Intense clashes break-out between SAA and US-backed Glorious Kurds in west Raqqa

(So let me get this straight: the Syrian army was hitting “ISIS” fighters as their convoy fled Raqqa and the US then attacked a Syrian jet downing it… and then the Glorious Kurds prevented the Syrians from getting to their pilot? Does “KurdISIS” make more sense now?)

from AMN

Intense clashes have broken out between the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in the western countryside of Al-Raqqa, tonight, a military source informed Al-Masdar.

According to the source, units from the Syrian Arab Army attempted to cross SDF front-lines in order to rescue their fallen pilot; however, they were turned away by the latter.

This resulted in a fierce confrontation that is currently ongoing between the two entities near the key town of Resafa in western Al-Raqqa…

[read more here]

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