About Yesterday’s Post

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE:A Bernie Sanders-Led Party Would Still Be an Imperialist, Pro-War Party

Yesterday I was angry and frustrated and took it out on you guys when I shouldn’t have and for that I’m sorry.

I recently discovered The Sanders Institute which is billed as a “progressive think tank” made, according to Jane Sanders, to help young, progressive thinking people see the world as it really is. Or at least, that’s what Jane said during an interview with the Young Turks at the “People’s Summit”

So I went over and took a look at this thing’s website and this is what I found under their “foreign policy” header:

Everyday that old piece of shit gets closer and closer to becoming a full blown Likudnik. He’ll be campaigning with Rita Katz and David Horowitz pretty soon if he keeps this up.

And yet, this is what passes as “progressive” thought these days and it’s gaining momentum.

The Sanders phenomenon is huge right now. His wrinkled, lying ass is everywhere. He is the picture of “progressiveness” yet… this bastard pissed all over his own supporters, took their money, let Hillary screw many of them out of their right to vote and then screwed ALL of them out of their right to the representative they wanted to run against Trump… and then ran around campaigning for her… and now we got Trump… while he lies endlessly about Russia “hacking” our democracy.

And he backed every brutal, bloody, murderous regime change op the Clintons ever did and the IDF while they bombed Palestinian children in Gaza… three times… killing thousands.

I mean, with all that, and I go over there and look at that disinformation website put out by little miss Sanders and realize folks are POURING contributions into the damn thing to go along with all the cash they are probably getting from USAID and the CIA… and apparently the Mossad…

I think about all the support for the Young Turks who get paid to promote Hillary Clinton and lie to their audiences as well about pretty much everything of consequence including Russia “hacking” and Syrian “dictators”…

I see that fucking interview with Di$info Jone$ and David Horowitz with him getting on his knees kissing the Israeli ring of power and think about all the support that shit brings him…

Then I came back here and my article on the growing attack on real progressives and left-leaning folks has zero comments… and my donation drive at the time had generated a total of 25 bucks.

So yeah… I blew a fuse.

Maybe the people of this country want to be fascist.

Maybe they want liars to tell them there are weapons of mass destruction in every little defenseless country that doesn’t do what the masters of the universe want them to SHOULD be regime change for “humanitarian” reasons.

Maybe people want to believe that jet fuel causes steel framed buildings to collapse like a controlled demolition and it’s perfectly normal for grieving family members to giggle before coming up to the microphone 20 hours after their loved ones are shot to death.

Maybe people actually think BDS is antisemitic just like Bernie does.

You would think that if money really is speech.

You would think that if you fell for that sort of thinking like I did for a few minutes yesterday.

I’ve been at this now for 10 years and at the start I never expected it to be as successful as it has been. I NEVER wanted donations back then, didn’t need them. Didn’t ask. Times are different but I’m not, at least I hope I’m not.

People support this site in many ways and for that I am eternally grateful. Some can afford to help out financially, some can’t and I hold nothing against anyone.

I do what I do because I have hope that our way of thinking will not die off, that we wont be assimilated into their corporatist, neoliberal, “free market”, fascist way of thinking. That liberal, progressive ideology will continue and thrive.

I don’t do it because I expect to be compensated.

Yes the other side has infiltrated us and is flush while we aren’t… but that is the nature of insurgencies, isn’t it?

Yesterday I was simply overwhelmed for a moment. It gets to you. But I shouldn’t have let it get to me. Shouldn’t have taken it out on you guys.

36 Responses

  1. I have donated in the past, but by the time my dollar becomes US currency it looks pretty sorry for itself. I can click ads though. If you have more I can click more – no one is going to begrudge you having more advertising.

    • thank you for the offer, but for goodness sakes, don’t bother clicking on ads. This is a wordpress.com website and I don’t put those ads on the articles, they do. It’s how they make their money from giving people like me a free website and the formatting. Of course, I design it and run it, but it’s on a WP server. That’s the payoff for them. But thanks for the offer. That was very nice of you.

