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  1. Liked it.

  2. Couldn’t agree more….i couldn’t get through all the bullshit this morning. Fake ass fucking fraud

  3. I give you full credit for admitting past judgment errors and correcting course, which many people are unable to do. I remember an exchange we had about him maybe a couple of months ago or so (i mentioned Chomsky as well), about whom I expressed distrust and I remember you got quite a bit angry with my comment at the time.
    Doron is not a sellout, which implies abandoning a cause he once upheld. To me he is “buyin,” one who has always covertly supported a narrow ethnic interest that he camouflaged as a universalist “progressive” stance. Like Chomsky.

  4. anyone with a true sense of right and wrong isn’t allowed on the global stage at this point. play ball or be marginalized.

  5. Here is the Israeli brand of “progressive” — Uri Avneri. He calls Macron an “idealist” and Sanders a progressive. Maybe he can give Doron a plug too.

  6. Scott,
    Posted a link to this story on Facebook’s Jimmy Dore Fans page. Lots of comments, mostly hostile.

    • oh I know. they are all over the Youtube page. ranting. not arguing me on points brought up in the video mind you. just ranting because I screwed with their identity politics once again. I’m used to it at this point.

    • On FB, no more comments allowed on the Jimmy Dore post via “A moderator turned off commenting for this post.” Just when things were starting to get interesting.

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