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  1. well said, Scott
    Bernie fooled me at first until he turned Jill down and started promoting Hilliary….
    guess he is pure Zionist neo-liberal ….
    and we do need a purer voting procedure…. clear voting boxes and paper ballots ….. and someone honest to vote for….

  2. Thanks Scott for making the video. And to top it off Jane is under an FBI investigation for fraud, and her daughter benefited from a sweetheart deal at Burlington College’s woodworking school. There are some sticky fingers in that family!

    As they say in the CIA, “Raise the curtain and watch the shit show!”

    View story at Medium.com

  3. Speaking of US warmongering, suspicions that fragging incidents are not being reported as in ‘nam make sense given our controlled media. RT, though reports on this apparent Afghan army fragging of its US “instructors.”


    It will probably be blamed on “lax security” allowing an “extremist” to infiltrate the Afghan army as implied by the similar incident mentioned at the end. Read between the lines though and it’s a much more telling story.

    • If you go back over the past three years, almost every single US soldier death in Afghanistan was caused by someone either reported as “wearing and Afghan soldier uniform” or “an Afghani soldier”. When you mentioned ‘Nam it made me think about our troops coming home saying things like “we were fighting the WRONG Vietnamese over there” and then I wonder if our troops today wont be saying the same thing about the Afghanis.

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