    • Rubes, do you have a twitter (or any other scocial media) account? I’m probably in worse shape than Scott financially, but I try to help out by tweeting his stuff. Let people know, hey, this guy is a great journalist and he needs donations! It’s really easy to hit the corresponding button at the bottom of the page that says “Share this” and get Scott more readers and potentially more donations.

  2. Does anyone recommend any odd jobs, so I can more easily earn those four dollars and send Scott some hard-earned cash? I’ve just begun my career.
    Isn’t “liberal” generally synonymous with those who support free market economics around the world? The precursors to libertarians/Objectivists were called “classical liberals”. The association of liberalism with a welfare state, public services and egalitarianism in the United States looks baffling to me.

  3. Those comments to your last post were heartrending. I think many of us would support you financially if we could, or do so sporadically when we can. It seems that to come to view the social world radically – from its roots – one has to depart from it’s soul-corrupting system of rewards.

    • I know that. they were. and I will continue to read them from time to time to remind myself to get out of myself next time I’m feeling like that.

  4. Scott – please don’t take the lack of comments as being reflective of lack of interest or appreciation for your work. I read everything you write but often don’t comment unless I have something to add. I think there are a lot of lurkers like me who don’t leave many comments but appreciate the work you do. Thank you.

    • thank you. Yes, I know. WP provides a nifty view meter thingy which shows exactly how many folks are reading and sharing each article, or just stopping by and hanging out on the main page, so I know folks are reading stuff and sharing it and I certain do appreciate it.

  5. The donations you receive are used for bills. food…..
    you don’t even get new (used) clothes or professional haircuts anymore…..
    but you have strong beliefs and feelings about this blog and your readers and your America…..
    getting upset every now and then … is normal…. so for this year, you have had your ‘upset’…. LOL…. only allowed one …..
    love you….. mom

  6. Yes! Bernie’s foreign policy positions always have and always will suck large quantities of swamp gas. With the corrupt DNC sucking up all the progressive energy in the landscape, we can hope for little real reform. Sadly, Bernie, who many hope will save us, will indeed just be another agent to channel our movement for reform back down into the black hole of Democrat Party politics.

  7. Glen Ford is one of the few remaining unrepentant Progressive voices in Amerika. He writes in Truthdig:

    Bernie Sanders is a highly valued Democrat, the party’s Outreach Director and therefore, as Paul Street writes, “the imperialist and sheep-dogging fake-socialist Democratic Party company man that some of us on the ‘hard radical’ Left said he was.” Sanders is a warmonger, not merely by association, but by virtue of his own positions. He favors more sanctions against Russia, in addition to the sanctions levied against Moscow in 2014 and 2016 for its measured response to the U.S-backed fascist coup against a democratically elected government in Ukraine. Rather than surrender to U.S. bullying, Russia came to the military aid of the sovereign and internationally recognized government of Syria in 2015, upsetting the U.S. game plan for an Islamic jihadist victory.

    Back in April of this year, on NBC’s Meet The Press, Sanders purposely mimicked “The Godfather” when asked what he would do to force the Russians “to the table” in Syria:

    “I think you may want to make them an offer they can’t refuse. And that means tightening the screws on them, dealing with sanctions, telling them that we need their help, they have got to come to the table and not maintain this horrific dictator.”

    Of course, it is the United States that has sabotaged every international agreement to rein in its jihadist mercenaries in Syria.

    Sanders is a regime-changer, which means he thinks the U.S., in combination with self-selected allies, is above international law, i.e., “exceptional.”

    “We’ve got to work with countries around the world for a political solution to get rid of this guy [Syrian President Bashar al-Assad] and to finally bring peace and stability to this country, which has been so decimated.”

    During the 2016 campaign, Sanders urged the U.S. to stop acting unilaterally in the region, but instead to collaborate with Syria’s Arab neighbors—as if the funding and training of jihadist fighters had not been a joint effort with Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf monarchies, all along.

