. Maybe their new definition of “socialism” is corporations and the Barzani family profiting from ethnically cleansing areas from Turkey/Syria/Iraq/Iran, then grabbing their hydrocarbon assets.
    Where is “Make America Great Again”, anti-establishment Trump? Were he to truly follow on his electoral promises, he could convict the MSM complicit in destabilizing the world. Please don’t let this be WWIII.

  5. we are so screwed. doesn’t matter who is in the throne, evil forces have determined our fate. sad, sad, sad. live in the present, live in the now. it is all we have.
    really difficult to wrap one’s self around their mindset. whether they intend to live underground or on another planet, it is just impossible to imagine they can create this scenario against the entire planet’s humanity..
    i can understand why so many don’t want to be awakened. pretty crappy to have this info nag at the back of your mind all day.i’ll choose to learn of the underbelly of society – my fate this time around the block of life.

    • Usually, the military dream fades after a humiliating defeat. Maybe that’s what the American military in Syria is looking for.

  6. Arrrgh … deescalation in Syria and Ukraine was supposed to be the one foreign policy silver-lining of a Trump presidency, but the orange buffoon is clearly too ignorant and malleable to have any positive effect.

    Would be nice to see mainstream Democrats “resist” the current administration on this – but every congressman is in hock to MIC interests in their congressional district.

    • The same pwogwessivs who used to rouse the rabble on George Bush’s regime change war in Iraq are now giddy at the White House initiating a deadly, likely world-ending confrontation with the Kremlin. Isn’t it surreal?

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