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  1. so sorry about Trump…
    he has betrayed us again and again…
    God help the people of Venezuela……

  2. Very good video. Very lucid.

  3. After Solidarity succeeded in moving Poland out of the Soviet Union, and then let it be neoliberalized during the 1990s, some former followers realized that things were getting very bad economically and socially- Lech Walesa retorted at them “You wanted America, you got America”. unless they enjoy connections or opportunities in big business, the anti-Chavez Venenzuelans (the ones not actively working in regime change) will get a very sour deal. Only then will they realize they’ve been had.

    • There seems to be a lot of political ignorance on the side of the opposition. On the side of those who defend the revolution, there is firmness and conviction in the struggle that they know to be arduous and daily. The other majority, the one who votes in Henrique Capriles, walks in it by irritation, very disorderly in the call to the streets. The next elections are in December – the regional elections. Let’s see how things go. The media do not divulge, but I believe Maduro has gathered much support with his measure of convening the constituent assembly and defending the work of the Bolivarian National Guard against violent opponents in the streets.

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