    According to Politico, “As late as 2002,” Sanders’ campaign website declared that “the defense budget should be cut by 50 percent over the next five years.” But all the defense-cutting air went out of his chest after Bush invaded Iraq. Nowadays, Sanders limits himself to the usual noises about Pentagon “waste,” but has no principled position against the imperial mission of the United States. “We need a strong military, it is a dangerous world,” Sanders told voters in Iowa, during the campaign.

    Like Paul Street said, he’s an “imperialist … Democratic Party company man.”

    At last weekend’s People’s Summit, in Chicago, National Nurses United executive director RoseAnn DeMoro endorsed Sanders for a mission he finds impossible to accept: a run for president in 2020 on the People’s Party ticket. Sanders already had his chance to run as a Green, and refused. He is now the second most important Democrat in the country, behind the ultra-corrupt Bill-Hillary Clinton machine—and by far the most popular. On top of that, Sanders loves being the hero of the phony left, the guy who gimmick-seeking left-liberals hope will create an instant national party for them, making it unnecessary to build a real anti-war, pro-people party from scratch to go heads up with the two corporate machines.

    Sanders doesn’t even have to exert himself to string the People’s Party folks along; they eagerly delude themselves. However, a Sanders-led Party would still be an imperialist, pro-war party.

    Black Agenda Report executive editor Glen Ford can be contacted at Glen.Ford@BlackAgendaReport.com.

  8. I still read them, but don’t comment any more—got old, losing memory.

    Right now, I’m reading Mike Palecek’s newest, first of a series of three. To me, it might be his best. I sent you a copy of his other work once, and you seemed to like it, did an article on it.

    If you’re interested, when I finish reading it I’ll send it your way for a look.

    ‘Crusher’, he called it—about a US revolution.

    Hi to Jan.

    • Roy, how you doin? Been a while. I already got the book. Reading it now. Crusher vs the Empire. Great so far. will write a review of it next week.

      Good to hear from you man. Been worried.

      Jan will say hi back in a minute. she’s listening to my latest rant right now and she said something about my use of bad language.

      • I would have bet she’d have something to say about that, Scott.

        Didn’t mean to worry anybody. Just didn’t think to let people know. All part of it, I guess.

        Can’t wait to see your review.

        Keep at it, man, long as you can. Lots of us out here depend on it.

    • Hi Roy….. good to hear from you.
      Yeah, I am getting old too….. memory is not as good as it was and the more I read … the more I am glad I can forget most of it…. It is depressing.

      • Always good to see you out here, Jan.

        I agree. Losing memory isn’t always a curse. Can be embarrassing sometimes,though.

        Still, you keep at it, too, lady, long as you can. Otherwise, you’d be missed.

    • Exercise your mind, daily, to help your memory.

  9. As i’ve proposed to mr.S.C. aside, let’s address all our Bill-yun- Err
    “partners” and invite their investment/ donation of boats & agroecology equipment TO GET US OUT OF THIS ROTTEN
    Today the very symptom of this FASCIST GLOBAL DEATH MACHINERY/ the head of the Mob is tightening restrictions on Cuba!

    Just as the London Grenfall Fire obliterated 500 folks in 15 minutes
    by its highly flammable cladding prettification…
    Agent Orange & its 5 million gunmen gestapo Financial Mafiosi
    will incinerate the planet, from pique error or for ‘pro-fit’ , instantly.

    In the mean time, let’s get as far away from this very sick $y$tem
    of ignorant serfs masters & the Enforcers.
    RobbinHood, All Yers.

    • as much of a contrarian as I am, I’d be the first “voted off the island”… and then what? be a pirate? now I could do that. I’m almost ready for the peg-leg but I’m not big on birds. there’s always a hangup isn’t there?

  10. This may or may not be useful, is it possible that your site is being toyed with? Jim Stone has info on interference being done to a number of sites and goes into detail saying that to the owner of the site it looks like they have x visitors but in actuality they have far more, in addition money sent to the site via a number of sites is taken but the site owner never receives the funds. His info might be worth a look..

