The Sanders Institute is Obscene CIA-Linked Agitprop… and it’s Sickening

About Yesterday’s Post

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE:A Bernie Sanders-Led Party Would Still Be an Imperialist, Pro-War Party

Yesterday I was angry and frustrated and took it out on you guys when I shouldn’t have and for that I’m sorry.

I recently discovered The Sanders Institute which is billed as a “progressive think tank” made, according to Jane Sanders, to help young, progressive thinking people see the world as it really is. Or at least, that’s what Jane said during an interview with the Young Turks at the “People’s Summit”

So I went over and took a look at this thing’s website and this is what I found under their “foreign policy” header:

Everyday that old piece of shit gets closer and closer to becoming a full blown Likudnik. He’ll be campaigning with Rita Katz and David Horowitz pretty soon if he keeps this up.

And yet, this is what passes as “progressive” thought these days and it’s gaining momentum.

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