  11. You do great work Scott, I just became a recent reader. I dont have allot of freetime to really participate (and am cash strapped for the forseeable future). You know way more then me anyway lol. Your pretty spot on allot along with the commentors on this site. So thank you. And it is depressing the ignorance out there, Its like living in a seperate reality. But the deep state, shadow government, whatever etc. are getting caught with their pants down more and more. I think.

  12. American Everyman readers have a lot of reasons for donating to Scott right now, if they’re able. For one, look how hard he works! It’s kind of dumbfounding how consistent he is with getting out the content. How quick he can turn his thoughts and research into posts. His work ethic is matched by his instinct for news.

    These are skills that used to be worth something. It’s a good guess that if mainstream media wasn’t actively working against the very idea of journalism, that Scott would have no problem at all getting compensation for his work. Likewise, if people had more cash, many would be happy to sponsor writers like Scott and the research repositories their websites represent. It’s not out of stinginess that donation drives come to nothing. One of the reasons to keep a bad economy is to help strangle independent voices that might be critical of power. It’s not surprising to me that many readers of American Everyman are in the same financial straits as Scott. The view from down here is pretty clear.

    At least we can be sure Scott’s not working for the intelligence services, or someone like Rockefeller. Don’t kid yourself: in the 20th century this is exactly how many a writer, from Norman Mailer to vaunted I.F. Stone, went down in ignominy for refusing to do their investigative duties after JFK was killed. They took bad money and they were compromised. Who do you think really covered up for the assassins? It was the journalists.

    Let’s see if we can keep sites like American Everyman uncompromised. It looks like we have to float our own press now, and it might just be better this way.

    • Well said, Toni. But the times…man they’re just so discouraging that it hurts. I hope SaneProgressive has something good to report from the Anti-War conference in Richmond this weekend (http://www.unacconference2017.org). UNAC looks as gritty and authentic as anything I’ve seen. I like the idea of a focused, sustained movement against US wars, involving education, building relationships among people in the movement, and setting goals for every planned action. Not just one-off, open-ended marches. Today’s re-enactments of 60s marches (women’s march, science march, etc.) are just theater, no direction — they’re an outlet for the establishment to channel people’s frustration into events of no consequence and no harm to the establishment. The People’s Summit seemed to be just more theater — the interview with Jane Sanders looked like it was produced by the Home Shopping Network. Just awful. I haven’t heard — did “the people” in attendance get to participate in the summit, or were they just an audience watching a performance?

      • I watched a bit of the live Youtube feed last night, the opening plenary. There seemed to be a lot of scheduled panel members but the crowd size was small. It looked like it took place in a hotel conference room. I imagine there was some good networking taking place among all the attending groups but unfortunately the size of the turnout doesn’t bode well for us I’m afraid. To put it in perspective, the People’s Sheep Hearding Conference was massive by comparison and I’ve seen more agent provocateurs at an anti-Sharia Law protest. It was a little disheartening.

        • I started watching late — the first panel of speakers I heard included Glen Ford (great voice!). Definitely some interesting talks. I saw SaneProgressive sitting front left (from the audience’s perspective). Taryn Fivek was there on the opposite side. Good to see like-minded people that I know come together. But yeah, there couldn’t have been more than a hundred people there — probably closer to 75. Not many millenials either. That place should be standing-room only. Where’s the sense of urgency and support? Maybe participation will be greater on Saturday. I doubt it, but here’s hoping. There needs to be a critical mass of people behind the anti-war movement.

          • I am going to Youtube now to see if there are videos up from the event. If so I will post them and start a new category heading “UNAC 2017”. And Glen has a great voice and honestly, in my opinion, his authentic activism puts folks like Cornell West to shame. But that’s just me.

            They had a lot of people taking part in that opening session last night and when I was watching I started wondering just how many in the audience were actually there to speak and how many were there to simply participate in the event. I don’t think Debbie was scheduled to participate, so she’s 1… after that…?

            This is the effect of the unDemocratic Party’s adoption of the neocon war-mongering stance I believe. Was Code Pink or any of their representatives there? Not that they are authentic, but they at least try to appear to be.

            The list of speakers seems pretty good. Yeah, Medea from Code Pink is there.

            • Thanks, Scott. I found the video under the Other Voices, Other Choices channel at Youtube. A new UNAC category might be helpful — I hope. I just noticed that this is an annual conference. I’m not certain when they started, but it gives me pause with respect to its effectiveness in organizing the public against wars in the MIddle East (and elsewhere). Will be very curious to hear what Debbie has to say about the conference.

              Yeah, the audience probably only has a handful of non-speakers. It’s a shame. As speaker Kevin Zeese said, the state-controlled media is essential to keeping the public from getting upset by selectively broadcasting war-related matters (no US flag-adorned caskets, dismembered children and civilians, etc.). The deep state is masterful at keeping the warring on the down-low.

              Indeed, the list of speakers at UNAC looks interesting. Quite a variety of backgrounds. I was initially under the impression that the focus was something like “bring back the troops from the Middle East now”, “disband NATO”, etc., but I just noticed the banner on the speaker’s table that says “Stop the war at HOME & abroad” (emphasis mine) — so that’s a pretty broad stroke encompassing a variety of issues. I’m more interested in what the ex-CIA guy (Ray McGovern) has to say re: organizing the public in the face of state-controlled suppression of “bad news” coming from the Middle East warring.

            • I’m relatively new to the scene and I don’t know Medea Benjamin or Code Pink, but since you mentioned her, I thought you might want to check out SaneProgressive’s “Ray McGovern” video (from UNAC) on YouTube. At about the 49 minute mark, Medea asks the panel:

              “I want to know if you think that there is any substance to the Russian-interference-in-US-elections collusion with Trump? Can’t we both think that possibly that is true as well as be anti-war people and be pro-“good ties with the Russians”?

              Debbie’s response to her camera microphone: “What the fuck was that? What the hell’s happening to Medea Benjamin? Oh my god. How did this happen to that woman?

              Evidently, Medea’s question took Debbie by surprise.

          • I used to live in Richmond. Went to VCU and worked as an actor up there for many years after school. Did a few movies as a carpenter as well. Watching the videos I was struck by the lack of attendance. I did a play there long ago, directed and produced it myself. Talk Radio. Good reviews, didn’t sell many tickets. Point is, I was working at the Berkley Hotel at the time and they let me use a conference room to hold my auditions over a two day period. It was about the same size as the one in these videos and on opening night of the cattle call auditions, I had more people show up for that than these guys have seated in the audience right now. Plus, like you said, what is the average age? 55? Remarkable. Here we are in the age of Trump and he’s basically opened up a direct war on the government of Syria, is expanding wars in places like Africa and Afghanistan… and the young people are running around protesting his connection with Russia and not the endless wars of aggression he’s continuing. Amazing when you think about it.

            • Yeah, amazing. We’re losing. Bigly. We — the people — urgently need to turn this ship around. The politicians and media aren’t helping — worse, they’re complicit in perpetuating it. Plus, their left/right shit is just distracting divide-and-conquer bullshit. I’m through with ’em.

              Hope you have a nice weekend, Scott. Thanks again for all your work on this website. I’m logging off for the rest of the day. Next time I get online I’ll be looking for the next UNAC video.

              (Thanks for sharing your experiences in Richmond. Sounds pretty thrilling — the performing arts. It is amazing to me how actors can let it all hang out and perpetually risk embarrassing themselves in public. Tip of the hat to you.)

  13. Hi Scott, the Rand to Dollar exchange is pathetic, but Im gonna donate something on my next pay day, which is the 25th of each month. I dont have much as we all in the same boat just struggling to hold head above water. But I am very grateful for your truth in the midst of this chaos of disinformation.

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